Unit 3 : Exploring Media Industries

January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Section A : TWO questions about each of the FIVE areas of exploration (2 + 4 marks):

Media Audiences & Products Ownership, Control & Finance Working Practices & Job Roles Regulation & Ethical/Legal Constraints New Technology

  

Section B : FOUR 5 mark question based upon an unseen stimulus and ONE 10 mark synoptic question

How do your chosen industries identify their audiences?  Give one example of how your industries target their audience effectively.  How do the audience define how and where the products are distributed?  How are new technologies revolutionising how products are distributed in your industry? 

Audience panels and focus groups

Merchandise, gaming, film posters – advertising on different platforms

Viral advertising – power of the internet

How are your industries funded: publicly or privately?  Do companies within your industry have one media interest or are they large corporations with many sectors?  Are there any arguments within your industry between different companies fighting for control of the market?  Do issues with bias and media power affect companies within your industry? 

Private ownership of film companies

Selling of BBC Television centre Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation

What skills are needed to work in your media industries?  What career prospects are available to people starting out in your industries?  What specific roles are there in particular companies that you have studied within each of your industries?  What job role would you want in your industries and how would you apply? 

Graduate Jobs in the Media Planning and Buying Industry

Career Player Website

BBC Connect – Discover Media and Technology

What are the regulatory bodies associated with your industries?  What specific regulation issues have caused problems for companies within your industry?  What ethical or legal issues have caused problems for companies within your case studies?  How does regulation in your industry differ between different countries? 

Examples of regulatory bodies and ethical/legal issues they have dealt with

What impact does new technology have on the type/quantity of products in your case studies?  How have your chosen industries taken advantage of media convergence 

(different media in one place e.g. smart phones)

 How

has the internet impacted your chosen industries?

Magazine Stands of the Future

 

 

You will be given a text to read (likely to be a newspaper article or webpage) relating to an aspect of the media. You will be asked to analyse the text and give your own opinions of media industry You will be able to use your knowledge and understanding of Section A to help you answer these FOUR FIVE MARK questions. You should use examples from a wide range of media. The last question is a longer 10 MARK synoptic task.

Microsoft Buy Skype  TOWIE at the BAFTAs  Facebook Facial Recognition  PlayStation Hacking Problems 

You should be aware of different developments in the media over the last few years and should have current examples of media industries.

Microsoft Buy Skype

What other ‘ownership’ issues have been in the news recently? Why are consumers interested in who owns media companies?


What does this video show us about UK audiences and Reality TV? What are the current criticisms of Reality TV?

Facebook Facial Recognition

 

What privacy problems does this video highlight? What are the benefits for the consumer for this software?

      

 

Section A: Make it clear what industry you’re talking about. Keep your responses short and succinct. Be specific with your examples. Mention particular companies within your chosen industry. Give examples of actual events that have happened in your industry. DO NOT BE VAGUE! Section B: Use the unseen material and reference it in your answers. Give examples from other similar texts and prove that you have an extensive knowledge of the media

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