The Reluctant Fundamentalist CHAPTER 7

January 7, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Hematology
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The Reluctant Fundamentalist… CHAPTER 7 By: Alicia & Bridgette

Chapter 7 Summary • Changez continues to focus on his job, doing a valuation in New Jersey that involved job cuts and he begins to see first hand the ramifications of job loss on people’s lives. • America gripped by a growing and self righteous rage after 9/11, Pakistani cab drivers being assaulted, mosques being raided and Muslims disappearing. • Jim encourages him to ‘focus on the fundamentals’ • But Changez realise that Afghanistan is a friend and neighbour and fellow Muslim nation so he is questioning his loyalties. He watches the bombing of Afghanistan and gets drunk and he is late for work the next day-for the first time. • Erica harder to get in contact with and when he finally sees her she is a pale, nervous creature, who is struggling with her ghosts, they manage to have make love because Changez urges her to pretend he is Chris.

Characters in the Novel & their Development • Relationship between Erica & Changez: They like each other but do not begin a relationship. Later on in the novel when changez arrives in New York, he goes out frequently with Erica. He falls in love with her and she likes him but they do not ever have a proper relationship. Then during chapter 7 they make love. • Development of them Changing during this chapter: Changez becomes more connected to Erica but as Erica is still in love with her childhood boyfriend whom passed away, she does not feel the same connection that Changez feels.

Memories Explored in the Chapter • Love Making with Erica in Changez Apartment in New York • After the 9/11 had happened Muslim men were disappearing and Changez was being attacked verbally in the office by Wainwright • Changez becoming more attached to Erica

• Erica drifting apart from Changez

Why is Vandalism in this Chapter Significant ?

Vandalism in this chapter is significant because that is the part where 9/11 is discovered and New Yorkers start to become afraid and angry for themselves, believing that every Muslim can attack them and has destroyed their city.

Changez describes the food on offer in Pakistan as ‘predatory delicacies’ What is the effect of the novels references to animals?

Changez is making an allergy between food and his work force in New York, He is trying to state the example by saying the predators are the bosses for the company and the prey are the people whom work for the company.


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