The future of hospitality is within reach

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The future of hospitality is within reach


Programme 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Introduction & Tools Case Studies Assessment Solutions & Implementation AHLEI Family of Products and Services Exam, Q & A , Roundtable Invite, Demo

For The End of Session Exam Room revenue = Occupancy % =

Room nights sold X Room rate charged Room nights sold in a period Room nights available in that same period X 100 ADR = Room revenue Number of room nights sold RevPAR = Room revenue for a period Total rooms available for that period RevPAR = ADR X Occupancy percentage GOPPAR = Gross operating profit for a period Available rooms during that period Contribution margin = Room rate – Variable cost Required new occupancy = (Current contribution margin New Contribution Margin) XCurrent Occupancy % X 100 Market average ADR = Total room revenue (Total room nights sold) Market average RevPAR = Average market ADR x Average market occupancy percentage Market average occupancy percentage = Total room nights sold Total available room nights X 100

Case 1: Check-in • • • • •

5-Star Resort 795 USD per night 2 Night Business Stay Global Top Luxury Branded Hotel Secret Audit Trip Contracted by Property Owner

Case 1: Solution • • • • • • •

Front-Desk Line-Level Certification Lodging Management Programme START Programme TRAC Spirit of Hospitality DVD Going the Extra Mile Service Skills Hospitality Skills Certifications for Front Office

Case 2: Long Night Hotel • • • • • •

4-Star Resort 350 USD per night 2 Night Business Stay Pre-warned late check-in, 4 day advance Top rated hotel on the island Site visit to inspect a potential AHLEI GAP partner

Case 2: Solution • • • •

Supervisory Skill Builders Front Desk Line Level Certification Going the Extra Mile Hospitality Skills Certifications for Front Office Reservationist and Front Desk Representative

Case 3: May I Order Lunch? aka “The Mysterious Keratin Punch” • Same “Resort” • 12:30 pm / 12h30 / 1230 • At pool bar observing diners

Case 3: Solution • Certified Restaurant Server • Hospitality Skills Certifications in Food & Beverage

Case 4: From Venezuala with Love • • • • •

4-Star Resort 250 USD per night 2 Night Business Stay Elite Platinum Member Large global chain

Case 4: Solution • Hospitality Skills Certifications for Front Office/Guest Services • Welcome Home Superior Skills for Valet, Door, and Bell Staff • Going the Extra Mile • Hospitality Skills Certification for Valet Attendant

Case 5: Spa-tastic! • • • •

5-Star Resort 850 USD per night 2 Night Business Stay Referred to as Most Luxurious Chain

Case 5: Solution • Supervisory Skill Builders for the Spa Industry • Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction • Retail Management for Spas

Case 6: The Shaker & Mover • • • • •

4-Star Resort 199 USD per night 3 Night Business Stay Conference room rental 15 Conference attendees

Case 6: Solution • Certificate: Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations • Convention Management and Service • Going the Extra Mile for Service

Case 7: This is the Story of a Hurricane … • • • • •

4-Star Resort 150 Million USD construction 2 Night Act-of-God Induced Stay Elite Member Large global chain

Case 7: Solution Hospitality Skills Certifications • Certified Lodging Security Officer • Concierge • Front Desk Representative • Certified Lodging Security Supervisor • Certified Lodging Security Director

Case 8: Did you see my _________ • • • •

5-Star Resort #1 Most Luxurious Resort on Island A 5-Star Resort #2 Most Luxurious Resort and major employer on Island B

Case 8: Solution • • • •

Certified Hotel Administrator Certified Lodging Security Director Certified Lodging Security Supervisor Certified Lodging Security Officer

Case 9: Buckle-Up, Buttercup • “Niche” island • Claim tourism is focus • Insist on local trainers but claims to target international clientele(?) • Massive reduction in tourists of late • Nation is billions (B) in debt • 11:30am, 11h30, 1130

Case 9: Solution • Promises Taxi Driver Service Training

Case 10: Yes We Have No Bananas • “Niche” island • Focus on high-end tourism • Airport on regional carrier

Case 10: Solution • • • •

Hospitality Today LMP, START Going the Extra Mile Lobotomy

Case 10.5: Parting Gift • • • •

“Tourism is our Resource” Tourism week Nickel and dime on departure tax Surly personnel

Case 10.5: Solution • PCI Credit Card Compliance • Jail

Assessment 1. 2. 3. 4.

Value for Money Service, not Servitude Penny-wise and dollar-dumb 800USD/night for high-school, on-the-job trained managers? 5. Do local or regional training and compliance solutions best prepare staff to serve international clientele? 6. Exclusively In-house training. Does a copy of a copy = quality? 7. Can annual training (or worse) build good habits?

Solutions & Implementation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Continuous Improvement & Compliance Programme Mass Certification of Hotels as Mark of Excellence Rewrite Small Hotels Manual – 1 Year Timeline Rewrite Hurricane Manual Upgrade, Enhance, Merge CaribCert to Standards Heavy promotion of graduates, certified professionals, and hotels that make commitment to continuous improvement and consistent training to an international standard 7. We provide the carrot, the market provides the stick! Disney Sept 28 – Oct 1 2011

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) Our mission statement: To be the premier source for quality hospitality education, training, and professional certification, serving the needs and advancing the excellence of hospitality schools and industries worldwide.

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) • Founded in 1953 • Non-profit organization • World’s largest developer of training and development solutions for the hospitality industry • 45 member board of trustees • +350 products in a variety of training media (online, video, print, distance learning)

iPhone Application Hospitality iCoach

Market Segments LODGING INDUSTRY Training Media

Independent Study

Professional Certification

Corporate Hotels Management Companies Individual Properties

Self-paced Hospitality Courses

Qualified Hospitality Employees

Videos Textbooks Seminars Program Development

Textbooks Print Materials Online Courses Proctored Exams

General Managers Department Managers Department Supervisors Line-Level Employees


Specialized Markets

University / Schools

Hospitality Related Businesses

Textbooks Distance Learning Online Courses Customized Textbooks

Military Gaming Cruise Lines Clubs & Restaurants Spas

Training Customized Program Development

Online Learning

Text / Skill Guides

Training Videos

Training Seminars Departmental Training

Food & Beverage Maintenance & Engineering Human Resources Housekeeping

General Management Safety & Security Guest Service Front Office

Academic Programs offered • • • • •

5-course Areas of Specialization 6-course Hospitality Fundamentals Program 8-course Hospitality Operations Program 12-course Hospitality Management Diploma 12-course Food and Beverage Diploma

Academic Courses offered in 2500+ schools: • • • • • • •

Johnson & Wales University University of Alabama University of Nevada-Las Vegas Michigan State University Cornell University University of Central Florida Florida International University

Lodging Management Program (LMP) High School curriculum • 2-year program introduces students to the lodging industry • Open doors of opportunity and set the students on an exciting career path • Students learn management principles • Certified Rooms Division Specialist (CRDS)

Skills, Tasks, and Results Training (START) Designed specifically for workforce development to serve targeted clients such as: • at-risk youth • welfare-to-work • dislocated workers • and other targeted groups


Video Training

Workshop: Alcohol Awareness • Controlling Alcohol Risks Effective (CARE®)

All Training Should Lead To…

Professional Certification What is Professional Certification? • Distinction of Excellence • The Standard for the Industry • Acknowledgement of skills and competencies required to succeed in your position

Professional Certification Why should you certify? • Validation of position • Motivator • Recognition • Builder of pride and self-esteem

Professional Certification Over 40 Certifications • Executive Level • Department Heads • Managers • Supervisors • Line Level

Who’s Who Those who highly support Professional Certification • Choice Hotels • Best Western International • Hyatt • InterContinental Hotels Group • Marriott • Wyndham Worldwide • Ritz Carlton

Levels of Professional Certification CHA Certified Hotel Administrator

CLM Certified Lodging Manager

CRDE Certified Rooms Division Executive

CFBE Certified Food & Beverage Executive

CHRE Certified Human Resources Executive

CHHE Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive

CEOE Certified Engineering Operations Executive

CLSD Certified Lodging Security Director

CHS Certified Hospitality Supervisor

CLSS Certified Lodging Security Supervisor

CGS Certified Gaming Supervisor

CHSP Certified Hospitality Sales Professional Certified Lodging Security Officer

CMHS Certified Master Hotel Supplier Line-Level Certifications

Executive Level • General Manager, Owner/ Operator and Corporate Executives • Qualified experience • Comprehensive study materials and exam

Certified Hotel Administrator New study materials for the CHA program: • CHA Exam Preparation Booklet • Three volume resource materials (CD)

Additional Resource • CHA Online Assessment Tool

Department Head Level • Departmental Executives for Rooms, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Housekeeping, Human Resources • Qualified Experience • Comprehensive study materials and exam

Managers • Departmental Executives for Rooms, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Housekeeping, Human Resources • Qualified Experience • Comprehensive study material and exam

Supervisory Level • Supervisors for all hotel departments • Qualified Experience • Supervisory Skill Builders training

Line Level Certification • Recognizes Guest Services, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage staff • Hospitality Skills Training Series

Security Certified Lodging Security Director (CLSD) Updated review materials and exam to include information from: • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) • USA PATRIOT Act • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Security • Certified Lodging Security Supervisor (CLSS) • Certified Lodging Security Officer (CLSO)

Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) • For the property or corporate trainer • Acknowledges the ability to design and implement training programs

Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT) • Is aimed at line-level and supervisor employees with training responsibilities • Adds a level of professionalism to the departmental trainer’s role • Provides an opportunity for employees to validate their skills

Personal Career Planner CHA CRDE

• General Manager

• Rooms Director

CFDM • Front Desk Manager

CHS Front Desk Representative

• Front Desk Supervisor

Aids to Certification • Custom Study Guides • Supervisory Skill Builders (also for Restaurants, Clubs & Gaming) • Hospitality Skills Training Guides

Certification Process Application


Proctored Examination (paper-based or online)

Certificate & Pin

Benefits of ongoing Training and Certification Increased Occupancy Average Daily Rate/Rev Par

Increased Employee Productivity & Morale

Training System Providing Continuous Ongoing Training Increased Retention Reduced Cost of Turnover

Improves Quality Control Increased Guest Satisfaction

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