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Overview • Call to Action Messaging: Do something amazing. Donate blood. • Marquee Signs: Do something amazing. Donate blood. • Phone Tag Lines: “Good morning, thank you for calling LifeSouth where saving lives feels amazing.”

It’s all at your finger tips!

First click the recruitment tab Second click the words “Recruitment Resources”


Large Screen LED TV Drawing • June – August • Large Screen LED TV ($500 Item) (3 per district)

• Drawing Dates: – Drawing 1: June 1 – June 30 (Drawing June 30 after all drives are completed) – Drawing 2: July 1 - July 31 (Drawing July 31) – Drawing 3: August 1 – August 31 (Drawing August 31)

TV Drawing Promotional Materials • All PR material will need to be ordered. It will not be automatically sent to your District. • Contact Carleen Brock to order any of the PR materials listed below: – – – – – –

Banner promoting Television sweepstakes 11”x 17” Poster promoting Television sweepstakes 2’ x 3’ Insert for blood drive A-Frame signs Email graphic to chairpeople during the drawing months. Half page generic pr materials Operations will need to conduct their own drawings for the promotion. HQ will assist with design and printing.

The Details • Televisions for summer Big Ticket Item are to be purchased by each district. The easiest way to do this is with a PO for Sam’s Club. These televisions are sold at Sam’s Club. We suggest at least a 42” LED TV or larger. • All districts must conduct a sweepstakes for (3) Big Ticket Items on the dates above. Districts are to adhere to this schedule. • Donors must donate or attempt to donate to be entered into drawing. • Item to be mentioned on all PR materials. • All donors that attempt to donate during this time will be entered in the drawing. • Televisions are to be purchased at the district level. Please contact Carleen Brock for assistance with requisitions and PO’s. • Districts are to conduct their own drawing.

Churches Bookmarks

Program remains the same. For best practices go to the recruitment website.

Poster Full Page ½ Page Flyer (not mailer)

Customized PR Materials &T-Shirts For PR MATERIALS: • Must order 6 weeks in advance of event • Must fill out PR request form • Event must cover at least 3 days or more time period • Event must have a specific projection goal of 75 or more • District must be prepared to pay for production of customized materials • Signed budget for specific materials is preferred For T-Shirts: • Must order 12 weeks in advance of event • Must fill out Special T-shirt request form • Minimum of 72 shirts per order • During the time these shirts are used, this quantity will be taken out of your other regular shirts • Must provide information on why a customized shirt is needed Examples of blood drives that warrant these customized materials: • Dragon*Con • Give from the Heart Blood Drive • Bleed for your team • Special Movie Premiers like Twilight

Direct Mail • Objective: Give regions the option to conduct local mailings for community drives and promotions by using PR material mailers. • Artwork: Mailers are to be the current PR materials mailers. If a customized or special mailer is requested, please fill out the marketing request form to request the materials. Please see the customized material request guidelines for more information. • Please see the LifeSouth Mailing Guide for how to do a local mailing on the recruitment website.




North Florida



South Florida






North Alabama






South Alabama



Coastal Alabama



System Budget


End of the Year Challenge • Will be May 31. • The contest is the same. • For more details go to the recruitment website.

Galloneer Picnics • Approved for Mobile, Citrus, Hernando, Marion and North Florida • Details are on the recruitment website • If you want to host a picnic, please see Galen

Media/Chairperson Awards Appreciation Event •

Why: Make media/chairpersons feel appreciated and inspired

Budget: Submit to Galen for approval.

Gift items are the red bags and a style writer pen and small padfolio. Pens and padfolio’s are ordered through Carleen Brock.

Action Items: – – – – – –

Develop a budget for your event and submit through approval process Solidify date of event and location Solidify a patient to speak at your event Send out invitations Host event when works best for your guests Develop a list of media/chairpeople to invite to the event – your budget may only allow you to host a media or chairperson event not both. – Develop awards you plan to give

Sample Invitation

Media Lifeline Suggested time in July at the peak of summer. Timeline: • 4 Months Out---Deadline to send invitation letters to the media to participate. • Monthly---Follow up with each media outlet prior to the event. • 1 Month out---Follow up weekly with each outlet to make sure they are on board and are confirmed for their role in the media lifeline. • Day Before---Follow up with the scheduled media outlet the day before their turn at the site. • 6 Day Span---Media Lifeline Duration

Movie Release Blood Drives Movies: June 14 – Man of Steel (story of superman) July 26 – The Wolverine T-Shirt: Request from Headquarters through custom tshirt order form. Mailers: For custom marketing materials fill out the marketing request form.

Movie Ticket Madness • Timeframe: June 1 – August 31, 2013 • You pick the date: The expectation is that each District/Region will coordinate with the local movie theaters • Ticket promotion around a LOW drawing time in their summer calendar. • The event must cover 3 consecutive days and must include all bloodmobiles and blood centers within the Region. • Purchasing movie tickets: – Each Region will coordinate the buying of their Movie Tickets with Carleen Brock. Carleen will assist with the PO and/or Check Requests. This will ensure proper expense reporting. – Each Region will be allotted enough Movie tickets to cover a 3-day event. – Movie ticket will replace any other recognition gift. (Donors DO NOT get a t-shirt and movie ticket) – Movie tickets should be the reduced ticket price of $7 a ticket.


Movie Ticket Total 427 160 97 185 151 169 288 142 127 102 294 260 170 160 225 106 223 168 145 3600

Details: • HQ will create all of the marketing materials for any mailings that are requested. • Region to schedule the blood drive location. Not limited to a movie theater. • A media press release will be created for distribution. • Media partners are encouraged

Recognition Items June – Whole Blood & Apheresis

Recognition Items July – Whole Blood & Apheresis

Recognition Items August – Whole Blood & Apheresis

Social Media & Web

All instructions and our social media policy are on the recruitment website. Email Lisa Hope to post your local events.

World Donor Day • June 10-16 • Nexcare provides bandages • Bandages delivered first week of June • Posters sent to donor centers

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