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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science
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The Stress of Finals How to Survive Finals Week Stress Free Erica Rodriguez Srividya Srinivasan

Stress & The College Student “The fuel the body uses to meet the challenges of our fast-paced modern life; for others, it is the aversive by-product of such a life” Too much stress can interfere with preparation, concentration, and performance Stress can lead to avoidance, poor performance, or too high or low expectations for oneself

Dealing with Stress  Underlying

issues tend to surface & are exacerbated during times of stress  Know what your physical & emotional limits are  Identify cause of the stressor/trigger  Seek out support!  Utilize techniques for reducing stress *Remember, these vary student to student!

Tips for Preparing 1.

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Prioritize Talk to your professor or TA ahead of time Know for certain what material will be covered Look at previous exams Get extra help Set ground rules with your roommate Utilize study groups Ask students who have taken the class what to expect

Stress Busters  Get

enough sleep each night  Eat Healthfully  Be Active  Learn to say “no” – don’t over commit yourself  Avoid use of alcohol and drugs  Get time away/alone  Spend 3-5 minutes not doing anything  Study for only 1 hour at a time, then take a break  Make a list and write down everything you need to get done

The Truth about All-Nighters Only allows you to function at 50-70% of your capability the next day Can set you up for panic, misreading test questions, and “blanking”

Sleep Deprivation Short Term Effects   

 

Poor concentration & shortened attention span Decreased ability to retain information Lose ability to read others’ emotions properly Lack of controlling your own emotions Weakened immune system

Long Term Effects 

   

Alters and imbalances hormones associated with hunger Reduced learning ability Increase in the likelihood of anxiety disorders Weight gain Increase risk of diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, & stroke

If you must cram…  Do

not “should” yourself, focus on the here-andnow  Be Selective  Skim  Caffeine- 1-2 cups in a 24 hour period  Light exercise  Healthy snacks  Music  Power naps  Proper lighting  Brain Breaks

What to do Right Before Your Exam  Get

a good nights rest (6-8 hours preferably)  Eat and drink something healthy  Deep breathing  Meditate  Talk to a friend  Light exercise  RELAX

Resources  Counseling

and Wellness Center  Managing Stress during Finals Week  How to Reduce Stress During Finals Week  Limit Stress During Finals Week

Pranayam- Breathing Excercise Pranayama refers to breathing exercises included in the practice of yoga. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, pranayama can help increase blood circulation and deliver more oxygen to the brain. As you gain more control of your breath, you also increase your lung capacity, which can increase your mental alertness and focus. Practicing pranayama may also help relieve stress.

Ujjayi Breathing  Breath

passes through the back of the

throat  A soft audible sound is created How to do it….  Exhale through the mouth as if you are fogging a mirror a couple of times  Now, keep up the same quality of breathing with your lips sealed

Sounds of nature…

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