Using SAM 2013 in CGS1060 - University of Central Florida

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Using SAM 2013 in CGS1060 University of Central Florida

Signing In • Navigate to in a web browser that supports Adobe Flash.

• Enter your Username. • Your username is your Knight’s email address.

• Enter your default password. • Your default password is a capital P followed by your date of birth in YYMMDD format.

• Click the Log In button. DO NOT CLICK THE NEW USER BUTTON!

Signing In

Signing In • If the dialog box shown below appears, enter your password in the text box and then click the Submit button. • If you do not remember your password, follow the steps to retrieve the password.

If you experience problems logging in, please contact Steven Freund at [email protected]

Signing In • Enter your SAM Key Code on this screen, and then click the Save button. Your SAM Key Code came with your CGS1060 book package.

• SAM Key Codes may only be used one time and you cannot share your Key Code.

• If you have problems with your SAM Key Code, click the Technical Support link at the bottom of the SAM webpage.

Signing In • Review the Terms & Conditions and if you agree, click the I Agree button.

• Select a secret question and provide a secret answer

to be used in the event you lose your SAM password, and then click the Submit button.

• Select a new SAM password and type that password

in the New Password and Confirm Password text boxes. Passwords must be between 6 and 17 characters, and can only include letters, numbers, and the underscore ( _ ) character.

• Click the Submit button.

SAM Assignments • You can complete each SAM assignment before the due

date up to three times and we will use the highest score as your Assignment score.

• You need to complete all 6 SAM Assignments by the due dates.

• SAM Training is available that will help you prepare to complete your SAM Assignments.

• Keep in mind that you are working in a simulated

environment and not a live version of Office 2013. When you are asked to click a specific area, it may take one or two attempts to find the correct area.

SAM Assignments • After signing in to SAM, click the Activity List button on the top navigation bar.

• Click the Exams, Training, Projects, SAM Paths, Readings, and Always Available buttons at the top of the Activity List until only the SAM Path button is black. The bar at the top should look similar to this:

• Locate the assignment you wish to complete.

SAM Assignments • When you have finished completing your SAM

assignments, you should view and save a copy of your results. Viewing and saving your results will assist everyone if you have any grade disputes. To view and save your results, perform the following steps: • After completing the SAM assignment, view the Reports page in SAM

• Click the Study Guide icon next to the assignment you have just completed

• Scroll through all pages in the report and make sure a score is recorded for the Exam portion of the assignment

• After viewing your report, to save it as a PDF, click the Print using PDF link and then save the file to your computer

Reading the E-Book • Make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled.

The MindTap Reader will not display if your browser is configured to allow pop-up windows.

• If necessary, display the Activity List in SAM. • Click the Understanding Computers in a

Changing Society, Sixth Edition link to display the e-book. The e-book may take awhile to load.

• The first time you access the e-book, read and accept the MindTap Service Agreement.

• Click the Enter button.

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