The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

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The Diary of Anne Frank the play adapted from Anne Frank's famous diary

by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

ACTIVATING STRATEGY: What’s in my head about the HOLOCAUST?

DOAF- Act 1, Sc. 1-2 EQ: What is a flashback? Vocabulary1) Capitulation 2) Conspicuous 3) Mercurial 4) Unabashed 5) Pantomime ---------------------------------------------------------Family Tree- Van Daans/Franks/Other Characters Assignment- Make a family tree for the characters of DOAF. Label the relationships.

FLASHBACK-Rewrite these events into the actual sequence of events as the play describes.

• • • • •

1. Miep gives Anne’s diary to Mr. Frank. 2. Anne begins writing in her diary. 3. Hitler becomes ruler of Germany. 4. The Franks emigrate to Holland. 5. The Van Daans await the Franks at the hiding place. • 6. The Franks arrive at the hiding place. • 7. Mr. Frank sends food/supplies to the hiding place.

DOAF Act 1, Sc. 1-2 Check Test 1. 2. 3. 4.

What is the setting of the play? What does Miep give Mr. Frank? How will the people in hiding get food? Describe the rules that must be followed during the day for the people in hiding. 5. What surprise does Anne’s father bring for her?

DOAF- ACT1, Sc. 3 EQ: How is conflict developed in the plot?

ACTIVATING: NEW VOCABULARY- 1) dignified 2) indignantly 3) domestic 4) deport 5) fortify ---------------------------------------------------------Assignment-Draw a T-chart to compare traits of the Frank and the Van Daan families. ---------------------------------------------------------Writing Prompt: Tensions build up between the families. Describe these and compare how people can cope with tensions in their own households.

DOAF- ACT 1, Sc. 3 EQ: How can I distinguish between internal and external conflicts?

• Chart how Anne’s external conflicts with other characters affects conflicts within herself (internal conflicts). EXTERNAL CONFLICT---INTERNAL

DOAF Act 1, Sc. 3 Check Test 1. How long have the families been in hiding? 2. What does Peter do when Anne teases him? 3. What do Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan quarrel about? 4. What dreams for the future does Anne have? 5. What news from the outside does Dussel bring?

DOAF Act 1, Sc. 4-5EQ: What is foreshadowing?

ACTIVATING: NEW VOCABULARY1) makeshift 2) tyranny 3) sustenance 4) ostentatiously 5) reproachfully ----------------------------------------------------------INFER- How do the sounds from the outside help to establish a mood?

DOAF Act 1, Sc. 4 Brainstorm a list of possible reasons Mr. Van Daan was downstairs, even those you consider unlikely or implausible. Chart character traits/examples of Mr. Van Daan’s behavior to support this assumption. Divide your paper into 2 sections as seen below: -----------------------------------------------------------What Mr. Van Daan ___ Supporting Facts was probably doing

DOAF Act 1, Sc. 4-5 Writing Prompt: How do Anne’s feelings about her mother and her father compare to your feelings about your parents? How are they alike and different? • What is difficult about trying to change your behavior at home? • What behavioral goals have you set? What makes it difficult to achieve them?

DOAF Act 1, Sc. 4-5 Make a cluster/web with “DANGER of BEING CAUGHT” written in the middle. List these characters around the web- Mr. Frank, Mrs. Frank, Anne, Mrs. Van Daan. Chart how each character reacts to the threat of discovery.

DOAF Act 1, Sc. 4-5 CHECK TEST 1. What is Anne’s nightmare about? 2. Whom does she choose to comfort her after the nightmare? 3. What Hanukkah gift does Anne give each person in the annex? 4. What crisis occurs in Scene 5? 5. What does Dussel predict will be the outcome of the crisis?

ACT 1, Sc. 4-5 Vocabulary Study- Synonyms or Antonyms? Copy each list and write whether the words are synonyms or antonyms. Use a dictionary if needed.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

reproachfully- approvingly Sustenance- food Tyranny- oppression Ostentatiously- furtively Makeshift- improvised

DOAF ACT 2, Sc. 1-2 ACTIVATING: New Vocabulary Onslaught Inarticulate Foreboding Pretense Intuition

DOAF Act 2, Sc. 1-2 EQ: How is mood established in this scene of the play?

• During reading ASSIGNMENT- Make 2 columns on your paper1) UNPLEASANT SENSORY DETAILS 2) PLEASANT/HOPEFUL SENSORY DETAILS Cite examples from the beginning of Act 2.

DOAF ACT 2, Sc. 1-2 EQ: How is character mood established in this scene of the play?

• ASSIGNMENT: Draw a web with the center labeled “DUSSEL’S BRUTAL HONESTY”. • Around the center of the web, list examples with page and column numbers of Dussel’s actions/things he said to other characters.

Act 2, Sc. 1 EQ: How can I support my position?

SITUATION: The characters argue about whether or not Carl is attempting blackmail. Task: Draw and label a t-chart and support each position with details from the play. Place each statement below as a heading on the t-chart. - Carl IS attempting blackmail. - Carl IS NOT attempting blackmail.

DOAF Act 2, Sc. 1-2 Check Test 1. Why do Miep and Mr. Kraler bring a cake and flowers to the families in hiding? 2. What has happened to Peter’s cat? 3. Why does Mr. Kraler suspect the man in the storeroom knows about the hiding place? 4. Who helps Anne get dressed for her meeting with Peter? 5. Where do Peter and Anne meet to talk privately?

DOAF Act 2, Sc. 3-5 ACTIVATING: New Vocabulary • • • • •

Stealthily Pandemonium Insistent Succession Ineffectually

DOAF Act 2, Sc. 3-5 EQ: What is the climax of the play?

TASK: Make a t-chart with the following statements as headings: I think Mr. Van Daan SHOULD leave because… I think Mr. Van Daan SHOULD NOT leave because…

DOAF Act 2, Sc. 3-5 EQ: How can a character be compared and contrasted?

WRITING PROMPT: Compare and contrast Anne at age 13 and Anne at age 15. Write about character traits and changes that she has gone through. What do you most admire about Anne as she changes throughout the play?

DOAF Act 2, SC. 3-5 CHECK TEST 1. Why does Mr. Van Daan get up in the middle of the night? 2. In response, what does Mr. Frank tell the Van Daans? 3. What good news does Miep bring? 4. Why doesn’t Anne take her diary with her? 5. How did Mr. Frank find out about Anne’s death?

DOAF- TASKS • WHO SAID IT? Work with a partner and make up a QUOTES QUIZ. Find 10 quotes from various characters and write them down verbatim, along with who said them and the page number. • POSTCARD- Sketch a postcard that you think would be representative of the events, people, or ideas of the story. Include the title or Anne’s name somewhere in the design.

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