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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Social Psychology
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Mentor – Mentee – Research Team Recognition

25th Annual Scientific Sessions Nursing Research: A Bridge to the Future of Healthcare

Dr. Marie Foley, PhD, RN Seton Hall University Chair of Graduate Program Program Director, RWJF NINJ Grant Mentor

“Marie has continually been a source of inspiration and encouragement as the facilitator of our development as researchers. Her guidance and support continues to be invaluable as we strive to become nurse scientists.” Recognized by: Jeannie Couper, Lisa Heelan, Katie Hinic, Patti Ricci-Allegra, Lori Wilt

University of Delaware School of Nursing Research Team Diane Bradley, MS, CRRN; Barbara E. Harrison, PhD, GNP-BC; Barry Milcarek, PhD; Ju Young Shin, PhD, ANP-BC; Regina Sims, PhD Veronica Rempusheski, PhD, FAAN

“Formed in 2012, this new research team is building its impact on Geriatric Mental Health in the State of Delaware.” Recognized by: Barbara E. Harrison PhD

Nancy Van Devanter, DrPH, RN, EdM, FAAN Associate Professor, New York University College of Nursing


“Through her mentorship, Dr. Van Devanter has guided me through topic changes, new methodological approaches, and even life’s challenges. With sincere gratitude, I thank Dr. Van Devanter for inspiring hope, confidence, and action for the last six years.” Recognized by: Chasity Burrows Walters, MSN, RN

Suzanne Dickerson, PNS, RN Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University at Buffalo


“Dr. Dickerson is an excellent teacher and a great mentor for students. She is always supportive of students’ research. As an expert in Hermeneutics, her special expertise helps me build my research corner in qualitative research methods.” Recognized by: Jin Young Seo

Laura L. Hayman, PhD, RN, FAAN Associate Dean for Research, College of Nursing & Health Sciences; Associate Vice-Provost for Research, University of Massachusetts Boston


“Dr. Laura Hayman is a prominent nurse researcher focused on primary prevention of pediatric obesity and cardiovascular disease research and has enthusiastically brought her knowledge into the classroom as a professor in Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health. She has mentored undergraduate and graduate students by guiding them in scholarly research opportunities that enhance their research and leadership skills.” Recognized by: Amanda C. Green, MSN, RN, PHCNS-BC and Albert Kim, BSN, RN, MSc

M. Katherine Hutchinson, PhD, RN, FAAN Graduate Dean & Professor, Boston College


“Dr. Hutchinson epitomizes what a mentor should be! Not only does she offer expertise in developing a program of research but she listens, offers feedback and actively supports us. She is a true nursing scholar!” Recognized by: Allyssa L. Harris RN, PhD, WHNP-BC and Mellissa Sutherland, RN, PhD FNP-BC

Linda C. Pugh, PhD, RNC, CNE, FAAN Professor of Nursing; Director of Graduate Programs and DNP Program York College of Pennsylvania


“Dr. Linda Pugh has had a profound influence on me as I transitioned to the faculty role under her expert mentorship. Her energy and enthusiasm for nursing is contagious. Through her own commitment to excellence, she inspires me to be focused and intentional as I pursue my research and scholarship.” Recognized by: Kimberly Fenstermacher, PhD, CRNP

Dr. Susan Sullivan-Bolyai, DNSc, CNS, RN Professor, University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Nursing


“Dr. Susan Sullivan-Bolyai patiently encourages and relentlessly challenges doctoral students to strive beyond their goals. She is an extraordinary inspiration and I am deeply thankful for the gift of her dedicated mentorship.” Recognized by: Laura Maguire

Dr. Jane White Associate Dean Adelphi School of Nursing


“Dr. Jane White provides her doctoral students with unending support, encouragement and sanity checks. My quest to become a nurse scientist has been worth the commitment, dedication and sacrifice entailed, largely due to the support of faculty like Jane White. Thank you!” Recognized by: Debra Grice-Swenson

Munn Center for Nursing Research, Massachusetts General Hospital Dorothy A. Jones, EdD, RNC, FAAN, Director Diane L. Carroll, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA; Jeffrey M. Adams, PhD, RN; Susan M. Lee, PhD, RN, NP-C

Research Team

“The research team has advanced nursing research in the clinical setting through original conduct of research as well as mentoring dozens of nurses in research and EBP.” Recognized by: Susan M. Lee, PhD, RN

Dr. Susan J. Loeb, PhD, RN, FAAN Associate Professor The Pennsylvania State University School of Nursing


“Dr. Loeb is a dedicated mentor and has supported me in my doctoral program. She consistently makes herself available and I appreciate our weekly meetings. Thank you!” Recognized by: Erin Kitt-Lewis

Ann Kolanowski, PhD, RN, FGSA, FAAN Elouise Ross Eberly Professor in the School of Nursing, The Pennsylvania State University Center Director, Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence


“Dr. Kolanowski has taught me the intricacies of high quality research and what it takes to build nursing science, supported me by recognizing and fostering my strengths while effectively guiding my growth where needed, and encouraged me to achieve the life balance necessary to succeed. It is unquestionably evident that she views my success as one of her own priorities. She is an ideal role model of what academic mentorship should be and has inspired me in my own path as a future leader.” Recognized by: Nikki Hill, MS, RN

Jin Young Seo RN, WHNP, MS, PhD Student University at Buffalo School of Nursing


“Ms. Seo has supported research as a Research Assistant in the Center for Nursing Research. She works with faculty to support their research as well as fellow students. She also conducted a pilot study of health utilization of immigrant Korean women during their childbirth experiences. Her enthusiasm and knowledge supports others.” Recognized by: Suzanne S. Dickerson DNS, RN, Associate Professor, Director PhD Program

Lily Thomas, PhD, RN Vice President of Nursing Research at North Shore LIJ Health System


“Dr. Lily Thomas pioneered the development of the Department of Nursing Research and personally mentored me in my development as a research coordinator and COPI at the North Shore LIJ Health System.” Recognized by: Myrta Rabinowitz PhD, RN

Lily Thomas, PhD, RN Vice President, System Research at North Shore LIJ Health System


“Inspires and promotes the nursing profession as a scientific discipline through research, plan/implement and evaluate the research process for the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, breathes in and breaths out research, true exemplar for research.” Recognized by: Monica B. Latayan, DNP, RN

Lily Thomas, PhD, RN Vice President for Nursing Research, Institute for Nursing, North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, NY Buckley Visiting Scholar, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY


“Dr. Thomas has been an outstanding mentor to many of the nurses at all levels in the NS-LIJ Health System. Through her expert mentoring, we have been able to undertake significant research and EBP projects. As a Visiting Scholar at Adelphi, the doctoral students benefit greatly from her expertise in reflecting upon students’ initial clinical questions and helping to interpret them into researchable hypotheses. She has been described informally by her students as a professor who encourages them to be creative and innovative while learning the necessary formal stages of rigorous research methodology.” Recognized by: Myrta Rabinowitz, Monica Latayan and PhD Students at Adelphi University

Daniel David, MS, BSN Mentee

“Daniel David is a talented PhD student who is dedicated to using his clinical expertise as a clinical research nurse and his research-driven insight to advance the independent practice for our discipline. Specifically, his dissertation work will explore the impact of NP care on heart failure outcomes in chronically ill patients.” Recognized by: Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor and Dean, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Karla Damus, PhD, MSPH, RN, FAAN Clinical Professor, School of Nursing, Northeastern University


“Dr. Karla Damus was instrumental in connecting me with people that could help and have helped me further my research. She is extremely energetic, she networks in the community and tries to create relationships that can help students succeed. My success in my scholarship has a great deal to do with Karla. She is someone in my circle that I know is there to go above and beyond for her students.” Recognized by: Shirley Gillies, MS, RN, NP, PhD Student

Susan Jo Roberts, DNSc, RN, ANP, FNP Professor, School of Nursing, Northeastern University


“My desire to become a nurse scientist was sparked by Dr. Roberts’ work focused on oppressed-group behavior in nursing. As a member, she encouraged me to focus on work that was meaningful to me, to always be thoughtful in my approach to research, and to just get out there and do it. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from and with her.” Recognized by: Rosemary Taylor, BSN, RN, PhD Student

Kelley Strout, BSN, MSN, PhD(c) Mentee

“Ms. Strout’s research examines older adults, their wellness and cognitive health. She provides a solid foundation of how multiple dimensions contribute to cognitive health and ultimately will support nurses’ and health care providers’ ability to provide patient-specific interventions that promote cognitive health in aging.” Recognized by: Elizabeth Howard, PhD, RN, ANP Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Northeastern University

Kerry Nolte, MS, BSN, APRN Mentee

“Kerry Nolte’s research interest is in health disparities and workforce diversity. She is currently exploring the feasibility of utilizing social justice concepts in nursing education to develop nurses’ cultural competency and foster the success of diverse students.” Recognized by: Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor and Dean, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Ann Malley, MS, BSN, ANP, ACNP Mentee

“Ann Malley is developing her skills and expertise as a Nurse Scientist with a research focus on transitions in care. Her vast clinical experience contributes to nursing scholarship in this critical area of delivery.” Recognized by: Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor and Dean, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

PULSE Trial Research Team Pei-shiun Chang, MSN, RN; Shelli Feder, MSN, RN; Jeanine May, MSN, RN; Leonie Rose Bovino, MSN, RN; Yasemin Turkman, MSN, RN

“This team has played an integral role in advancing the PULSE Trial. They work hard and make it all fun.” Recognized by: Marge Funk, Yale University School of Nursing

PATHS Research Team The Pennsylvania State University School of Nursing

“The PATHS team has impacted the understanding and provision of palliative care for heart failure in patient-caregiver dyads from the transition from chronic heart failure through end of life.” Recognized by: Judith E. Hupcey, EdD, CRNP, FAAN, and Lisa Kitko, PhD, RN, CCRN

Elizabeth McGann, DNSc, RN-BC Quinnipiac University


“Liz is a guide, mentor and professor who encourages students to strive for excellence in nursing research.” Recognized by: Susan A. Flannigan, APRN, Early DNP Student

Suzanne Leveille, PhD, RN Professor and Director of PhD Nursing Program University of Massachusetts Boston


“Dr. Leveille is a very accomplished dedicated professor who often sacrifices her personal time for her mentees. Her standards of excellence have pushed us to set high expectations for our doctoral work and research career.” Recognized by: Manu Thakral and Ampicha Nawai

Marilyn Asselin, PhD, RN-BC University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


“Dr. Asselin has been an excellent mentor to doctoral students, providing support and direction that has made a significant difference toward development of nurse scientists. She has shared her knowledge and experience in research, encouraged me to think more critically and to keep moving forward. Dr. Asselin exemplifies and promotes high standards and professional accomplishment.” Recognized by: Louise J. Sullivan, PhD(c), RN, ANP-BC, Doctoral Student University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Dr. Jerry Cromwell, PhD in Economics University of Massachusetts - Boston


“Dr. Cromwell has given us the tools to conduct rigorous nursing and health services research. He has taught us how to analyze data so that our research results will significantly influence health policy and the health of the public. Through his own research, he has increased the professionalism and stature of nurse anesthetists (CRNA), enabling them to bill independently from physician colleagues.” Recognized by: Amanda Green, Julio Toro, Joe-Ann Fergus, Terry Eng, Mary Jane O’Brien, Mercy Kamau, Aimee Lyons, Julie Lynch

Teens.Connect Research Team Margaret Grey, DrPH, RN, FAAN; Robin Whittemore, PhD, APRN, FAAN; Lauren Liberti, MS; Chorong Park, MSN, RN; Ariana Chao, MSN, RN, FNP-BC; Karl Minges, MPH; Caitlin Paul, BS; Jennifer Finnegan, BA Yale School of Nursing

“Teens.Connect: Improving the health of teens with type 1 diabetes.” Recognized by: Robin Whittemore

Bring Diversity to Nursing Research Team Karen Devereaux Melillo, PhD, ANP-C, FAANP, FGSA; Jacqueline Dowling PhD, RN, CNE; Lisa Abdallah PhD, RN, CNE; Margaret Knight PhD, PMHCNS-BC; Shellie Simons PhD, RN; Djwan Scott MS, ANP-BC; Laura Cote BS, RN; Maribel Ortiz, PMHCNS/NP-BC; Stephanie Lane MSW; Wendy Sanchez BS, RN; Laura Hajjar BS University of Massachussetts Lowell

Recognized by: Karen Devereaux Melillo PhD, ANP-C, FAANP, FGSA

Mentor – Mentee – Research Team Recognition

25th Annual Scientific Sessions Nursing Research: A Bridge to the Future of Healthcare

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