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January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Immunology
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新视野大学英语第一册 第 5 单元 课文A :The Battle Against AIDS

PPT made by Ren Chenggang College of Foreign Languages Yunnan Agricultural University

I. Objectives 1. Main Idea: 2. Text Organization: 3. Essay style:


Main Idea: AIDS is a most complicated issue and has become a major worldwide epidemic. Despite all the efforts made worldwide to battle against the disease, AIDS remains a huge global threat.

2. Text Organization: Parts


Main Ideas



Thread of AIDS in America



Government slow in implementation; Local organizations have emerged





Three examples of local organizationEducation Network, shops, hair stylists Network shares lessons learned in its battle against AIDS.



Experiences: 1. Speak to your community in a way they can hear.2. Train teenagers to educate their peers. 3. Redefine “at risk”

Text Organization: Sections


Mainly about



To sun up the significance of these lessons



Conclusion: This is an undeclared war that everyone must sign up for in order for us to win.

3. Essay style:

Narration & Exposition

II. Phrase Study 1. be infected with The blood test shows that the man was infected with the HIV virus. 2. in place of In place of government inactivity, a number of local organization have emerged. 3. suffer from Within a few days, she has become seriously ill, suffering from great pain.

II. Phrase Study 4. hand out Don’t start the test until I’ve finished handing out the question paper. 5. set up They set up an organization. 6. at risk It’s alarming to think how many people are at risk.

II. Phrase Study 7. regardless of Regardless of weather he is right or wrong, we have to obey his orders.

8. guard against This is an open house and there is little way to guard against strangers. 9. wipe out We can wipe out world hunger by the year 2010.

II. Phrase Study 10. distract sb. from sth. Don’t let social activities distract you from your study. 11. sign up for He decided to sign up for a foreign-language qualification test.

III. Difficult Language Point Interpretation 1. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: 获得免疫 缺陷综合症 2. infected with the HIV virus: 感染艾滋病毒的人 3. black and Latinos: 黑人与来自拉丁美洲的美国人 4. the fast growing segment of people: 增长最快的艾滋 病患者群体 5. have emerged: 应运而生了 6. to use its resources creatively: 创造性地使用其资源

III. Difficult Language Point Interpretation 7. operate out of: 在…实施开来 8. while no way … exists: 尽管还没有一种能战 胜艾滋病的方法 9. shares these lessons …: 获得以下经验 10. passing out AIDS literature and expecting …: 散发艾滋病资料,希望他们… 11. AIDS busters: 艾滋病克星 12. misinformation plagues the medical establishment: 错误观念困扰着医疗机构

III. Difficult Language Point Interpretation 13. education represents the only safe measure: 教育不失为预防感染艾滋病毒的唯一安全 措施。 14. political inefficiency: 政府工作的低效率 15. undeclared war: 不宣而战的战争 16. sign up for: 报名参加 17. Learn to live: 学会生存

IV. Vocabulary Study

See Page. 109 - 111 “Fill in the blanks with the words given below”

Do the exercises

IV. Vocabulary Study

See Page. 110 “Fill in the blanks with the expressions given below”

Do the exercises

V. Sentence Structure See Page. 111 attributive clause as post modifier

Do the exercises

V. Sentence Structure See Page. 112 usage of “despite” Note that a Noun must be followed. Do the exercises

VI. Phrase in CE Translation Exercise P. 112 1. that the effort that we’ve made will be of … 2. all the efforts from, the number of people in rural areas diagnosed with AIDS has been … 3. distract her from her homework 4. It was a long time before; implement the program; lack of money and necessary … 5. learn sth. about the course before signing up for it 6. in promoting the development of local economy

VII. Phrase in EC Translation Exercise P. 113 1. immune system: 免疫系统; foreign object: 异物 2. eat so badly: 饮食太糟; mineral deficiency: 缺乏矿物质 3. to live longer … lives:延长寿命,生活少些痛苦 4. Publish:发布 5. do not usually appear until: 其症状一般要… 才表现出来 6. argued whether … could ever be practical: 争论着有效的…在…是否适用

VIII. Cloze See Page. 113-114 Do the exercises

IX. Structured Writing Write a paragraph based on a given detailed outline: General statement: Problem: Solution: Evaluation:

End of Unit 5

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