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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History, Aztec
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The Toltec People By: Zac Vance

• Tula, the capital of the Toltec Empire was located approximately 100 miles above Mexico City. • The empire stretched much of Central America. • Its influence reached even further. Many places in America show signs of Toltec culture.


Becoming a Power • The Toltec nation came about after the fall of the Teotihuacán people. • In the late 10th century the Toltec people established their capitol at Tula. • It is believed that the Toltec people were Teotihuacán people who made Tula their home after the fall of their own.

Art • The art of the Toltec people reflected the mystic aspect of their religion. • Serpents and skulls were very common images. • Their architecture was rather rough. • Much of the Toltec art influenced the Aztec and Mayan forms.

Economy • The economy was based for the most part on agriculture. • Obsidian mining and trade were also important. • The nation was very involved with trade and especially turquoise trade along the turquoise road. • The trading helped spread the Toltec way of life as well as integrate others into their own.

Culture and Science • The culture of Toltec was based around war. • It was a mix of many previous and surrounding cultures. • The mixture often occurred when the Toltec Empire would take over another area and then the two areas would integrate.

• The Toltec thought that science and religion was the same thing since it was all governed by the universe. • They had an advanced calendar and charted the night sky very accurately.

Religion • •

The religion of the Toltec people was polytheistic. The absorbed much of their religion from neighboring peoples and their father race, the Teotihuacáns. Of the many deities they worshiped Quetzalcoatl and Tezatlipoca were the most important. Human sacrifice was common.



Quetzalcoatl • God of culture, fertility, learning, holiness, philosophy, and gentility. • It was worshiped by the Toltec people and their greatest ruler was the priest of him. • Religion and political rule went hand in hand. Tezatlipoca • God of material things, the night, beauty, the north, and war. • He was Quetzalcoatl’s sworn enemy.

Politics • The political aspects of Toltec life were dominated by ritual and religion. • Topiltzin was the greatest of all the rulers and he championed Quetzalcoatl. • He became so synonymous with Quetzalcoatl that the names were often confused later on in legend. • The political system of the Toltec nation was looked up to by many other nations. • The Aztec people even tried to tie the two together through history. The only problem is that much of it is believed to be fabricated.

The Fall • The Toltec Empire fell around 1200 CE. • The nomadic Chichimec people are believed to have annihilated the Toltec nation due to cultural differences. • Many believe that some of the Toltec people fled to Cholula where they held out for another few centuries until the conquistadors came through.

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