UIC ASDA Chapter Overview - American Student Dental Association

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Pre-Dental Recruitment and Involvement

American Student Dental Association Western Regional Meeting October 29 - 31, 2010 Chicago, Illinois

Participants Darryl Pendleton, DMD, Associate Dean UIC College of Dentistry Kaori Ema (D4) UIC ASDA President 2009 -10 Shivam Patel (D3) UIC ASDA President 2010 -11 Phillip Gurgone (D2) President University of Illinois Pre-Dental Club 2008-09 Alexander Reznikov (D2) President Illinois Institute of Technology Pre-Dental Club 2008 -09


Executive Board    

President President Elect Vice-President Chairs  

  

Pre-dental Legislative Liaison Public Relations Service Fundraising

   

Education/Activities Membership Ethics Licensure

Chapter Overview        

Auto-enrollment Lunch and Learns Service Opportunities Social Events Legislative Activities Publications Fundraising PRE DENTAL INVOLVEMENT

Illinois Pre-Dental Consortium

Pre-Dental Club Members   

  

Benedictine University Chicago State University Illinois Institute of Technology Loyola University Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

Organizational Members •

American Student Dental Association

American Dental Association

Chicago Dental Society

Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation

Illinois State Dental Society

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

Illinois Pre-Dental Consortium Purpose The purpose of the consortium is to:  To connect Illinois Pre-Dental students on a state-wide level with the goal of sharing resources and interests, and most importantly, collaborating on efforts to increase Pre-Dental mentoring;  AND to educate Pre-Dental Students on oral health Disparities in the state and to increase access to care for children in Illinois.

Illinois Pre-Dental Consortium Overview 

Started in the fall 2007 as the Illinois Pre-Dental Club Consortium

Funded by Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation and UIC COD

Pre-Dental Club members

Organizational members

Annual Budget varies $15,000- $20,000 (not including in-kind support)

Purpose Statement

Consortium and Club Activities



Illinois Pre-Dental Consortium Activities  

   

Annual Consortium Meeting – August at UIC Pre-Dental Conference– February at Chicago Dental Society’s Mid-Winter Meeting Outreach - Give Kids a Smile Day (2nd Friday February) Mentoring - Mentoring Dinner Meeting (November ) Club meetings Dental School Visits Club Websites Club Newsletters


UIC ASDA Pre-Dental Involvement       

Pre-dental day/night Mentorship Program University visits IPDC Meetings Service Events Public Relations Other Activities

Pre-Dental Recruitment 

Presentations    

Local and National ASDA Organized Dentistry Legislative Issues Q&A

Member Benefits  

 

Tangible benefits Resources Network Leadership Development

Pre-Dental Outlook       

Joint Service Projects Newsletter Exchange Joint Activities Preparation for National Conferences General Body Meetings Invitation to Lunch and Learns Website Links and Resources

Pre-Dental Clubs 

University of Illinois

Illinois Institute of Technology

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