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Objective of the session. • To understand the measures business emails effective.



• To adopt necessary email etiquettes necessary in a professional field.

KNOWING IT!!!! • Good writing skills are imperative in any organization. • Businesses and organizations rely on efficient and effective email. • E-mail is the most common way to communicate. • Effective email writing skills is therefore intentionally taught, practiced, reinforced, and valued in every organization.

• THE CONCEPT  No unique talent and mental ability required.  Certain simple rules that are to be followed.

RULE-1: Strengthen the Subject

• Use Keywords in Subject line • Avoid high priority options like URGENT, IMPORTANT etc. • E.g.: Subject-Meeting Subject- Remainder of 10am meeting scheduled on 10/06.

Rule-2: Keep the message focused.

• Keep your message readable. • Don’t depend upon bold font or large size letters.

Rule-3: Avoid attachments.

• Avoid attaching a file. Only attach when required.

• Its better to just copy-paste the most important part.

Rule-4: Identify yourself clearly. • You should write a signature line. • Contact details should be complete.  E.g.: Sincerely, XYZ 3rd year Electrical ABCT Phone:9876543210

Thanks & Regards, Paresh Sen Owner Reliable Landscaping, Inc. 0674-230230 (office) +91-987654321 (cell)

Rule-5: Be kind and don’t flame.

• Control the anger and keep cool.  E.g.: I tried all morning to get

in touch with you. Couldn’t you find a few minutes in between meetings to check your messages? I’m having a rough time on this subject, and I’m sorry if this is last-minute, but I’ve never done this before and I think the least you could do is take some time to explain it again.

Rule-6: Look Before you LEAP.

• If you are asking someone else to do work for you, proofread it.

Rule-7: Balance Formal/Informal.

•Avoid ,abbreviations, nonstandard punctuation.


•Never use informal language in formal situation.  E.g.: IIRC for “if I recall correctly”, LOL for “laughing out loud,” “ASAP for “as soon as possible” etc.

Rule-8: Respond promptly. • Make yourself available to your correspondents promptly. • Response should be within 24hours or the specified time limit. • Never keep correspondent waiting.


Email Etiquette. • Be concise and to the point. • Reply to original message only and don’t just forward the message • Use CC: field sparingly. • Use the Bcc: field while you do not want all addressees to know. • Bcc’s within creates distrust.


• Don't forward any junk mail or reply to spam. • Never use email to discuss confidential issues. • Do not overuse reply to all. • Do not forward chain letters. • Check the appropriateness of email.

• Avoid derogatory remarks.

• Make one point per email with a user friendly fonts. • Use proper structure and layout. • Humor is riskier. • Spelling still counts. • Make email id’s which looks professional.

Sl. No.

Answer the following questions with true and false. Questions



It is not necessary to use meaningful and clear subject




Always avoid long sentences.




Read the email before you send it.




Write the email in all capitals or all small letters.




Avoid using ‘Urgent’ or ‘Important’ in the subject.




Always use cc field when writing a mail.




Answer to the point and to all questions.




Email is used to discuss confidential letters.




Reply to an email message when angry.




Avoid attachments in business email.



Last words…….

• Email is indeed an excellent tool in business scenario.

• Hence an effective email should follow certain rules, obvious etiquette and focus on 5 C’s that is: Courtesy Clarity Conciseness Correctness Completeness

TCS VA FORMAT • This is a simple test for 10 minutes. • In this test applicants will be assessed based on the proper usage of the given keywords and grammar. Be careful of spelling mistakes and wrong punctuations.

SAMPLE NO. 1 Using the following phrases, write an email with minimum of 70 words to the customer Mr. Gill Roy explaining delay to the project.

Payment processing system – Schedule – 10th May (Friday) – Unexpected power outage – 3 days – Overall delay – 7 days – includes recovery of lost work – will not recur

SAMPLE SOLUTION - 1 Dear Mr. Gill, As you know the earlier schedule to deliver the project “Payment processing system” was on 10th May (Friday). The same has been delayed, due to an unexpected power outage since the past 3 days at our offshore site. We have lost many important files for which we don’t have any backup. Our primary area of concern includes recovery of lost work in which the team is devoting most of the time. Hence we are expecting an overall delay in the delivery of maximum 7 days, within which the team will work on the issues and everything will be sorted out. A sincere apology for the delay and at the same time we ensure that the mistake will not recur in future. Best Regards Khusboo

Alternative Solution-1 Dear Gill, We are very sorry to inform you that the project 'Payment Processing System’ has been delayed due to unexpected power outage of 3 days, which was to be delivered on 10th May (Friday). The overall delay will be of 7 days where our primary motive includes the recovery of lost work, for which we don't have backup. We're extremely sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused and assure you that this will not recur in the future and shall maintain the schedule as discussed.

Regards, Manasa V

SAMPLE NO. 2 You are a team leader in a company and you have to write an email to one of your team member appreciating his/her work. thank you - efforts - hard worker - weekend work timeliness - client appreciation - successful completion - extra work hours - good skills - keep it up


On behalf of all the team members I want to thank you for your efforts and timeliness in completing the job. Your weekend work and extra work hours have not only resulted in successful completion of the project but have also brought client appreciation for the entire team. You are a hard worker in real sense. I hope that you will show the same level of dedication and apply your good skills for all future projects. Keep it up! Regards Khusboo

Alternative Solution-2 Dear Amar, I congratulate and thank you for your outstanding performance. Your efforts have finally paid off and you have proved yourself as a true hard worker by taking extra work hours. The timeliness and the successful completion of the project has given us immense client appreciation. Your good skills were reflected throughout the project. All the extra work hours is worth appreciating. Keep it up! Our company is proud of such employees . Hope you continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Regards, Adarsh Singh

SAMPLE NO. 3 Write an e-mail minimum 70 words to the manager of a company called ITEX, Complaining about a delivery service bought a product , didn't work , called customer care , put me through automated Tele-services , on hold , for 19 minutes , got disconnected , wrote an e-mail , reply , sorted out , 2 days , problem still unresolved

SAMPLE SOLUTION - 3 Dear Sir, ITEX is supposed to be undoubted leader in the mobile industry but I am really surprised about the delayed delivery service of my order no 12425333.I bought a product, BRO 65, recently but it didn’t work as there was display problem. I have called customer care many a times and very time they have put me through automated Tele-services or on hold. Once I was on hold for 19 minutes and after that it got disconnected automatically. Then I wrote an email regarding the same. I got a reply which said that the problem will be sorted out in 2 days but the problem is still unresolved. I will be grateful if you look into the matter and get back with a solution as soon as possible. Regards, Raj Singh +91-987654321

Alternative Solution-3 Dear Sir, I bought a product from your company, but I am really disappointed with the delivery service. The product was delivered two weeks late. When I opened the parcel and switched on my laptop , it didn’t work. Immediately, I called customer care ,first I was put on hold for 19 minutes then they put me through automated Tele-services and finally got disconnected. I wrote an email to which I got a reply that my problem will be sorted out in 2 days but the problem is still unresolved . I will be grateful if you look in to the matter and resolve my problem as soon as possible. Regards, Karan Nath 0674-xxxxxxx

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