Unit 4: Prosperity, Depression, and the New Deal

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Protestant Reformation (1517-1648)
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Content Statement 19 0 Movements such as the Harlem Renaissance, African-

American migration, women’s suffrage and Prohibition all contributed to social change.

Harlem Renaissance 0 Period of African American creativity during 0 0 0


the 1920s in the Harlem community of New York City Harlem became the world’s largest black urban community Harlem suffered from overcrowding, unemployment, and poverty Movement was led by well-educated, middle-class African Americans who expressed a new pride in the AfricanAmerican experience Represented a portion of the great social and cultural changes that sweep through America in the 1920s

Key Figures of the Harlem Renaissance 0 Marcus Garvey: founded the UNIA (Universal Negro

Improvement Association) 0 Langston Hughes: best known poet 0 Louis Armstrong: trumpet player (Jazz) 0 Duke Ellington: jazz pianist and composer 0 Bessie Smith: blues singer

Marcus Garvey The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness. Marcus Garvey

Louis Armstrong 0 What a Wonderful World 0 Trumpet Solo

Langston Hughes Cross My old man’s a while old man And my old mother’s black If ever I cursed my white old man I take my curses back If ever I cursed my black old mother And wished she were in hell, I’m sorry for that evil wish And now I wish her well My old man died in a fine big house My ma died in a shack I wonder where I’m going to die, Being neither white nor black

Bessie Smith 0 St. Louis Blues (1929)

Duke Ellington 0 It Don't Mean a Thing

Impact of the Great Migration 0 Large numbers of African Americans moved to

northern cities during the Great Migration 0 Increased competition for jobs, housing and public services in urban areas

Women’s Suffrage 0 19th Amendment: gave

women suffrage rights (voting rights) 0 The change brought more women into the political process, eventually including women running for public office.

Young Women Change the Rules 0 Flappers - an emancipated young

woman who embraced the new fashions and urban attitudes of the day 0 Young women became more assertive 0 Some began smoking and drinking 0 Marriage started being viewed as an equal partnership (housework and children remain the women’s job)

American Fundamentalism 0 Fundamentalism - Protestant movement grounded in

a literal, non-symbolic, interpretation of the Bible 0 Rejected the theory of evolution 0 Believed the Bible was inspired by God, and that therefore its stories in all their details are true

Scopes Monkey Trial 0 1925, Tennessee passed a law that it was a crime to

teach evolution 0 John T. Scopes, was up to challenging the new law 0 He was arrested and put in jail 0 Found guilty and fined $100

Prohibition (1920-1933) 0 18th Amendment - Amendment forbidding the

manufacturing and sale of alcohol in the United States 0 Believed too much drinking led to crime, wife and child abuse, accidents on the job and other serious problems

Speakeasies and Bootleggers 0 Speakeasies - a place where alcohol drinks were sold

and consumed illegally during Prohibition 0 Bootleggers - a person who smuggled alcoholic beverages into the United States during Prohibition

Organized Crime 0 Prohibition caused a rise in

organized crime 0 Al Capone - a gangster whose bootlegging empire netted over$60 million a year 0 Headlines reported 522 bloody gang killings pointing the finger at Capone

St. Valentines Day Massacre

st 21


0 Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that repealed


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