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January 16, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Lyrics to Professor Limefire’s Song I really enjoyed performing the actions for this song. My favourite action was when we grabbed our throats and made a choking sound. Leo S

The name’s Lime fire, Professor Lime fire Sunlight blinds me and melts my skin I would die for a taste of cherry pie x3 But most of the time I hunt for flesh My vicious battles have earned me scars I’ve even travelled as far as Mars I suck the souls of people x3 And take their knowledge away I like eating yummy little children I fool them with my sly disguises I wish I didn’t have to x3 I only long for company I would die, I would die I would die for a taste of cherry pie.

My favourite part was performing the song Professor Lime Fire. I composed this line Harry H

There were three other primary schools who also performed with us on stage. They added their own ideas to ‘The Music Box’. Each school created their own character and composed a song.

This is when I put face paint on my nose! I thought of the action where we collapsed at the end of the song. Everyone loved doing it!! Daniel H

I liked going in the artists’ entrance instead of the main entrance like you normally have to use! Niamh B

I enjoyed being backstage, it was like a maze with lots of corridors! Lucy B

I’ve been in dressing rooms before for drama productions but I was surprised at how big they were! Jane M

I enjoyed being in the dressing room, this is where the famous musicians get ready! Emily W

It was fun painting our faces to look like monsters. Next time we could create our own costumes to make it more impressive. Charlotte S

We began our performance in the foyer of the Bridgewater Hall. We arranged ourselves into a square to represent the shape of the music box.

We then marched in to the Hall to the theme music.

Our favourite part was performing in the foyer because we layered our singing with the other schools. Abby Horrocks & Issy James

I composed the lyric ‘I would die for a taste of cherry pie’. We sang this over and over as an ostinato in the foyer! I want to be a maestro when I’m over. Thomas Sassanelli

I thought of the creak idea using whistling and body percussion for opening the box. SuranneB

Here we are performing the actions and body percussion for the opening of the Music Box.

When I was narrating it was fun but I was nervous. I was pleased with my performance I didn’t make any mistakes and I thought Katherine was very good too! Zahira W

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