The Seven Wonders of Oregon 2014 Spring

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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The Seven Wonders of Oregon 2014 Spring Media Plan 2/13/14



This year’s Spring 2014 brand campaign, The Seven Wonders of Oregon, is the largest, most comprehensive marketing effort that Travel Oregon has ever undertaken. This document provides an overview of the paid media plan that will introduce Explorers to Oregon’s epic Seven Wonders starting March 2014. To make this campaign as successful as it can be for your destination and for all of Oregon, we encourage and welcome you to align your own marketing efforts to leverage The Seven Wonders of Oregon message. Feel free to use the tools provided in the Seven Wonders of Oregon toolkit in your own consumer outreach.



1.Inspire potential Explorers to visit Oregon (Go-There) 2.Encourage Explorers to share their Seven Wonders experience through the use of #TravelOregon 3.Make it easy for Explorers to find the Seven Wonders Photo Resource on (curated crowd-sourced photos)

PARAMETERS Timing • March – June 2014 Target

The Explorer Explorers want a unique, active vacation experience. The Explorer is a mindset, a lifestyle, a behavior, not a demographic • Key Markets: San Francisco, Portland, Boise, Seattle, Vancouver BC • Spent $1,000+ on domestic or international vacations • Enjoy any of the following: backpacking, cycling, fishing, golf, hiking, skiing,

MEDIA STRATEGIES • Serve up inspiration when Explorers are ready for it

• Leverage the creative format that best conveys inspiration: Video • Give Explorers the option to see a deeper story • Align with multi-screen behavior • Channel inspiration into action

REACH EXPLORERS WHEN THEY’RE READY Inspire/Influence Explorers at every step as they plan/take their vacations Cinema Local TV:

4 Million Imp.

239 TRP’s/Mkt

Broadcast & Cable

130,00 Clicks 27,000 Views Google & Youtube


Digital: Video Ads

Digital: Banner Ads

30 Million Imp.

8 Million Imp.


2 Team Members per Wonder/Day

Street Teams

Posts/Tweets to Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

spotlight OR stories


Apps, links & promos that facilitate planning

Deals & Specials



Commit Open to travel Seek out travel inspiration inspiration & details to travel

Outlets to Promote sharing

Experience Share Travel

Reflect & publish


• •


US Target Markets: San Francisco, Portland, Boise, Seattle Canada Target Market: Vancouver BC

Contacts: Michael Sturdevant Senior Manager, Global Marketing Services [email protected] 971-717-6183 Ariana Bray-Sweet Global Marketing Services Coordinator [email protected] 971-717-6182

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