The Elements of Drama

January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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DO NOW Get Composition Notebook  Get your Red/Yellow/Green Assessment Cards  (3 Minutes) Write down the unusual characteristics of the story in your Literature Book pg. 60-67 in your composition notebook with a partner under Lesson 10. 

The Elements of Drama 7th Grade Language Arts SPI 0701.8.3 Determine the common characteristics of literary drama, nonfiction, novels, poetry, and short stories.

CFU 0701.8.14 I can understand the elements particular to dramatic literature (e.g., scenes, acts, cast of characters, stage directions) in plays that are read or viewed.

Guiding Question  How

does the media world create a movie or television show?

Drama… The Senior Play at HCHS The “Hee Haw” Show Dreamweavers Community Plays Church plays


a story told in front of an audience

Cast of Characters

List of the characters needed to perform the drama

*Charlie Brown: the main and lovable character * Snoopy: Charlie Brown's ubiquitous Dog * Linus van Pelt: Charlie Brown's Blanking-Sporting best friend * Lucy van Pelt: Linus' lovable fuss-budget of an older sister * Woodstock: Snoopy's best friend * Sally Brown: Charlie Brown's younger sister * Marcie: the bespectacled character * Peppermint Patty: Marcie's best friend

Elements of Drama 

Playwright-the author of a play Actors-the people who perform Acts-the units of action Scenes-parts of the acts

Dramatic Speech 

Dialogueconversation between or among characters Monologue-long speech by one single character (private thoughts)

Example Dialogue (Roberto comes into the office of Profesora Calderon and remains standing) Alicia - Please sit down. Roberto - Yes, Profesora Calderon. Alicia - The course is over. You passed very well, the highest in the class. Roberto - (standing up) Thank you very much. I'll be leaving now.

Stage Directions   

   

Found in parentheses () Describe scenery and how characters speak C, Center Stage L, Stage Left R, Stage Right U, Upstage or Rear D, Downstage or Front


Where a play takes place

Set 

Construction on the stage that shows time/place Could be called “scenery”


Small movable items that the actors use to make actions look real

Let’s Look 

Reflect back to Literature Book pg 60-67 Locate the following Stage directions  Cast of characters 

Explain why a drama needs Cast of characters  Acts or scenes  Stage Directions  Set and props 

Draw a conclusion for why most dramas use dialogue instead of monologue.


You will create a drama skit with your group on bullying for middle school students. Handout for groups Example skit on overhead


Exit Poll

On a piece of paper answer the following questions

How does the reader know the characters for the drama and how many are needed? What element of drama lets the actor know what to do? What is the creator of a drama called?


Elements of Drama 

Characterizationplaywright’s technique for making believable characters

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