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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Political Economy
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The Early Republic 1789 - 1844

Presidents and Vice Presidents • George Washington

 John Adams

• John Adams

 Thomas Jefferson

• Thomas Jefferson

 Aaron Burr & George Clinton  George Clinton & Elbridge Gerry

• James Madison • James Monroe

 Daniel Thompkins

Political Parties • Federalists

• Democratic-Republicans

Leaders: Hamilton, Adams Supporters: lawyers,

Leaders: Jefferson, Madison Supporters: farmers, urban

merchants, manufacturers, clergy




• Strong national government • Loose construction of the Constitution • Favored national bank

• Limited national government • Strict construction of the Constitution • Opposed national bank • Agricultural economy

• Economy based on trade

Political Party Clothing Styles • Federalist Powdered wigs

• Democratic-Republicans Loose hair

Bow ties


Broad coattails

Narrow coattails

Breaches Trousers Stockings Buckles


New Styles for a New Nation • A Revolution of Fashion Clothing styles reflected revolutionary political changes underway in America. Here the old style at the bottom left is replaced with more relaxed, plainer styles.

New Styles Continued • The Model of Liberty The goddess of Liberty, who appeared on U.S. coins in 1795, was modeled on a famous woman of the Federal period – Anne Willing Bingham. She was brilliant and highly educated and a friend of President Jefferson. Her world famous intelligence, independent spirit, and beauty made her the perfect choice to represent liberty on America’s new coins.

New Styles Continued • Architecture Americans saw a link between their new republic and the ancient republic of Rome. Like the Romans, Americans had rebelled against a king and established a democracy. Architects began designing buildings for their new government using Roman forms to represent the nation’s ideals of democracy. Massachusetts State House 1797

Virginia State Capitol 1789

Technology of the Time • Jefferson enjoyed inventions and technology. He developed the wheel cipher, copy machine, and sundial.

Other Inventions • • • • •

1769 - The Steam Engine 1793 - The Cotton Gin 1803 - Locomotive 1807 - Steamboat 1837 - Telegraph and Steel Plow All of these inventions and more improved American lives.

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