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March 1, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Renaissance (1330-1550), Feudalism
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Direct Democracy Dictatorship

Absolute Monarchy

Constitutional Monarchy

Oligarchy Theocracy

Anarchy Communism

*Head- President *Representatives are elected by majority vote *Representatives are expected to reflect voter’s wants and needs Ex.: United States *ALL citizens make decisions *ALL citizens vote for decisions *Rule by ONE *Dictator has absolute power *Usually backed by the military *Dictator often tries to act like a god Ex: North Korea *Ruled by a King or Queen *Rule is hereditary *King or Queen claims divine right *King or Queen has TOTAL control *King or Queen is head of state, but NOT head of the government *Head of government is usually a prime minister *King or Queen’s power is limited to a constitution or representative body to make government decisions Ex: Great Britain *State ruled by a small group of citizens *Ruled is based on wealth *Rule by a few *Based on religion *Rulers are spiritual leaders *Laws are religious in nature (“fear of god”) Ex: Iran *No clear ruler *Individuals can do whatever they want *The government plans and controls the economy *A single party holds the power *Strives to make everyone equal


NAME THE GOVERNMENT TYPE *Use the chart to determine the government types described below. 1. People control the government and vote directly on the issues. 2. The people choose representatives to run the government. 3. Power is inherited. 4. Ruled by religious leaders. 5. The United States has this type of government. 6. The leader has absolute power. 7. Head of state is a King or Queen (not head of the government). 8. There is an absence of any governmental authority. 9. Strives to make everyone equal. 10. One person holds all the power and is usually backed by the military. 11. Ruled by a small group of citizens and based on wealth. 12. King or Queen claims divine right. 13. North Korea has this type of government. 14. Rule is based on religion. 15. The government plans and controls the economy. *Answer each of the questions below. 16. How are a monarchy and dictatorship similar? 17. How is a Constitutional Monarchy different from an Absolute Monarchy? 18. What is the difference between a Representative and Direct Democracy? 19. What do an Oligarchy and Theocracy have in common? 20. Why would anarchy typically result in chaos?

KEY: 1. Direct Democracy 2. Representative Democracy 3. Absolute Monarchy 4. Theocracy 5. Representative Democracy 6. Dictatorship & Absolute Monarchy 7. Constitutional Monarchy 8. Anarchy 9. Communism 10. Dictatorship 11. Oligarchy 12. Absolute Monarchy 13. Dictatorship 14. Theocracy 15. Communism 16. They both have one ruler. 17. A King or Queen has total control in an Absolute Monarchy, but they are bound by a constitution in a Constitutional Monarchy. 18. In a Representative Democracy, all citizens do not vote for everything. Representatives vote in reflection of the people’s opinions. In a Direct Democracy, everyone votes for everything. 19. Both are ruled by a few. 20. There are no rules or a government to keep people under control.

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