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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Math
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Quick demonstration

System Overview • There are two parts to Ref Centre • A referee view • A referee assigner or administrator view

• This demonstration tries to show screen shots from both perspectives

Referee’s Home Page

When a referee logs in to Ref Centre he sees his home page

Updating his availability

Referees have to enter their availability into a calendar tool In this example the referee is not available on a Monday, Tuesday or Saturday this month

The Assigners View

When the assigner logs in he can see all the games for that week In this example only 1 referee is required for each game

To assign a referee for a game he clicks on the Pre link

Assigning a game

Now the assigner has gone to the assignment page for that game The drop down box only shows a list of which referees are available and experienced enough for that game Select one and an email is sent to the referee offering him the game

The email sent to the referee

Accepting a game

When the referee logs in he now has a game offer icon

He clicks on the link to go to the offers page

The Offers Page

He clicks the green tick to accept the game

If he does not want the game he clicks on the red X

His schedule

The game is now shown on his schedule Note that he can return a future game by clicking on the decline game link However when the game is less than 48 hours away (ie Feb 4th in this example) this link disappears and he must contact the assigner by another method if he wants to return a game

His Home Page

The game is also shown on his home page schedule when he selects the appropriate week to view

Game Details

If he clicks on Preview he sees information about his game including directions and a map

Confirmation for the assigner

When the referee assigner now logs in he can see a green tick next to that game indicating that the referee has accepted the game Placing the mouse over the Pre link gives him further information

A job done

What the assigner wants is a set of green ticks next to every game

More information • Please contact • Tim Baigent • (613) 839-0606 • [email protected] •

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