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Turkey and Istanbul

Demography and geographyThere are,

in 2013, in Turkey, 80 694 485 inhabitants including 7 million for the European part, so there are 94 inhabitants per square kilometre for an area of 780 580 square kilometre. One part of this

Tourism in Today, Turkey the Turkey is an destination more and more prized, indeed it was the sixth global tourist destination in 2011.

Tourism at Istanbul Istanbul is the seventh touristic destination in the world with over 9,4 millions of visitors in 2011. Istanbul welcomed a large part of

Celebrations October 29th takes place the celebration of the Republic which commemorates the April 23rd, this is Turkish the dayRepublic of the in national proclamation of the 1923. sovereignty and the childhood. It reminds the first meeting, in 1920, of the Grand National November Assembly to Ankara, to prepare the War of August 30, 9thpower is the independence. The children « take », takes parade place and they are inviteddeath they to occupy the place victory the of personalities for one birthday day. party which of Atatürk commemorate in 1938. The May s the This day, 29th, at victory of all Istanbul, the Turkish traffic the forces stops Turkish at celebrates The marks the about march the 21st 9:05 am, the beginning of the year for the Greek the conquest time

Monuments The Hagia Sophia was built by the byzantine emperor Justinian I in 537. The blue mosque was built by the architect Sedefkar Mahmet Aga between 1609 and 1616. The Topkapı Palace was built in 1461 during the reign of Mehmed II. The Dolmabahçe Palace was built between 1853 and 1856 during the reign of the sultan Abdülmecid by the architects of

Importance of Istanbul incultural Turkey Istanbul is the capital and of Europe, it conserve many historical in Europe monuments which reflects the rich history of the country. Istanbul is the most wealthy and commercial city of the country.


Turkey is a republic since 1923. It has a parliamentary regime. The last regime was overthrown by the army, during the coup d’état of 1980 which wiped out the democracy. The

Belief in Turkey The main beliefs in Turkey are Islam and Christianity.  Islam: Islam is a new religion was born in the seventh century AD, which means submission to a single God. The Islam appeared in Arabia (boundary between Asia and Africa) with Muhammad. This religion is based on the person of Muhammad. Their main text is the Koran.

Celebriti cinema, es there is Nuri

-In the Bilge Ceylan, who is a director, actor and screenwriter, born in Istanbul in 1959. He is known for - In as music, thereClimates, is Tarkan, a such films Kasaba, Turkish singer. He born in 1972. Three Monkeys... It is one of the most famous singers in Turkey. His albums sold millions of copies. He is Thebest Turkish is title a reflection known music for his Simarik of its (song ethnickiss) composition, its geography and its history. If Turkish music refer primarily to music made in Turkey by the

The Music in Turkey

Turkish Blue Eye "Nazar boncuk" traditions chains, jewelry,

- The (key decorations), is a Turkish tradition-Little used to ward off evil princes or future spells, evil, and protect circumcised. Thispersons is a Turkish and property. tradition of dressing her little boy in white like a prince, with a cape, a hat to go out in the street with his family. He will pray, be photographed and pampering before her operation to -The lohusa serbeti drink be for circumcised. In who the Turkish delivery is to all people tradition, is aand passage to come to see the youngitmother


The Turkish gastronomy is one of the most varied in the world. It is considered the third richest after that of France and that of China . The reciprocal influence between Turkey and its neighbouring countries (Greece, Middle-East, Balkans, Iran, Armenia...) allow to find many common dishes in the cuisines such as dolmas, the boreks and Turkey has experienced mantis ( Turkish ravioli). the transition between the artistic traditions of Islam dating from the Ottoman Empire and a secular trend, West. The Modern Turkish painters are looking for their own free art forms of Western influence. Sculpture

Art in Turkey

The After the founding of the Turkish education Republic, the country has sought to create a national education system, so system that the Turks are a nation of individuals united in a common national spirit, contributing to the prosperity of the country. The law of the unification of education in 1924 was followed by the opening of primary schools, secondary schools and various other institutions. Education is controlled by the state. The Ministry is responsible of teachers and administrators and organizes educational

History of history of dismemberment through Turkey its Empire.

The Turkey main dates: - -1250 : The Greeks seize Troy, the city of the Hittites . - -669-678 : modern Turkey was conquered by the armies of Muhammad. This is the beginning of the reign of Muslim dynasties in the country. -1453 Mehmet II took

of the

-1923 Mustafa Kemal proclaimed the Turkish Republic. The reign of the Ottomans ends well . -1980: a political crisis between the pro -Soviet and the pro -Islamic right paralyzes institutions. The army took power and established a

History of Byzantium was founded by Byzas in Istanbul before J.C. In 324, it was renamed

658 Constantinople when the constantine emperor rebuilt it. It remained the capital of the Roman Empire of occident which it later became the Byzantine Empire after the fall of the Roman Empire of the West. In 1453, the turks took the city which is renamed Istanbul in 1930.

The end

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