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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, English, Literature, English Literature
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Winning Women Worldwide was started almost 20 years ago by Jackie Bowler, whose vision it was to take God’s message to places far and wide where women and children are in desperate emotional, physical and spiritual need. The result of one of her visits to Zimbabwe is the WWW Kid’s Home at Chegutu

The finished house

The house was built specially for Winning Women Worldwide and is now home to 12 orphaned children. It will eventually be home for up to 20 orphans, being cared for in a loving environment by resident house parents, Moses and Rofina.

Gladys was brought to us by the police as a result of being repeatedly raped by her stepbrother …… she is only 8 years old

Jackie & Trudy (Director & Missions Co-ordinator) WITH SOME OF THE CHILDREN ON THEIR RECENT VISIT TO CHEGUTU

Below Rofina, the House Mother, feeding the youngest child Chiko

COSTS OF MAINTAINING THE WINNING KIDS HOME IN CHEGUTU, ZIMBABWE, AND RAISING THE CHILDREN IN OUR CARE Zimbabwe is a country where the cost of living goes up considerably each week. At the moment we are sending £775.00 per month including: council rates for the property, utilities, food, clothing, medical expenses school expenses; house parents’ wages; in fact everything to make this a family home for the children. The vision and intention of this Home is to provide a safe environment for children who have been orphaned and find themselves in situations where they can be physically and sometimes sexually abused. Without our Home the children that we have rescued would be condemned to continue to live in such conditions. We need your help and whatever you can give will provide our children with a start in life and a future. We are praying and believing that the children in our Home will grow to be productive and valuable members of their communities. So please think about supporting our children - you would be saving and shaping their lives.

In addition to the Winning Kids Home WWW establish projects that give women skills to empower them and provide income for their Families. Pig farming in Zimbabwe.

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