The Penobscot Tribe

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Hematology
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Penobscot— meaning Rockland or It Flows on the Rocks › Referred to a

waterfall near their village of Old Town, Maine. › Descendants of Algonquian tribe

Penobscot Tribe made canoes, fishnets, and intricate beading and quill work  Had a reputation for peacefulness and hospitality 

Story of Jesus › Last supper  Eat this bread. It is my body. Drink this wine. It is my blood. › Crucifixion and death › Resurrection from the dead after 3 days

Both the Penobscot Tribe and the Jews were in need of a savior. › Penobscot tribe was dying from starvation. The

Jews were dying under the control of the Roman Empire.

Both the Corn Mother and Jesus understood their own lives would have to be sacrificed to save the people. › The Corn Mother is killed by her reluctant

husband and her body is dragged across the earth by her sons. Jesus is killed by his own people’s choice.

The Corn Mother and Jesus both encourage their followers to eat of their flesh—through the symbols of corn and bread. After Jesus death, he rises from the grave, body intact. The Corn Mother does not rise from the grave, but corn and tobacco rise from the place where her flesh was torn and her bones were buried. Out of Corn Mother’s bones grow the tobacco plant, which her spirit instructs is sacred. The only possible parallel to this from the story of Jesus is the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples.

Both stories instruct the people to remember sacrifice made every time they eat.  Both stories maintain that the hero is not dead, but alive in the people.  Both stories maintain that the hero died because of how much he/she loved the people. 

Practical lesson? › Conserving seeds to plant for the next

season › Corn growing cycle of 7 moons (months) 

Moral lesson › Sometimes, self sacrifice for the good of your

people is essential to survival.

Explanation of a Natural phenomenon? › Origin of tobacco and corn › Origin of people on earth

Preservation of Tribal Culture

› Belief in a god-like mentor for humanity, Kloskurbeh › People of the earth came from First Nephew and First

Mother › There is something even more powerful than the creator— the Great Mystery Above—that sends the First Mother to Kloskurbeh and the First Nephew

Balance between humanity and nature

› Humans are starving because they have over populated

the earth and over hunted the animals › First Mother tells people to save corn seeds to replant next year so that people will never starve again.

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