to design the top for the Aroma Fan container. Electronics

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Electrical Engineering, Microelectronics
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Download to design the top for the Aroma Fan container. Electronics...


Technology & Design

Key Stage 3 A Suggested Year 9-10 Project

RA Moffatt WELB

RA Moffatt WELB.

Aroma Fan Learning Opportunities: An introduction to the Potential Divider using a thermistor as a temperature sensor; To develop design and manufacturing skills and Techniques; To develop understanding of electronic systems design.

Activity Description: Theory: The study of potential dividers / transistors / thermistor / capacitors. Manufacture: To manufacture the box from given dimensions; Applied Design: to design the top for the Aroma Fan container.

Aroma Fan Design Opportunities:


Show using concept sketches three alternative designs for an attractive box top


Explain using graphics how the platform for the fan is held in place?


Draw the electronic circuit for this project in Live Wire and explain how it works?


Explain how the electronics circuit works


Show using scrap sketches how the solar motor and battery are to be secured?


Name suitable materials for the box sides and base?


State a suitable protective finish for this project?

The problem is to design a means of holding petals that are used to absorb the aroma oils

Suggested Key Stage 3 Project:

Aroma Fan Ideas for the box top Butterfly / Ladybird

Motor ‘on’ for a set time, fan blows air through scented petals into the room

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