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Related Issue 2 To what extent should contemporary society respond to the legacies of historical globalization?

Learn the Terms Refer to Chapter 6 for the answers  legacy

 ethnocentrism  Eurocentrism

the past. 

 depopulation  deindustrialization


Something that has been passed on by those who live in

  

Gross Domestic Product – the value of all the goods and services a country produces in a year. Reduction in population caused by natural or man made forces. A belief that one’s cultural world view is the only worthwhile one. A form of ethnocentrism in which European ethnicity is believed to be superior to all other cultures. The loss of industries.

 As

you explore this issue, you will come to appreciate how decisions made and actions taken in the past are legacies of historical globalization which continue to affect the world today.

European Imperialism in Africa Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJe1W_HIWmA

As you watch: What was imperialism?

What were the results of imperialism?

European Imperialism in Africa – Youtube http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=OJe1W_HIWmA

In the Free State, colonists brutalized the local population to produce rubber, for which the spread of automobiles and development of rubber tires created a growing international market. To enforce the rubber quotas, the army, the Force Publique (FP), made the practice of cutting off the limbs of the natives as a means of enforcing rubber quotas a matter of policy; this practice was widespread. During the period of 1885–1908, millions of Congolese died as a consequence of exploitation and disease.

History of the Congo http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=jyK9HnKI4nE As you watch: Why does conflict in the Congo exist today?

What impact did Christopher Columbus have on the Indigenous people in today’s Haiti and Dominican Republic?

On his second voyage, in 1494, Columbus captured 1,500 Tainos on the island of Hispaniola and herded them to Isabela, where 550 of ''the best males and females'' were forced aboard ships bound for the slave markets of Seville.

Warfare, forced labor, starvation and disease reduced Hispaniola's Taino population (estimated at one million to two million in 1492) to extinction within 30 years.

 What

was the impact of European colonial settlement on Indigenous peoples?

Colonialism: Sins of Europe in the Scramble for Africa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu6TLC0NRQ&feature=endscreen&NR=1

What was the impact of slavery?

 Poll

shows most Americans consider racism a problem • Blacks more than twice as likely to call racism a "very serious" problem • Almost half of whites and blacks say they know someone who is racist • Only a few of either race say they are racially biased themselves

Los Angeles Riots

 How

have Canadian Aboriginals been impacted by European Imperialism?

Child Poverty in Canada

Choice Assignment 

1. Research and compile images and informative captions (and incorporate them into an animoto presentation or power point presentation) that addresses the following questions: (Note: these questions are sub-headings within Chapter 6) What are some legacies of historical globalization? In general, how has cultural contact affected indigenous peoples? How has the exchange of goods and technologies affected people? How are the legacies of historical globalization continuing to impact the lives of people today?

2. Research the legacies of colonial rule on ONE African country in the 19th Century (refer to map in Section 1). Consider the people, their government, the country's resources and how those resources might have served the people differently had they not been governed by colonial rule. Present your findings and predictions in the form of an animoto presentation or power point presentation that includes images and informative captions

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