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Thank you ! As the Troop Cookie Manager you are the Main Ingredient in the recipe for your Troop’s Successful Cookie Season •Read the materials provided • Train the girls in your troop • Work with the troop leadership and girls to set the troop goal •Communicate with families •Be available to girls and their families • Respect deadlines and work with your SU Cookie Manager •Ask for assistance

Little Brownie Cookie Portfolio 2013-14

Packaging materials made with recycled paperboard

Little Brownie Cookies 2013-2014

New GSUSA Cookie Case Designs New GSUSA Case Designs for 2013-2014 Standardized for both Bakers to provide a consistent consumer experience

5 Skills for Girls When they participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls develop skills that they can use today and in the future. Girls who take part in this important part of the Girl Scout experience develop five key skills: 

Goal Setting

Decision Making

Money Management

People Skills

Business Ethics

Goal Setting is the Key  Goal Setting is one important skills that girls can learn through the Cookie Program  Troops that set Goals are more successful than troops that do not set goals  Girls that work toward goals are not only more successful, but more engaged in the Cookie Program and in Girl Scouting in general

Safety! Safety is our first concern when girls are participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The most current safety information can be found in Volunteer Essentials and in the Safety/Activity Checkpoints, please review these documents. Share these rules and procedures with your Girl Scout families to ensure that the girls will have a safe and successful sale! • All girls must be registered and have a signed Annual Consent Form on file with the troop leader before they participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. • A parent, guardian, or other adult must know each girl’s whereabouts when she is participating in the Cookie Program, including if and when she is utilizing tools found on the internet. • Throughout the program, adults must provide supervision and guidance for all age levels. • Girls should be involved in goal setting, planning, and execution of the Girl Scout Cookie Program for their troop.

• Girls should always wear a Girl Scout Membership pin, Girl Scout vest or sash, or Girl Scout clothing to identify them as Girl Scouts.

Materials you will be receiving Materials for Girls and Troops

One per troop: Cookie Program Guide for Troop Cookie Managers TOP Cookie form Troop Envelope Cookies For Heroes Flyer Cookies for Heroes order card reminders Council Shop Flyer

One per girl: Girl Order Card Parent/Guardian Newsletter for each family Goal-Getter Order Card Money Envelope

Important Dates December 2013

Troop Cookie Manager Training

Prior to January 4, 2014

Train girls and distribute Cookie Program materials

January 4, 2014

Cookie Rallies!

January 4, 2014- February 2, 2014

Initial order taking

February 8, 2014

Initial order due via eBudde

February 3, 2014-March 30, 2014

Goal Getter Order Period

March 1-2, 2014

Cookie Delivery at assigned locations

March 1, 2014—March 30, 2014

Booth Sales Period

Weekly during March 2014

Deposit money into council account

On or before 12 noon on March 21, 2014

Cookie bill due to the Council for cookies picked up prior to March 19, 2014

On or before

All final paperwork due to Service Unit Cookie Manager

April 4, 2014

During May 2014

Distribute recognitions

Cookie Rallies! Girls of all ages, troops and families are all welcome to join us on January 4, 2014 from 12:00 – 4:00 PM at five malls throughout the state. We will kick off the Cookie Program with fun activities based on the five skills for girls. All girls who participate will receive a free patch! Rallies will take place at:

• • • • •

The Shoppes at Buckland Hills (Manchester) Westfield CT Post (Milford) Westfield Meriden Danbury Fair Mall Crystal Mall (Waterford)

We are still looking for volunteers! Adults and girls Cadette and older are welcome to come and help to run the activities. Please have anyone interested e-mail [email protected]

Cookies Live!

Back by Popular Demand!

2nd Annual Virtual Cookie Event! National Web Event JANUARY 11th, 2014! Girls learn exactly how! they can bring their dreams to life!

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Girl Scouts of the USA has declared February 7-8, 2014 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! This special weekend is a great opportunity for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout supporters to share with the community the importance of the Cookie Program and what it does for girls. On National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, Girl Scout councils from around the nation will be celebrating and promoting the 5 SKILLS that girls learn while participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Look for more information about this fun event on our website, via email, and the council’s Facebook page as the date gets closer!


Help grow the Cookie Program and earn extra funds for the Service Unit! If the Service Unit increases its cookie sales ½% over last year, the Service Unit will earn a bonus of half cent for each box sold. For an increase of 2% over last year, the Service Unit will earn a bonus of one cent for each box sold. Bonus made possible by the Council Service Fee

Let’s show Training, them

valuetime! their on yourWeown time!!!

• The most flexible training available for busy volunteers! • Customized for our Council on the 5th Tab • Upload training videos, quizzes, etc. for ON-TIME delivery of valuable information! • BRAND NEW lessons for 2013-14! • Will be open by December 15th

A new digital tool for volunteers When they need them!

Convenient cookie program resources delivered to volunteer email inboxes in “snackable bites”!

Blog delivers just-in-time cookie activities to busy volunteers

MORE Digital Cookie Program Tools! we inspire families Bilingual family resources available at

Pin-worthy ideas and crafty marketing ideas for Moms and Dads who want to support their daughter’s cookie activities Action-packed interactive games to help girls practice their cookie pitches before they meet the public!

Cookie Recipe Emails Is your troop “hungry” for information about the 2013-2014 Cookie Program?


If so, be sure to sign up to receive the Cookie Recipe emails. The emails will be sent out periodically throughout the Cookie Program and will touch on upcoming dates, processes and tips for making your Cookie Season the best ever! Cookie Recipe is ideal for both new and experienced Troop Cookie Managers. AND Cookie Rookies can also choose to take advantage of our Cookie Mentor option. The first email went out on Sunday Nov. 17th. If you did not receive it please email [email protected] Volunteer can opt-out if they do not wish to receive our Cookie Recipe emails. (Don’t unsubscribe!) Th

Connecting with Customers There are many ways girls can contact customers to ask for their support of this year’s Cookie Program. Girls develop skills through interacting with others, and Troop Managers should encourage them to reach out to customers in new ways. •Asking Family and Friends – Girls may be most comfortable asking people that they know first. •Door-to-Door Sales - Girls can canvas their neighborhoods with their order cards as a troop or with their families. •Workplace Sales - Girls may contact businesses that employ family and friends and ask for permission to take orders at the workplace. Telephone Sales - Girls can review contact information from last year’s order card and call customers for their orders. Not all customers will be available on the first try, so texting and leaving messages are also great ways to reach them. Cookie Club Promises - Once registered by the Troop Cookie Manager, girls can send emails to customers through the secure Cookie Club system.

Cookie Club –Helping Girls Reach Their Goals!

Girls manage their cookie business online! The fastest, easiest way for girls to reach high goals!

Cookie Club gets a makeover! Brand new look, new screens optimized for smartphones and tablets!

Cookie Club – Troop Leader View


Cookie Club – Troop Setup


Troop Leader Reports in Cookie Club 

Troop leader logs in and clicks on “Reports”

Troop leader can select from the list of reports to view the detailed reports

Troop leaders can also select an archive to export a XLS file to their desktop


Girls are Safety Certified in Cookie Club before setting up their profile !


Cookie Club Dashboard for girls!


Ask Family & Friends – Ecard Preview


Important Cookie Club Reminders • The

Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Leader must set up the girls in Cookie Club!! •Cookie Promises must be placed on the girl’s order card. •The Leader/Troop Cookie Manager’s eBudde password will give access to Cookie Club. •Girls who send 12 or more emails through Cookie Club can receive the updated Cookie Club patch

Cookies for Heroes Cookies for Heroes is our Council sponsored Gift of Caring service project and a great way for girls, troops and customers to support our heroes, both at home and abroad. We distributed 130,000 boxes of cookies last year and are hoping to bring smiles to even more of our heroes this coming year! Here’s how it works: • Girls offer their customers the opportunity to purchase Cookies for Heroes cookies, collect the money for those cookies and mark it on their cookie order sheet. • Troop Cookie Managers report the cookies in eBudde in the GOC column. • Council delivers the cookies from its inventory – the troop does not have to handle these cookies. • Cookies purchased for the CFH program are counted towards the girl’s final box count and each girl selling at least one box for the Cookies for Heroes program earns a patch. Note- there is NO GOC patch order for this year!

INITIAL ORDER RECOGNITIONS Everyone is going to want this year’s “Must Have” Recognitions New this year !! Troops that have a per girl troop selling average of 115 boxes on the initial order and all of the girls placing an initial order and two adults will receive one of these stylish and very cool string bags!

Individual girls selling 115 or more boxes on their initial order will earn this travel tote!

Booth Sale Bonus For every 20 cases ordered in the initial order troops receive a $20 bonus. These cases must be ordered in eBudde prior to submitting the initial order. All booth orders placed in the initial order will be picked up on Delivery Day with the rest of the troop’s order. Why Order Booth Sale Cookies on the Initial Order? Earn more proceeds for your troop! For every 20 cases ordered on the initial order troops receive a $20 bonus. Having multiple booth sales? Order 40 cases earn $40! Increase the number of cookies ordered with the initial order! Booth sale boxes count toward the number of cookies sold and can help your troop earn the Peace, Love, Cookies Drawstring Bags. Have cookies available for immediate sale! It’s great to have cookies on hand to fill additional orders. Troops choose the varieties of cookies they would like, so make sure to order the most popular choices to keep customers satisfied. Skip the cupboard! Troops will not need to make a special trip to a cookie cupboard for cookies. Of course, if a troop needs more cookies after their booth boxes are sold, they can always make an appointment to pick up more.

eBudde For security reasons, all passwords have been reset to 164Samoas!! You will be directed to change your password the first time you log in.

eBudde Before it is time to place the Initial order troops must:

•Update their Leader’s and Troop Cookie Managers contact information •Update their troop information •Enter in their girl’s names

At Initial Order Time Troops will need to: •Enter girl’s names •Enter in the girl’s orders •Place their Booth Sale order •Select their delivery time •Order initial order recognitions


Cookie delivery

Our popular drive-thru deliveries are back! Troops will pick up their cookies on March 1 or March 2, 2014. We are in the process of confirming all of the sites used last year. Each Service Unit will be assigned a delivery site and block of time for cookie pick-ups. Troops will sign up in eBudde for their desired time within their Service Unit’s slot. All vehicles picking up at the drive-thrus should have 2 adults – a driver and a counter. Cars should be EMPTY and have no children, pets or car seats in them. We need volunteers from your Service Unit to help out at delivery. If you are available let your SU Cookie Manager know. It is a fun day!

Cookie cupboards Cookie Cupboards are volunteer-run locations where troops can pick up cookies to fill Goal Getter and Booth Sale orders. Cupboards are open on set days and times as determined by the manager; please be respectful of this schedule. Troop Cookie Managers or troop volunteers make arrangements directly with the Cupboard Manager to pick up cookies. A full list of Council Cookie Cupboards will be available in February 2014. Troops from any town may pick up from a Council Cupboard. Service Units may also have a cupboard just for their area- Consider this options for your troops! Cupboards cannot swap boxes for different varieties, take back individual boxes of cookies, or accept cookies that troops received as part of their initial order. Cookies picked up to fill Goal Getter orders become the immediate responsibility of the troop. Booth sale cookies are taken from the cupboard on consignment. After a booth sale takes place, a troop may return full, unopened cases of cookies that are in excellent and sellable condition. The troop is responsible for all other cookies not returned to the cupboard. All cookies picked up from a cupboard will be assigned to the troop in eBudde and will be calculated as part of the troop’s total sales.

Booth Sales Booth sales are a wonderful opportunity for girls to work together, practice their skills, and reach their sales goals, and they are loads of fun! • Girls can sell directly to customers in a public place. • They can ask customers that may not have been asked to buy Girl Scout Cookies, or those who have bought cookies, but are ready for more. • Girls can offer customers the opportunity to purchase cookies for the Cookies for Heroes program or their troop’s local gift of caring. Please remember: • To communicate the procedure for scheduling booths • and obtaining cookies to all troops in your Service Unit. • Remind troops that if they are getting cookies from a • cupboard (either Service Unit or council), they should • give the cupboard 2 weeks’ notice to ensure that enough cookies are in stock. • Only cookies picked up during March, 2014 may be sold at

Bringing more customers to your booth!

Reaches more consumers and drives new visitors to

Recognitions New Girl Recognitions this year! Baby and Mama Husky Dogs make a great combination item!

This Year Girls can Double their Cookie Credit! Girls who choose to use their Cookie Credit toward their GSOFCT Summer Camp registration fees will be able to double the value of their Cookie Credit! This is a great way for girls to help earn their way to a great summer camp experience.

Return of the tickets for Lake Compouce at the 750 level Troops can again opt to take an additional 10 cents in troop proceeds instead of the individual girl recognitions- however they will still receive any patches they earned and all recognitions at the 750 level and above

Cookies Credits and TOP certificates will be mailed directly to Troop Leaders or Troop Cookie Managers so please update your contact information in eBudde.

New Troop Opportunity – TOP Troop! A new recognition for troops of every age level! Troops will earn an additional 5¢ per box in council store credit and be recognized as a TOP Troop when they meet these requirements: T– Troop’s final average is125 boxes per girl selling. O– Make the troop’s payment ONLINE and ON TIME. Payment for ALL COOKIES PICKED UP PRIOR to MARCH 19, 2014, is due on March 21, 2014, by noon. P– Turn paperwork in on time. Complete all entries into eBudde, hand in online payment confirmations, TOP Troop Recognition forms to the Service Unit Cookie Manager by April 4, 2014.

All TOP Troop Recognition certificates must be redeemed by September 18, 2014.

Finances Finances Troops are financially responsible for any cookies that they order on the initial order, those picked up to fill Goal Getter orders, and all cookies sold at booth sales. •

Payment for cookies by customers should be made when they receive the cookies. However, payment for any Cookies for Heroes or local Gift of Caring cookies should be paid for at the time they are ordered by the customer.

Troops that wish to accept debit or credit cards at their booths may do so, however, the troop is responsible for fees involved, must follow all guidelines regarding accepting credit/debit cards and must notify their PSM that they will be accepting the cards.

Banking through Webster Bank’s online banking system (accessible through the Girl Scouts of Connecticut website) is the preferred method of payment to Council.

Troops must provide online payment confirmations or validated deposit ticket with the final paperwork to the SU Cookie Manager.

Payments must be made on or before the due dates

All deposits into the Council account must be recorded in eBudde.

Troops should bank carefully, as overpayments of $10.00 or less will not be refunded.

Payment to Council NEW PROCEDURE FOR 2014:

Payment for ALL cookies received PRIOR to March 19, 2014 must be deposited into the Council’s Product Sales account at Webster Bank on or before 12 noon on March 21, 2014. Any cookies picked up after March 19, or any cookies for booth sales after March 19 should be paid for within 3 days of the booth sale. If a troop ordered its booth sale cookies in its initial order AND has not held the booth sale prior to March 19th, simply deduct the amount owed for the booth sale boxes from the total amount owed and pay the difference. This means that troops may have to make two deposits – one for the cookies picked up and sold prior to March 19th and those picked up and sold afterwards.



Before 11:59 pm on April 4, 2014 •Allocate all cookies to the girls •Select T-shirt sizes and GOC and Cookie Club patches •Order final recognitions •Enter in deposit information

Show Us How! We want to hear about your troop’s success during and after the Cookie Program. Send us your stories and pictures that show your girls doing “A World of Good”. Your can email them to [email protected]

Thank you again for being the key to your troop’s Cookie Program success.

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