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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science
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National Referral System to make every contact count in secondary care Wioleta Prylewska Liz Gilbert

National Referral System

National Referral System  Interface between hospital patient records system and National Referral System  Bespoke Very Brief Advice online training programme  20 days programme management from NCSCT  Review of stop smoking medicine provision  Cultural change

Pilot  Pilot: Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth  600% increase in referrals

 400% increase in staff trained to give VBA 

Phase I of implementation the National Referral System at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Project scope: Main Outpatients Departments at Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital Goal: to increase number of patient referrals to local stop smoking services and to achieve behavioural change within frontline hospital staff towards more preventative approach


Tri-Borough Tobacco Control Alliance

Communications Materials Promotional campaign was launched in early January 2013

VBA online training

Within a 5 month period, the average monthly number of stop smoking referrals increased to 45, from 18 in 2012

A short questionnaire was used to assess behavioural change within hospital staff Key Survey outcomes: The number of staff members who admitted that assessing the smoking status of patients is part of their everyday routine at work has increased from 34% to 58% 77% staff members know how to refer a patient to local stop smoking service in comparison to 42% in 2012

The number of staff members who admitted to being very confident in giving the advice to patients increased from 16% to 27%

Implementation of the National Referral system resulted in an increase of stop smoking referrals Patients are referred to the service which is in closest proximity to their postcode

Implementation of the National Referral System within hospital IT system is the ideal approach

Development  17 acute trusts live by end of 2013/14

 GP Systems  Lifestyle referrals development complete summer 2013

Lessons Learnt • • • •

Project manager Cultural change: Emphasis of a whole hospital initiative Engagement with staff: Matron & Senior Sister meetings Stop smoking services having a presence within the hospital: dispelling myths of support options • A robust communication system within implementation group • A developed and comprehensive communications strategy • System does not equal activity

Thank you! Wioleta Prylewska [email protected]

Kick It Stop Smoking Service 7 Galena Road, London W6 0LT T: 020 8741 8314

Liz Gilbert [email protected] NCSCT Office: 0203 137 9072 Mobile: 07884 443245

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