Unit IX - Late Middle Ages

January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History, Middle Ages
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Unit IX - The Late Middle Ages Europe From 1100 – 1500, The Battle Between Church and State

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1. Europe in the Late Middle Ages

2. Growth of Royal Power in England 

A. Who was Duke William and what did he do in 1066?

B. Why did he do it?

C. Did he give up control of his old lands?

D. How did this impact the relationship between the nobles in England and nobles in France?

3. The Strengthening of Finances and the Law in England A. King Henry II 1054  1. The Exchequer  2. common law  3. grand jury  4. trial jury  5. traveling justices  6. trial of church officials  7. attack on Thomas Beckett 

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B. King John 1. war loss - Philip II of France 2. excommunicated/interdict by Innocent III 3. forced to sign Magna Carta with nobles - rights of nobles - monarch must obey the law - growth - Parliament

4. King John and the Magna Carta

5. Video

6. Royal Power in France 

A. Who was Hugh Capet?

B. What were the accomplishments of Philip Augustus?

C. How was Louis IX a model king?

D. How was the French Estates General different from the English Parliament?

6. The Conflict Between The Holy Roman Empire and the Church 

A. Pope Gregory VII wanted to make church independent of secular rulers – especially in appointments (lay investiture)

B. The argument between Gregory and Henry IV (HRE)

C. The Concordat of Worms (1122)

7. Pope Innocent III

8. Henry IV – Holy Roman Emperor

8. Conflict Continued (Pope and HRE) 

D. Frederick II

E. Why did German nobles grow very independent of their Holy Roman Emperors?  1. Frederick II ruled from Sicily  2. The Pope undermined rulers authority 

10. Important Terms and People   

   

A. William. Duke of Normandy B. Domesday Book C. common law D. jury E. lay investiture F. battle between Henry II and Church G. The Magna Carta

      

H. Parliament I. Estates General J. Philip II of France K. Holy Roman Empire L. Henry IV v. Gregory VII M. Concordat of Worms N. papal supremacy

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