The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History
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Slogans and Songs • “Liberty, equality, fraternity” • “in French: “Liberte, equalite, fraternity.”

• National anthem becomes La Marseillaise “Arise Sons of Liberty The Day of Glory has arrived Against us is tyranny The bloody flag is raised”

The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

Who was Napoleon? • He was born on the island of Corsica. • Sent to France at age 9 to study for a career in the military.

• When Revolution breaks out is a 20-year old lieutenant.

The Rise of Napoleon • Is a successful commander in the French army and is quickly made a general (1793). • During Egyptian campaign his soldiers discover the Rosetta Stone • By 1799 he is leading the entire French army and helps overthrow the weak government of the Directory.

Problems in France • After the Reign of Terror, a moderate government called the Directory rules France. 1795—1799. • War still going.

• Lots of corruption • Food prices high after CPS ended. CPS had issued price controls.

• Years of Chaos and violence. • People looking for order and stability.

Overthrow of the Directory • A coup happens in 1799. • Consulate set up with Napoleon as 1st Consul. • In 1804 Napoleon declared himself Emperor.

France Under Napoleon • Issued Price controls to keep the cost of food low. • Built roads and canals. • Encouraged new industry. • Developed an even larger public school system. • Made peace with the Catholic Church (Concordat of 1801). • Issued a new code of law (Napoleonic Code).

• Cut back many rights that women had gained during the Revolution. • Limited free speech and censored newspapers.

France At War • France is at war from 1793-1814. • The motivations of the French army are: • 1. nationalism • 2. To spread the Revolution. • Under Napoleon, France conquered much of Europe. • He placed many of his relatives on the thrones of the conquered lands.

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