The Duel by Nicolai Dmitrievitch Teleshov

January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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The Duel by Nikolai Dmitrievitch Teleshov

Plot: the Action of a Story

• beginning—introduction

• The plot follows a – the BEST stories actually general pattern of start in the MIDDLE of the increasing tension ACTION until close to the • middle—development, end of the story explanation, movement, motivation when the conflict • end—resolution or is resolved dénouement [the final unraveling or solution of the plot] Rising Action



Characters: the Who • dynamic—changing or growing characters – also “round”

• static—unchanging or one-dimensional characters – also “flat” Note: sometimes inanimate objects play the roles of characters

• protagonist—the central character for whom the reader feels sympathy – many times the hero but not always • antagonist—the character who opposes the protagonist – opposing force – not necessarily bad or evil

Setting • the where • the when – may or may not be important – Both the where and the when must fit— often without notice. – give clues unobtrusively

Conflict in Literature Man vs. power greater than himself — God –– Nature

Man vs. man

Man vs. self

The Duel • Who is the central character? • Whom or what is the central character fighting against? • How is the dominant conflict resolved? • What is the secondary conflict in this story? • How is the secondary conflict resolved?

The Duel • What specific action confirms that Vladimir was upset the night before the duel? • What were some specific clues evidenced in Ivan’s behavior that should have alerted Pelageia Petrovna that something was wrong? • Was the conflict resolved satisfactorily?

The Duel • What characters in the Bible experienced man-againstself conflicts?

Assignment: Write a formal literature response that analyzes Ivan’s inner conflict in “The Duel.” Use the General Format for Literature Responses as a template. Remember: This is FORMAL writing • NO FIRST OR SECOND PERSON PRONOUNS • NO CONTRACTIONS • NO SLANG Format: • notes today—handwritten; final copy due on Monday--typed • double-space all! • watch margins • not on back

Write a formal literature response that analyzes Ivan’s inner conflict in “The Duel.” You are NOT limited to 6-7 sentences. Any sentence can be expounded upon. “For example . . .”

1. State the main character, the title of the book, or story, the author and the lesson (theme) which is learned by the main character. 2. Describe a character quality of the main character and an event or action of the main character. 3. Describe how the main character responds to this situation. Why? 4. Interpret how the main character’s response affects what happens later. 5. Describe how the main character responds to another situation. (Perhaps to another person?) and interpret how the main character’s response affects what happens later. Answer why. 6. Finally, the main character learns (or does not learn) a (restated) lesson.

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