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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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Today’s Agenda › Bluewolf: Marketing & Customer Service – The Customer Engagement Power Couple › Transforming into a “Category of One” Organisation › IPC Media: Consumer Obsession at Womans’ Weekly › Presenters Mark Pacey

Simon Denny

Tyson Brown

Director, Bluewolf

Affiliate Director,

Service Cloud

IPC Media


Customer Service and Marketing are merging. You need a strategy!

Let me tell you about my iPad…..

60% of the purchasing decision is made before speaking with a human Source: Corporate Executive Board

Poor Service Effects Your Larger Brand

Contact Centers Drive Bottom Line Impact

Social as a Service Channel Leading organisations are not only measuring the time and cost it takes to service a customer, but their customer's overall engagement with their brand.

79% use or plan to use social media for business initiatives

Source: Harvard Business Review

Source: Harvard Business Review

60% of companies still don’t respond to social posts! Source: Live Ops Research

A Real Example: Vodafone Australia

Email Volume

Social Customer Service should be owned by the contact center — but it takes a partnership!

It is not too late, but soon it will be…

Source: Saleforce – “ROI of Social Media”

Profile of a CustomerObsessed Enterprise Everyone owns the customer, and someone always owns the moment Know what your customers want before they do — and act on it Customers are people, not transactions

Deliver Truly Innovative Customer Experiences with Service Cloud

Tyson Brown Service Cloud /tysonjbrown @tysonjbrown in/tysonjbrown

Transforming into a “Category of One” Organisation

3 Rules – ‘Category of One’ companies 1. Know more about your customer than anyone else does 2. Get closer to the customer than anyone else 3. Emotionally connect with the customer better than anyone else

And Most Companies Don’t Know Their Customers

66% of companies lack an in-depth understanding of their customers IBM Study of 1,700 CMOs “From Stretched to Strengthened”

Consumers Expect Service Excellence

Expectations of Customer Service Have Changed

1980s Phone





Multi-Channel Web Self-service






Is Your Service Built for the Social and Mobile Era?

Can your customers connect with you anytime, anywhere?

Do your agents have tools to respond quickly and make customers happy?

Do your managers have the right data to make the best decisions?

Introducing the #1 Customer Service Solution

Transform Your Customer Service with Service Cloud

Delight Your Customers Everywhere


Phone & Email

Web Selfservice

Turn Your Agents into Champions


Agent Console

Knowledge Base

Help Your Managers Make Informed Decisions

Agent Collaboration


Motivate & Perform


Helping Customers Succeed Across All Metrics

+40% +37% 35% +34% Customer Retention

Decrease in Support Costs

Agent Productivity

Faster Case Resolution

+37% Customer Satisfaction

Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March 2013, by an independent third-party, Confirmit Inc., on 5,200+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.

Tyson Brown Service Cloud

Monetising Digital Media Anonymity 13th November 2013

Woman’s Weekly Live – 10k visitors in launch year

Knitting, Craft & Cookery workshops planned for 2014

Content across 3rd party sites

Highly engaged website audience - 68k UU and 1.7m PI per month

The UK’s best selling magazine for mature women – 638k readers every week

NEW Book Series launching Autumn 2013




Specials Series selling over 100k copies per month


Fiction Workshops – 6 dates sold out in 2013

WW Shop delivers the highest sales volumes in IPC



Facebook – 6.5k Friends Twitter – 1.2k followers

Pinterest – NEW for Summer 2013

WW Fiction on Kindle – over 3k downloads YTD

All WW issues available on iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook & Zinio – over 5k downloads YTD

Charity Events & World Record attempts have seen tens of thousands of WW followers interact with the brand

Communication & Contact Strategy › Contact strategy: › Who, where, when & how often

› Communication strategy: › What do we say & why are we saying it

› Communications triggered by events & behaviors: › Welcome program › Refer a friend › Cross & up sell › Pending lapsed › Lapsed & win back › Customer service & satisfaction

› Delivered via relevant channels:

Segmentation examples: • • • • • •

Based on lifetime & average value Transactional behaviour: First time, average value Recency & frequency of use Demographic Lifecycle behaviour: when do they lapse? Engagement of communications!

The Aim: From Zero to Advocate Browser


Cookie profiling

Targeted comms

Increment data capture

Ongoing data enrichment (browsing behaviour, survey questions & feedback)

Purchaser •

• •

Tailored content & promotional messages

Subscriber •

Subscribe to our magazines

Subscribe to our clubs: − Knitting − Craft − Gardening

Rewards for loyalty Encourage subscription behaviour

Advocate •

Engaged ‘experts’ as super users & contributors

Experts provide community support & advice

Advocacy tracked & rewarded

Support & access to expert help

How: Messaging via Marketing Automation Browser Join today & receive: • FREE knitting pattern worth £4.99 • 10% OFF your first purchase • Weekly knitting newsletter

Intender • • • •

This weeks free project New product & content updates Most popular, best buys, last chance Cross sell on core related products

Purchaser •

• • •

Thanks for your order, PLUS incentive on next purchase Your order has been despatched, PLUS incentive on next purchase People who bought X, also bought Y Most popular, best buys, last chance Benefits of subscribing

Subscriber • • • • • • •

Welcome to the Club Account details FAQ’s Contact us Getting the most from the service Meet other members Share your progress

Marketing Automation

Advocate •

Refer a friend and receive £10 OFF your next purchase Become a Woman’s Weekly expert/ contributor

How: Social Consumer Service Browser





FAQ’s Self Service Query Submission & Resolution Live Chat Support Customer Satisfaction Monitoring Member Communities

VIP Communities Contributing Support

Salesforce Service Cloud

How: Listening & Engagement Browser





Listening for….. Competitors



Negative Product Experience



Brand Sentiment

Brand Sentiment

Engagement Competitions& Freebies

Campaigns (Counter Negative Sentiment)



Showcase ‘Your Makes’

Blogger Outreach

Voting, Polls, Surveys

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Success Measures

Better Serve our Customers Increase # active customers Increase customer satisfaction

Increase average revenue per customer

Session Recap › Customer Service and Marketing are merging › Social Customer Service should be owned by the Contact Center

› Knowledge is a powerful tool for both Service and Marketing

Thank You: Q&A

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