To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Outline and Examples

Intro Paragraph • Attention Grabber-Define what a hero is to you and why • Background info-The title of the book and the Author • Lead into thesis, mention that Lee discusses several themes in the story and the characters and their actions represent those themes • Thesis-The three characters who represent the theme or heroism in the story.

Body Paragraphs (10 sentences Long!) • • • • • • • •

Topic Sentence A reason why one character is a hero Example from the story (Quote) Two sentences explaining the quote Another reason why this character is a hero Example from the story (quote) Two sentences explaining the quote Concluding sentence

Example of a Body Paragraph • Atticus Finch is definitely one character who should be considered a hero. One reason is that he chooses to be respectful to all people. For instance he hears one of his children using disgraceful language, he responds “don’t use that word Scout”(124). By disciplining his daughter he is respecting all people because she used the “n” word, which is hurtful towards people of AfricanAmerican decent. He is also instilling honorable manners in a future generation by immediately correcting a wrong doing, even if it is said in innocence. Another reason why he should be considered a hero is because he stands up for those who are less fortunate than he is. He willingly defends Tom Robinson an African-American man wrongfully accused of raping a white women. Mr. Finch does this knowing that he will be looked down upon by some people in the town. Yet, he does not seem to care, he would rather do the right thing then save his reputation. Even though Atticus’s actions in To Kill a Mockingbird are extremely heroic, he is not the only character in the novel who exemplifies heroism.

Conclusion • Re-state thesis is different words • Three to four sentences to wrap up your essay, some final insight on heros. Discuss whether there are people in your life who are similar to the characters you discussed in the story.

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