The skimm @UGA-targeted strategy Marketing Plan

January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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THE SKIMMUGA TARGETED STRATEGY MARKETING PLAN A shortened version of that long, long, I mean really long plan By: Alexandra Holzworth


SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN  Target Market • Female College Students ages 18-25 • & maybe their mamas?

 Goals • Reader Acquisition • Brand Visibility

 Objectives • To increase subscription among college females ages 18-25 by 10% • To increase followers by 400-500 across social media outlets

STRATEGIES  Vine • Creating a UGA Skimm’bassador run vine • Micro-shooting short newscasts of big stories in Athens, Atlanta and other parts of Georgia • Promoting theSkimm and Skimm social media everywhere possible

 Twitter • #SmallTownSaturday, #SmallTownStories • Skimm’rs tweet the their towns’ best news every week for 2 months • Winner=Reward

OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES  Instachat • Connect Skimm’rs that follow theSkimm’s Insta

 Snapchat Story • Make a Snapchat Story of pictures related to Daily Skimm news or even the #SmallTownStories. Ask users to Tweet pics w/ story

 Google + • Share articles related to the Daily Skimm on Skimm Google+ accout • Could update UGA students about Campus Events w/ G+ Events

PHYSICAL CAMPUS PRESENCE  Events • Skimm booth @ UGA Grady College’s Journalism and Mass Communication Career Fair • G+ Calendar of UGA Campus events Skimm’rs might dig

 Flyers • In the Journalism Building, Caldwell Hall, the bathrooms, downtown, Pauley’s Crepe Bar- everywhere • Advertise on busses when student s are bored on their way to class • STICKERS! • Campus Promotions Guide

PHYSICAL CAMPUS PRESENCE  Student Center • Lots of promo in Tate Plaza! • Miller Learning Center- pre-class announcements

 Dorm Visit • Flyers in Dorms (Honors, Upperclassmen, Freshman) • Information Card on tables in UGA Dining Halls- why eat alone in between classes when you could eat with theSkimm?

ACADEMIC ORGANIZATIONS  Academic Department • Journalism/Communications professors suggesting students subscribe to theSkimm (teachers
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