The Governor : Lachlan Macquarie 1810

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Governor Lachlan Macquarie ML 36

Macquarie: The Initiator Governor Macquarie *Governor from 1810-1821 *established law and order *was a man with a great vision for a new nation

*best remembered for his major public building program

South Head Light House, NSW SV/129

Dollar and Dumps DN/C 455-515, 516-637

Emancipation, Education and Aboriginal Relations

Governor Macquarie *believed everyone deserved a ‘fair go’ *opened 15 schools during his governorship *befriended and consulted the Aboriginals including Boon-ga-ree

Female Orphan School 1824 DSM/C 989

One of the NSW Aborigines befriended by Governor Macquarie ML 696

Extending The Boundaries Governor Macquarie *supported exploration and expansion of the colony *embarked on his own expeditions and made numerous inspections of the colony.

*founded Liverpool, Richmond, Windsor, Wilberforce, Castlereigh, Pitt Town, Bathurst and Port Macquarie. *encouraged Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth to pioneer a route over the Blue Mountains. Gregory Blaxland ML143

Opposition to Governor Macquarie Governor Macquarie *faced strong opposition from important people *was highly criticised by John Thomas Bigge, the inspector sent from England *was despised by Rev. Samuel Marsden who refused to work with emancipists *continued to develop Sydney despite this opposition John Thomas Bigge PM 153

Rev. Samuel Marsden ML 29

Macquarie and his Family

Elizabeth Macquarie *married Lachlan Macquarie in 1807 *also contributed to the development of the colony

*landscaped the Domain and the Government House grounds *had one son, Lachlan, in 1814

Elizabeth Macquarie MIN 237

Lachlan Macquarie Jnr. MIN 72

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