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UNIT 6 REVIEW • Copernicus wrote "Finally we shall place the Sun himself at the center of the Universe.” • Coal production was a major effect of the development of the steam engine. • Increased demand for manufactured goods and factory system to produce goods quickly was the way that free enterprise affected the Industrial Revolution.

UNIT 6 REVIEW • The Communist Manifesto exploited the worker class of the social system. • Adam Smith was all about the Free Enterprise System; were as Karl Marx believed in communism. • The phrase "European oppression" deals with Imperialism. • The beginning of the Scientific Revolution in 16th century Europe began when scholars published new theories about astronomy.

UNIT 6 REVIEW • child labor conditions permitted to exist in Britain during the 1800s because children were considered a cheap supply of labor. • The Naval Power of the British government able them to maintain control of its empire during the 18th and 19th centuries. • Means of production was how the government took control of the people through Socialism.

UNIT 6 REVIEW • The telegraph was an important device to expand the world of communication. • The automobile is associated to an Internal Combustion Engine. • The women’s role changed in the industrial factory, because the middle class women were forced to work to help support the family.

UNIT 6 REVIEW • The family became smaller as more people moved to the city and worked in factories during the Industrial Revolution. • More products were produced at a cheaper price making them available to more people during the Industrial Revolution. • Parliament passed laws that kept workers from organizing trade unions in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution.

UNIT 6 REVIEW • In the later years of the Industrial Revolution the middle class workers gained more time off. • The Industrial Revolution created more jobs and class size of the middle class. • The factory life causes people to work longer hours in a day. • The middle class movement in Great Britain attempted take over cities in England.

UNIT 6 REVIEW • The Cotton Gin function was to separate the seeds from the cotton faster. • The Steam Engine contributed to the Industrial Revolution by power to run machines, transportation, and improved Iron production. • The Textiles was the first industry to affect the Industrial Revolution.

UNIT 6 REVIEW • The Colonies contributed to the Industrial Revolution by supplying raw materials to Great Britain. • The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain due to the large Aristocrat class. • Machinery was powered by human muscles before factories were developed. • The movement of people from cities to rural areas was one of many causes of the Agricultural Revolution in Great Britain. • The benefit of crop rotation was to keep the soil fertile.

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