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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Proposal for Video Production Club at Charleston High School Proposed by Dawn Drake English Teacher Charleston High School

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF PURPOSE OF PROPOSED CLUB/ACTIVITY: Trojan News would be a club dedicated to producing daily announcements and a weekly news show to be broadcast to the students and faculty of Charleston High School throughout the school year. GOAL(S) OF PROPOSED CLUB/ACTIVITY: 1.Provide CHS students with the opportunity to develop skills in writing, producing, filming, and editing a weekly news program. 2. Provide CHS students who are interested in careers in broadcasting and journalism the opportunity to participate in a “real world” activity that would develop the necessary skills they would need to pursue their future goals. 3. Provide CHS students the opportunity to collaborate with each other on a worthwhile project and eventually enter regional, state, or even national competitions in order to showcase their broadcasting skills.

NEW CLUB/ACTIVITY PROPOSAL PERSON PRESENTING THE PROPOSAL: Name: Dawn Drake Club Sponsor Email Address: [email protected] Phone #217-639-5093 NAME OF PROPOSED CLUB/ACTIVITIES: Video Broadcasting Club “Trojan News”

LIST AT LEAST SIX ACTIVITIES OR EVENTS STUDENTS WILL PARTICIPATE IN: 1. interviewing 4. editing news stories 2. writing news stories 5. anchoring the news program 3. filming news stories 6. marketing and publicizing the news program

What type of area do the students need to meet in? Students will need to meet in a room designed for editing and broadcasting the news. (Some possible ideas would be the media center equipment room, the former AER room in the basement, the small conference room near the media center, the back two alcoves in the English Department’s book room, or if nothing else, the back corner of my classroom in room 400.)

When and how often do you intend to meet? The club would most likely meet daily after school from 3:30-5:00. However, there may be students who participate in other activities who could not make daily meetings on account of conflicts in their schedules. I would be flexible in working with students before school, lunch, or even weekends. It would not take all members being present every single day in order to create the news broadcast.

What will it cost to operate the proposed club/activity? I found the company below at the School Video News Website: This company offers information on what a startup budget would look like for the type of club I am proposing.

Why do you think there is an interest in this proposed club or activity? Our high school is in a university community where support for news, broadcasting, speech and drama, radio broadcasting, and the arts is enhanced. Students in our building are excellent communicators and enjoy working with technology. Our community has produced some important personalities in media broadcasting.

(CBS) Sandra Hughes has been a CBS News correspondent based in Los Angeles since she joined the organization in March 1993. Besides covering major news stories in the West, she covers family issues for CBS News. Hughes has covered, among other stories, the 2000 Democratic National Convention, O.J. Simpson murder trial, the David Koresh/Branch Davidian standoff near Waco, Texas, and the devastating floods that struck the Midwest in the summer of 1993. She also covered the Republican candidates and Bob Dole for This Morning during Campaign '96. Hughes received a 1998 American Women in Radio and Television Award in the National/Network Investigative category for a series of "Eye on America" reports for the CBS Evening News on wage wars, and one in 2003 for a series of stories after September 11th on fraudulent driver’s licenses. Before joining CBS News, she was a reporter and substitute anchor at KMOV-TV, the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, Mo. (1990-93). Earlier, Hughes worked for CBS affiliates WLKY-TV Louisville, Ky. (1987-90) and WTVRTV Richmond, Va. (1986-87).

She began her career in broadcast journalism in 1985 at WCEE-TV Mount Vernon, Ill. Prior to joining CBS News, Hughes received a Missouri Broadcasting Award (1992), a Louisville Metro Journalism Award (1988) and a Public Service Award in Illinois (1987). Hughes was graduated from the University of Illinois in 1985 with a B.S. degree in broadcast journalism. She and her husband live in Los Angeles with their three children.

Sandra Hughes

Charleston High School Alumni Class of 1981

Larry Smith is a sports anchor for HLN. Based in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, Smith joined HLN in July 2001. For HLN and CNN, Smith reported about the return of the New Orleans Saints to the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina and the Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series victory that ended the "Curse of the Bambino." Smith has covered more than 30 major championship events for CNN, including nine Final Fours, four NBA Finals, three Super Bowls and the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy. Smith joined CNN Worldwide in December 1993 as an anchor for CNN Sports and later for CNN/SI. He served as host of Sports Tonight, Sports Latenight and This Week In The NBA. A recipient of Eastern Illinois University's Distinguished Alumni Award in 2002, Smith started in broadcasting at WLBH AM & FM and WMCI-FM in his hometown of Mattoon, Ill. He began his television career at WICD-TV in Champaign, Ill., and later worked as a news and sports reporter at WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tenn., and WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach, Fla. Each year, Smith hosts the Larry Smith Celebrity Golf Classic, which has awarded tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to top-level, college-bound students. Smith earned his bachelor's degree in speech communication from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill.

Larry Smith CNN News Eastern Illinois University Alumni

WCIA3 Chief Meteorologist Robert Reese knows weather! With a father in the Air Force, Robert traveled extensively while growing up and witnessed a variety of weather all over the world. The family eventually settled in Arcola, Illinois, where Robert completed high school. He attended Eastern Illinois University and graduated from the broadcast meteorology program at Mississippi State University. Robert began his broadcasting career as an on-air personality at various radio stations in Central Illinois. Eventually, he stepped in front of a television camera as a meteorologist and news anchor for WAND-TV in Decatur, Illinois. Robert's experience at WCIA3 has been a rewarding one. "I like the people, the working atmosphere." He currently serves as weather anchor for the WCIA 3 Morning Show and News at Noon. Robert served on the Mid-Illinois Big Brothers/Big Sisters Board of Directors for which he received the 1998 Volunteer of the Year Award. Currently, he is a Douglas County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Volunteer. Robert is married with four children and his hobbies include music, cars and flying.

Robert Reese Meteorologist with WCIA News Eastern Illinois University Alumni

My vision for this club is one of school pride and unity. All classes and groups in the school could benefit by sharing their FFA projects, artwork, history and science projects, poetry, athletic performances, speech and drama competitions, culinary creations, and so much more!

The Youtube video at the bottom of this slide is a sample high school news broadcast to give you an idea of the type of production I would like to get started here at CHS. High school broadcasting clubs such as Pacific Coast High School have opportunities to broadcast worldwide, enter competitions, travel to conferences and summer camps across the nation, and to receive recognition for outstanding broadcasting productions.

Pacific Coast High School News

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