The Excretory System

January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Urology
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The Excretory System

What are the Parts of the Excretory System? • The parts of the excretory system are the kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra.

The kidneys, the bladder, and their tubes are called the urinary system. Here's a list of all of the parts of the urinary system: • The kidneys: filters that take the waste out of the

blood and make urine • The ureters: tubes that carry the urine to the bladder • The bladder: a bag that collects the urine the urethra: a tube that carries the urine out of the body

What is the Purpose of the Excretory System? • The purpose of the excretory system is to remove waste from the body and maintain the correct amounts of water, salts, and nutrients in the body.

One of the main jobs of the kidneys is to filter the waste out of the blood. • How does the waste get in your blood? Well, your blood delivers food to all the cells in your body. The cells burn the food for energy and waste is produced. The waste goes into your blood from your cells and the blood carries the waste to your kidneys.

How does waste get excreted? • The waste that is collected combines with water (which is also filtered out of the kidneys) to make urine (pee). • As each kidney makes urine, the urine slides down a long tube called the ureter (say: yuree-ter) and collects in the bladder, a storage sac that holds the urine. • When the bladder is about halfway full, your body tells you to go to the bathroom. • When you pee, the urine goes from the bladder down another tube called the urethra (say: yu-ree-thruh) and out of your body.

How does the Excretory System Work with other Systems? • The excretory system works with the circulatory system by filtering/ cleaning waste out of the blood. • The blood carries waste from your body’s cells to the kidneys and the kidneys take out the waste and put the cleaned blood back into your circulatory system.

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