Västerbotten 2014, here we come!

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Theatre
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västerbotten 2014, here we come! Umeå and the Latvian capital, Riga, are Europe’s joint Capital of Culture for 2014. In Umeå, we’ve chosen to celebrate by making 2014 a fully-fled-

ged year of culture throughout Västerbotten County. The following eight double-page spreads

– one for each of the seasons of the Sami year – present a small selection of all the events planned throughout the county in 2014, including events organised by Region Västerbotten, NorrlandsOperan, Västerbottensteatern, Västerbotten Museum, the Storytelling Festival in Skellefteå and Konst-

Ammarnäs River Stories Archangelica – Songs for a Flower House


vägen Sju Älvar. Join us for a wealth of art, music, theatre, dance,


exhibitions and oral and literary storytelling. Here in Västerbotten County. 2014, here we come!

Sorsele River Film Stories

Ola Kellgren, Head of Cultural Affairs, Region Västerbotten

The Log-drivers Are Coming! Inlandsbanefestival

Malå The Woodcutters Manaj Vuöllie, the Children’s Yoik


FEST 2014

Norsjö The Woodcutters

Inlandsbanefestival (music festival)



Storytelling Festival

Framest Vocal Ensemble

Choral concert

Saxnäs Events by the Water

Vilhelmina River Film Stories Inlandsbanefestival (music festival) Kôrksangern (Folk Hymns)

Dorotea Music and Storytelling along Konstvägen Sju Älvar Inlandsbanefestival (music festival) Kôrksangern (Folk Hymns)

FEST 2014


Storytelling at Nordanå

Storytelling at Gammplatsen



Anything Goes, Robertsfors Musiksällskap music society

River Film Stories

Gumboda Hed 2014, with the Västerbotten Regiment

Archangelica– Songs for a Flower House Framest Vocal Ensemble

Åsele Music and Storytelling along Konstvägen Sju Älvar Events by the Water

River Film Stories Västerbotten – Verbalised, Set to Music, Visualised Dance festival

Vindeln Framest Vocal Ensemble The Log-drivers Are Coming! The Woodcutters, Åmsele

Bjurholm Music and Storytelling along Konstvägen Sju Älvar Warner Oland

Vännäs Music and Storytelling along Konstvägen Sju Älvar Framest Vocal Ensemble River Film Stories

Nordmaling Baroque and Beyond

The Price of Good Will 100 MIGRATORY Sune Jonsson Centre for Documentary Photography Mon lean duhát jagi - I’m a Thousand Years Gustaf Was Here Littfest Passion from Norrland MADE 2014 Crescendo 2014 Storytelling at Gammlia The Holmön Song Festival Blanche & Marie Umeå Jazz Festival


Dálvvie Winter

In Västerbottensteatern’s production of Välviljans pris, playwright and actor Gunnar Eklund examines some of the conflicts that arose between the Swedish and Sami cultures during the 20th century. In the Swedish dream of folkhemmet, the welfare state, the old was to be torn down and a new community was to be built from the ground up. How did this idea gel with the Sami tradition that the past is an important part of life in the present? “We can’t live in the past, but the past lives in us.” Välviljans pris is part of Rock Art in Sápmi, a major collaborative project organised by Västerbotten Museum during Umeå’s year as the European Capital of Culture. Script, Gunnar Eklund; director, Lillemor Skogheden; actors, Gunnar Eklund, Margareta Niss and Nina Nordvall Vahlberg. WHEN: Première 31 January, 7 PM. Also 1 February, 6 PM and 2 February, 3 PM (also during the Sami Week, 3 and 4 March, 7 PM). The performance will then tour Västerbotten County throughout 2014. WHERE: Västerbotten Museum in Umeå during the official opening of Umeå’s year as European Capital of Culture, and in the Studion venue at Umeå Folkets Hus, 3 and 4 March.

100 MIGRATORY AND DANCE BY CARMEN OLSSON 100 MIGRATORY, with dance by Carmen Olsson.

30 January–27 February

PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY IN THE SPOTLIGHT AT VÄSTERBOTTEN MUSEUM The Sune Jonsson Centre for Documentary Photography, a new platform for documentary works on social change and human living conditions, will open in January 2014. Here, older photographic projects will meet new works by contemporary photographers and filmmakers, giving us pause to reflect on our lives. Vera and Frits Eriksson, small farmers in Öre-Långsele, Lycksele, 1961. Photo: Sune Jonsson.

OPENING WEEKEND – NOT JUST IN UMEÅ Umeå’s selection as the European Capital of Culture for 2014 involves more than the city itself. The entire region is participating. The official opening of the year’s cultural celebrations will include a collection of activities under the collective title FUTURE FLOWS THROUGH US. NorrlandsOperan has brought together the creative talents of the entire region through the River Stories collaborative project. A number of the project’s contributors will meet in Umeå 30 January-1 February. FROM AMMARNÄS, we will follow the ten-day-long migration of a herd of reindeer along the old Sami migration trail that leads to the traditional wintertime pasturelands around Umeå. Artist Nicolai Dunger and Sami musicians will accompany the herd on skis. The artists will make a few stops along the way to give concerts. Otherwise, they will spend their nights sleeping in tents and traditional Sami huts, holding singing sessions with those who join them. A STEAM TRAIN LEAVES from Storuman, bound for Umeå. On board, ordinary passengers will share the carriages with visiting performers‚ namely, the vocal ensemble FRAMEST, from Riga. The musical tour will make stops in Storuman, Lycksele, Vindeln, Vännäs and Umeå. FROM NORRBOTTEN, accompanied by Mari Boine and the Norrbotten Big Band, we take the E4 highway south and begin our tour in Jukkasjärvi. There will be concerts in Luleå, Piteå, Skellefteå and Umeå. FROM SUNDSVALL, we travel to Umeå with the Bothnia Line railway. In Sundsvall, the 2014 celebrations will kick off with a mini festival held in the Capital-of-Culture spirit. At the opening ceremony, we jump on the culture bandwagon with Karin Rhenqvist’s work Där korpen vittnar (Where the Raven Pales), about 17th-century witch trials, with Ulrika Bodén and the Nordic Chamber Ensemble. FROM VASA, we hitch a ride with the Wasaline ferry to build a BRO (bridge) with Bothnia Rhythm Orchestra, a newly-established big band in the region. Kick-off in Vasa, a concert on the ferry and finale in Umeå. 2 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

Monica L. Edmondson’s exhibition, 100 MIGRATORY, is a thought-inspiring installation made up of glass objects, images and dance. Within the exhibition, 100 glass vessels take a round trip. They migrate in and out of different environments, lands and worlds. One of the key ideas behind the work is mankind’s common place of origin, Africa. From this centralised beginning, humans have travelled on foot to other places, adapting their genetic traits to different areas and climates over time as they went. This idea calls to mind the Sami people living in the area known as Sápmi and the migration patterns they have followed throughout the ages, also about Sápmi in the context of the land called Sweden and Sweden in the context of the wider world. 100 MIGRATORY will be on display during the spring of 2014. As part of the exhibition, dancer Carmen Olsson will create a piece to be performed during the exhibition, in collaboration with NorrlandsOperan. With her joint Nordic and Spanish heritage, Olsson has developed her own style of the Japanese dance form butoh, called mibudo. Mibudo is characterised by precision and a strong presence in each movement. Both the exhibition and dance piece are part of the Rock Art in Sápmi project. WHEN: Opening, 1 February 2 PM. Carmen Olsson dances at 3 PM. Olsson will also dance at Edmondson’s exhibition during Sami Week, on 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 March at 2 PM. WHERE: Västerbotten Museum, Umeå.

Välviljans pris (The Price of Good Will). Kind-hearted teacher Birgit Johansson arrives at a nomad school in the 1950s to spread folkhemmet’s ideas in Sápmi.

OTHER EVENTS The Museum’s Opening of the Capital of Culture Year Three exhibition openings, three theatre premières, two book releases, the inauguration of the Sune Jonsson Centre for Documentary Photography, dance, open fires, open houses and Sami camps with reindeer. It’s all part of Västerbotten Museum’s programme for the opening of the Capital of Culture celebrations. The event will run from 31 January to 2 February. Read more at www.vbm.se.

Folk and World Music Gala The 21 February 2014 will see the start of Sweden’s annual Folk and World Music Gala, which will be held at NorrlandsOperan in Umeå in honour of the city’s designation as the European Capital of Culture 2014. This year, the gala is being held together with the well-established local folk music festival Umefolk.

Jukka’s Tunes In Jukkaslåtar, musician Gunnar Idenstam recreates personal memories of his childhood spent in Jukkasjärvi, beside the Torne River in far-northern Sweden. Jukkaslåtar was commissioned to celebrate Jukkasjärvi’s 400th anniversary in 2008. The piece will be performed in Umeå on 20 February and then tour Västerbotten County 21–25 February.

Mirror Europe Västerbottensteatern’s youth group, UngHästen, is currently contributing its special form of forum theatre to the Mirror Europe development project. The project aims to develop communication among a number of European cities and to enrich their cultural activities. Mirror Europe is testing new collaborative methods, including digital co-creation processes and interactive workshops.

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014


Mer på gång

28 February–29 April

Umeå Novellpris – Competition for Novelists

Gijrradálvvie Early spring

The sixth edition of the Storytelling Festival in Skellefteå will take place 24-30 March, this time with a clear international flavour.


The 2014 Storytelling Festival will be held 24-30 March. It will be a week filled with the art of telling good yarns and the joy of listening to them unfold. For the sixth year running, the Storytellers’ Town, Skellefteå, will be transformed into a boiling cauldron filled with local, national and international tales. Over 100 different events held across the municipality will fill the weeklong programme, including storytelling performances, seminars, lectures, workshops, storytelling contests, a festival club and much more. Extra effort is being made during the Capital of Culture year to give the programme an international dimension, with artists from a number of European countries contributing. The festival will also include a conference with seminars, lectures and workshops, through which the “storytelling industry” will share its insights on the power of the art form. The Storytelling Festival is organised by Västerbottensteatern, Skellefteå museum, Västerbotten Museum and Kultur Skellefteå, supported by Region Västerbotten and Skellefteå Municipality.

Drawing inspiration from Gustaf Hallström’s diaries, Love Ersare has created a storytelling performance entitled Gustaf Was Here. The work is part of the Rock Art in Sápmi project.

Umeå Novellpris is Sweden’s largest annual competition for novelists. The prize was established in 2007 as part of Umeå’s bid to become the 2014 European Capital of Culture. The competition aims both to create a new forum for Swedish novels and to affirm Västerbotten County’s reputation as the “Storytellers’ County”. The 2014 Novellpris will be awarded in conjunction with Littfest, Umeå’s international literature festival (see below).

Folk Hymns Over a period of several years, Ulrika Bodén has gathered together a little-known repertoire of songs from the area where she grew up in the Swedish province of Ångermanland. The beautiful ballads on her new album, Kôrksangern (2012), are the result of her continued collaboration with her local music scene. Touring Västerbotten County 3-9 & 17-23 February.

GUSTAF WAS HERE – a storytelling performance by and with Love Ersare The year is 1942. A 62-year-old archaeologist treks across Nazi-occupied Finland and Norway on skis. Gustaf Hallström was not just a researcher who discovered some of the Nordic region’s most important rock art sites, he also documented Sami culture in Sápmi, transforming our understanding of northern Sweden’s ancient past. His political involvement eventually carried him far from his lonely excavation sites to Siberian prison camps. During World War II he came into contact with Swedish Nazis, Finnish volunteer corps members and spies. Simply put, Gustaf was there.

Giron Sámi Teáhter’s play Jag är tusen år – Mon lean duhát jagi will première at NorrlandsOperan on 6 March.

NARRATOR: Love Ersare WHEN: 1 March, 7 PM; 2 March, 2 PM; and 5 March, 7 PM. WHERE: Bio Abelli, Västerbotten Museum, Umeå.



I AM 1,000 YEARS OLD – MON LEAN DUHÁT JAGI Symbols etched into rock surfaces thousands of years ago. A 900-year-old Arabian coin at a Northern Sami sacrificial site. A Sami girl who pushes Christian missionary work in the north and the son of a Sami clergyman who is knighted and prevents the burning at the stake of alleged Sami shamans. I Am 1,000 Years Old – Mon Lean Duhát Jagi is a thrilling musical journey through time and space that portrays both how Sami and Swedish history became intertwined and what happened when centuries of mutual respect were forgotten when mining entered the picture. The play will première in March 2014. The performance is part of the Rock Art in Sápmi project and is produced by Giron Sámi Teáhter in cooperation with the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Västerbotten Museum, NorrlandsOperan and Norrbottensmusiken/Norrbotten NEO. WHEN: Première 5 March. Other performances held on 6, 7 and 8 March, before the performance tours Västerbotten County.

Sami culture is the focus of Västerbotten Museum for two weeks in March 2014. Lectures, film screenings, handicrafts, exhibitions and children’s activities are just some of the events in store. www.vbm.se www.rockartinsapmi.se

Snöbollen – Swedish Picture Book of the Year is a literature prize founded by the northern Swedish youth literary society Krumelur. The prize money is SEK 50,000 and the award’s purpose is to raise the status of picture books as artistic works and to encourage authors and publishing houses to extend artistic boundaries of picture books with regard to content and form. The prize has previously been awarded twice, in 2012 and 2013, at Littfest, Umeå’s international literature festival. All Swedish publishing houses may nominate as many books as they like, as long as they are first editions printed in either Swedish or in one of Sweden’s national minority languages and as long as they were published during the present year. The prize is awarded each year in the early spring. MORE INFORMATION: visit www.ungaordinorr.se CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]

LITTFEST – UMEÅ’S INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE FESTIVAL You are invited to visit Sweden’s best, cheapest, most engaging and multifaceted literature festival. As usual, the festival will take place in the third week of March in Umeå, at and around Folkets Hus. Be part of a celebration that mixes regional with international, youth with seniors and the serious with the entertaining. Experience over 50 events; participate in workshops; attend lectures, discussions and debates; visit the Poetry Bar (Poesibaren) and the evening parties. The majority of the programme will also be broadcast online: www.littfest.se.

4 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014


DISCOVER NEW ROCK ART! Up until 15 May 2014, you should look up from the trails and blueberry bushes when walking in the forest. Instead, examine the sides of mountains and stone faces around you for undiscovered rock art or carvings. “There is most definitely rock art out there that we don’t yet know about. So we’re recruiting the general public to help us find it,” explains Kristina Kalén, Project Manager for Rock Art in Sápmi, which has announced the competition. A competition to find new rock art has been announced within the framework of the Rock Art in Sápmi project. Berry pickers, elk hunters, dog owners, runners, hikers and inquisitive children can become the proud discoverers of rock art within Västerbotten County. A jury consisting of archaeologists from Västerbotten Museum will decide the winner, who will receive a trip for two to the famous rock art site, Alta, in northern Norway. The competition will run from 15 May 2013 to 15 May 2014.

Gijrrae Spring 30 April–19 June

READ MORE: www.rockartinsapmi.se CONTACT: Project Manager, Kristina Kalén, [email protected], ph. +46 (0)70-621 84 40

Three young playwrights with roots in northern Sweden were tasked with each writing their own plays. The result is three stand-alone performances blended into a joint project, Passion from Norrland. The piece is the contribution to Umeå’s year as the European Capital of Culture by Sweden’s five northernmost county theatres. Passion from Norrland is a play in which pioneer culture meets the region’s indigenous people, a collage of topical tales from Norrland (northern Sweden), contemporary images, people and events. The piece is the culmination of a collaborative project run by Västerbottensteatern, Estrad Norr, Giron Sámi Teáhter, Norrbottensteatern and Teater Västernorrland. SCRIPT: Camilla Blomqvist, Therese Söderberg and Gustav Tegby DIRECTOR & script combiner: Olle Törnqvist WHEN: Premier, 3 May. Additional performances, 4, 5 May. WHERE: Umeå Followed by a tour visiting Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik, Östersund, Luleå, Kiruna and Skellefteå. 6 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

The play Passion from Norrland is the contribution by Sweden’s five northern-most county theatres to Umeå’s year as a European Capital of Culture and will première on 3 May. Photo: Patrick Degerman, from Västerbottensteatern’s performance of Tre Kärlekar.

Two thousand children and youths will be given the opportunity to write and publish a book under the project 2014 New Writers from Västerbotten. In May 2014 a large book fair will be held in Umeå at which authors will present and sell their books in entertaining ways. Umeå Legend Club and the storyteller’s association TellUs, which aims to help children and youths play active roles in their communities and make their voices heard, are working together on the project with Umeå City Library and schools and libraries in Umeå’s various neighbourhoods and neighbouring municipalities.

This performance includes dance, music and artwork and portrays the log driving that once took place along northern Swedish creeks, streams and rivers, from the mountains to the sea. Händelser vid vatten is a collaborative project by Åsa Åström and artist Håkan Bring and will be performed at three different waterside locations during the summer of 2014, including in Saxnäs.

Västerbotten Museum’s Rock Art in Sápmi project has announced the start of the Hitta Ny Hällkonst (Find New Rock Art) competition. Don’t miss your chance to take part! The competition will run until 15 May 2014.

Inlandsbanefestival (music festival)


Large picture at left: Snowpaint, a type of modern rock art.

– A Global and Local Book and Storytelling Project for Five-year-olds Five-year-olds and the adults around them enjoy exciting, hair-raising, funny and innovative picture books together. The children’s creations and work processes will be displayed at libraries during the springtime, and the project will conclude with different events around Västerbotten County, such as Story Festivals at Gammlia in Umeå and at Nordanå in Skellefteå. Don’t miss it! The Give Me Five project has run from 2011 to 2013 in Västerbotten County, with Västerbotten County Library as its organiser and with the support of grants from the Swedish Arts Council. Umeå2014 will provide additional funding for Give Me Five within Umeå Municipality during 2013 and 2014, with local public libraries running projects in collaboration with preschools, ABF and other partners. Visit our blog: gemigfem.wordpress.com

A music festival touring the northern section of Västerbotten’s inland railway line. Both artists and audiences will be given the chance to travel by rail through the beautiful northern Swedish inland, making stops along the line for concerts in Norrbotten, Västerbotten and Jämtland counties in early June. Organised in collaboration with cultural association Inlandskult, the relevant municipalities and the River Stories project.

Körmanifestationen (choral concert) A choral concert to be held at Skellefteå Kraft Arena on 10 May 2014 with almost 1,600 singers from across the region, together with guest performers, including Göran Fristorp and La Gaylia Frazier. Organised by secular choir association Sveriges Körförbund in collaboration with Skellefteå Chamber Choir, the River Stories project and others.

Sami storytelling

Six hundred youngsters on a single stage. Storuman’s KulturAkademin recreates the hit concert from 2005 in CRESCENDO 2014. 31 May, Nolia in Umeå.

The second issue of the magazine Västerbotten for 2014 will be dedicated to Sami storytelling. It will present both Sami literature and oral storytelling. The issue will also discuss Sami songs, images and everyday implements. In particular, the magazine will present a contemporary Sami tale that does not shy away from broaching the subject of conflicts and grievances. That said, without tradition and history, there would be no present day to tell stories about...Västerbotten no. 2, 2014, will be released in June.


FEST 2014

The hit event from 2005 returns, bigger and better than ever! With new students, new schools, new areas, a new venue, an orchestra of 250 musicians and a choir of 250 singers. On 31 May 2014, close to 600 youths will take the stage at Nolia in Umeå for the giant concert Crescendo 2014, an international collaboration in which all music schools in Västerbotten County and a number of schools in Helgeland, Norway, will participate. Jonas Knutsson has provided the music for the concert. The orchestra will be led by Crescendo composer Arvid Martinsen. The music was composed based on the participants’ own ideas, inspired by the journey from the Atlantic coast of Norway over the mountain range, across the inland areas and on to the Bothnia coast in Sweden. The concert contains a delightful mix of styles and rhythms as well as dance and improvisation. The Crescendo 2014 project is run by KulturAkademin in Storuman in collaboration with music schools in Västerbotten County and Helgeland, Norway, and with NorrlandsOperan (River Stories). For information about tickets and performance times, contact KulturAkademin at www.kulturakademin.se. WHEN: 31 May WHERE: Nolia, Umeå

The Federation for European Storytelling (FEST) and the Swedish storytellers’ network Berättarnätet Sverige invite you to join the Federation’s annual European Storytelling Conference, to be held this year in Skellefteå, Malå and Umeå, 9-12 June. The conference aims to strengthen and develop storytelling all across Europe. Locally, we want to showcase Västerbotten’s storytelling tradition through our cities, countryside, mountains, rivers and sea. We want to share both traditions and innovations as well as encourage networking among European storytellers.

WHEN: 7–10 May WHERE: NorrlandsOperan, Umeå

Passion from Norrland – FIVE THEATRES, ONE TOUR!

2014 New Writers from Västerbotten

Events by the Water

MADE 2014

What does the future look like for festivals? For Capitals of Culture? For opera houses? For artists and audiences? What comes after? And after what? Yes, what comes next? MADE 2014 asks the question: “What comes next?” when we, for the ninth year running, lay claim to NorrlandsOperan. Together, we cast ourselves out into the unknown, into the future, at the same time as we explore our own past. MADE is organised by NorrlandsOperan and is Umeå’s annual dramatic arts festival, with a mixture of different forms of expression and art forms that never ceases to surprise. High-calibre international performers and artists, local artistic innovators, enthusiasts and festival lovers from all over meet together as one. Music, Art, Dance, Experience – MADE has masses of everything!

Other events

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014


STORIES FROM VÄSTERBOTTEN During 2014, Västerbotten Museum will organise storytelling at some of the county’s important historical sites as part of the Västerbotten Berättar project.

Gijrragiessie Early summer

STORYTELLING AT GAMMLIA – A LOVE STORY Inside the dance pavilion at Gammlia in Umeå, surrounded by beautiful nature, visitors will have the chance to listen to a story that brings to life the era of open-air dance once again when the characters Kristina and Bengt meet. Historical people like the legendary Gösta Skoglund and Gunnar Westin are also part of the story, and the steamboat Egil plays a central role in its unfolding. Based on meticulous archival research and a large helping of imagination, actor and storyteller Gunnar Eklund will tell a tale that brings to life both the buildings in the area and characters from times past. Narrator and scriptwriter: Gunnar Eklund WHEN: Summer 2014 WHERE: Dance pavilion at Gammlia, Västerbotten Museum, Umeå

OTHER EVENTS Regional Book Club Project Readers in the Umeå region have transformed the entire area into a giant book club centred around Frida Åslund’s Folke och Frida and Sune Jonsson’s Brobyggarna. Now, in 2014, it’s time for a new book! We would like to encourage everyone in the region to read the same book within the course of a year. Our aim is to select a new book each year. We would also like the books we read together to have some connection to the Umeå region. Umeåregionen Läser organisers have already selected a book for 2014. Just which book they have chosen will be revealed in December 2013. A clue to the book’s identity is that the story includes a large gallery of local people from all social classes and that their desire to better their standing within these social classes is a central theme.

The Log-drivers Are Coming! At storytelling meets held at cafés, Carina Bergström collects tales about log driving along Vindelälven River for her own storytelling, from the perspective of the villagers, rather than the log-drivers. Bands of local fiddlers provide the music that accompanies each telling. Bergström will take her stories on tour during June and July 2014, travelling from Sorsele to Umeå via Lycksele, Vindeln and Vännäs. A collaborative project run by the relevant municipalities and River Stories.

20 June – 10 July

Summertime visitors to Umeå’s Västerbotten Museum will have the chance to hear Gunnar Eklund’s tale, En Kärlekshistoria, in which the museum’s dance pavilion plays a central role.

The Woodcutters Skogshuggarna is a musical and storytelling performance that portrays events that took place in the village of Lossmen, in the western part of the Burträsk parish. At the heart of the story lie the woodcutters and their predicament during the long labour dispute of 1924 to 1931, Sweden’s longest ever lockout, in which forestry companies delivered an ultimatum demanding that workers dissolve their labour unions. On tour during the summer of 2014.


Stories from Västerbotten Visitors to Gammplatsen, Lycksele, will be treated to stories like that of legendary log-driver Johan Fredriksson.

STORYTELLING AT GAMMPLATSEN – GENTLEFOLK OF YESTERYEAR In a variety of very different environments – a hut, a church, a school and along a street – the story of the people living in and around the town of Lycksele from the 18th century onward is told. As they went about their lives, they left impressions and traces behind them, which the storytellers have investigated and interpreted. Even an old log-driver and a laundrywoman can be considered “gentlefolk”!

Stor-Nila The youth musical Stor-Nila is based on the famous Sami legend about Stor-Nila and his wife, Lill-Docka, and their life story. The real Stor-Nila and Lill-Docka lived outside the village of Tärnaby in north-western Sweden until a violent quarrel changed their lives. Their story is dramatic and includes murder, fights and theft, but it is also a story of love and hope. Although the tale depicts life in the region 150 years ago, relations between Swedes and Sami are just as relevant an issue today. The script was written by Mikael Niemi, who has succeeded in adapting the legend to speak to a modern audience. The play’s musical score has been composed by Per Egland. The musical itself has been developed together with youths from the towns of Storuman and Tärnaby, in collaboration with the national Skapande Skola cultural project and Storuman Municipality. Every compulsory school in Västerbotten County will receive a copy of the musical, together with study materials that can be used in several subjects. Public performances of the musical will be held in Sävar, Lycksele, Storuman and Tärnaby. 
The project is managed by KulturAkademin in Storuman and is supported by Region Västerbotten, NorrlandsOperan, the Västerbotten chapter of the RUM national youth music society, Storuman Municipality, the Sami Parliament, the Swedish Arts Council, Lycksele Municipality and the Musikanten music shop in Umeå.
 WHEN: Performances will be held during the spring, beginning in February. WHERE: The schools Skytteanska Skolan in Tärnaby, Röbroskolan in Storuman, Finnbacksskolan in Lycksele and Sävar Skola in Sävar. 8 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

The People and Buildings of Villarydsbacken Legendary Log-driver Johan Fredriksson The Linguist from Lapland Big-city Girls in Tannbäck

Author Mikael Niemi has written the script for the youth musical Stor-Nila, based on the lives of the Sami couple Stor-Nila and Lill-Docka, who lived 150 years ago.

Stories composed and presented by Elisabet Lindgren, Mikael Jakobsson, Karin Söderlund and Anne Woulab. WHEN: Summer 2014 WHERE: Gammplatsen, Lycksele

STORYTELLING AT NORDANÅ Skellefteälven River was an important transportation route in times past. Speedy ships for transporting goods to the growing city and beyond to the rest of the world were built along the valley. In their capacity as both shipbuilders and owners, a single family, “the Sandströms” (Sandströmmarna) at Karlgård, were responsible for the majority of the ships built here. One of the family’s sons, Nikanor Sandström, maintained his ties to Skellefteå throughout his life. Through his life story, we trace Skellefteå’s growth during the mid-19th century. The tale is based on documentary materials that have been brought to life and given a voice through this story. Come and listen to a story unfold in the very same location where it actually took place. Narrator and scriptwriter: Birgit Andersson WHEN: 27 June, 5 July and 12 July WHERE: Outdoor stage at Nordanå, Skellefteå

We call them “cultural environments” – places where people have lived and left their mark, created and worked. Västerbotten County has many historical sites that are well worth a visit. Some of them we go to not only to learn about times past, but also for relaxation and recreation. Through the Västerbotten Berättar project, we aim to make history come alive at some of these places. To do so, we have chosen to make use of the ancient and tried and tested method of storytelling. We believe that through storytelling’s form (in which the storyteller and listener come together in a dynamic meeting), we can open new doors and generate interest in the past, on which current life is based. During 2014, storytelling events will be held at the open-air museums of Gammlia in Umeå, Gammplatsen in Lycksele, Nordanå in Skellefteå and at Vilhelmina’s church village and Norrbyskär. This is a collaborative project run by Västerbotten Museum and Region Västerbotten, with support from the EU’s Regional Development Fund.

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014



Giessie Summer 11 July-28 August

Manaj Vuöllie Children’s yoiking choirs are being started all around Västerbotten County under the name Manaj Vuöllie – the Children’s Yoik.. Jörgen Stenberg leads the choir in Malå and, together with Cecilia Persson, also a large choir that combines all of the children’s yoiking choirs in one. This large choir will perform during the grand opening of Umeå 2014.

Art Camp

Rock Out Wild For the fourth year in a row, the Rock Out Wild music festival will take place 1-2 August, 2014 with both out-and-out hardcore metal music and softer tones. The festival will take place at the Nalovardo ski park outside Sorsele, with views overlooking the beautiful Vindelälven River. It has a friendly and happy atmosphere, in which people of all ages and from many different places can get together. The bands that have played at the festival in previous years have been Swedish rock bands from as far away as Malmö and Kiruna. Festival goers can even listen to all of the bands without missing any, because no two bands are scheduled to play at the same time. WHEN: 1-2 August WHERE: Nalovardo ski park outside Sorsele

A group of artists perform a tour of camping sites in Västerbotten County in a caravan. At each site, the group erects tents where its holds film screenings, exhibitions and workshops. Art makes a showing in summertime Västerbotten! Organised by Vita Kuben, NorrlandsOperan’s public exhibition space for contemporary art. WHEN: Summer 2014 WHERE: Touring the county’s camping grounds and other meeting places.

Theme: Minority languages Holmön Song Festival (Visfestival Holmön) turns 20 in 2014 and this achievement will be celebrated with a concert in central Umeå during the last week of July. The theme of the concert will be Sweden’s minority languages, that is, Sami, Romany, Yiddish, Finnish and Meänkieli. To conclude the concert, the festival hopes to be able to book a major international artist, such as Buffy Sainte Marie. Naturally, the festival will be held on Holmön too, on the last weekend in July, as is the tradition.


River Film Stories Imagine yourself sitting on the banks of your local river. A large film screen is floating on the surface. As you sit there, you also watch films. Perhaps you have a cup of hot coffee in your hand or something to eat. And all the while, around the film and past you, the river flows downstream. Film screenings will be held at six different locations along four of Västerbotten County’s rivers during the summer of 2014. These will be short films about the importance of the river to the location and to the people who live there, but also feature films about rivers. Audiences will sit on the banks while the films are shown on large screens standing on anchored rafts. The screenings will provide a unique experience in harmony with the rivers and with the history of the sites. River Film Stories is a collaborative project run by film associations Folkets Bio and Film i Västerbotten, River Stories and the relevant municipalities. WHERE: On the banks of the Vindelälven, Umeälven, Ångermanälven and Skellefteälven rivers. WHEN: Slöjdarnas hus, 16-17 August; Umeå Energicentrum, 18-19 August; Gammplatsen Lycksele, 23-24 August; Sorsele, 21-22 August; Vilhelmina, 25-26 August; Skellefteå, 27-28 August.

A music course for young musicians with a focus on improvisation. The course will be given by some of Sweden’s most famous musicians and instructors within folk music and improvisation. As a taste of the courses to come, it will also be possible to meet these musicians and take part in workshops during the 2013 Umeå Jazz Festival. This is a collaborative project run by jazz club Umeå Jazzstudio, RUM national youth music society, River Stories and others. WHEN: 4-9 August WHERE: Midgårdsskolan, Umeå

Archangelica – Songs for a Flower House Through a collection of songs, Åsa Hagberg and her brother, Anders Berglund, bring to life some of the stories about a house in Ammarnäs that was know as “Blomsterhem” (the Flower House). It was there that Charlotta “Blomsterlotta” Berglund and her son, Alfred, created a unique, blossoming garden. WHEN: August 2014 WHERE: Ammarnäs and Lycksele

Trästockfestivalen – SWEDEN’S LARGEST FREE FESTIVAL Trästockfestivalen is Sweden’s largest festival with free entry. Over the course of three days, the festival serves up live music, performances, food and other delights in the beautiful natural surroundings of Nordanå in Skellefteå. Each year, Trästockfestivalen attracts more than 30,000 visitors from all over Sweden. Trästockfestivalen’s desire to make culture and music available to all by organising a free event is no secret. A couple of years ago, festival organisers made the decision to expand the festival’s availability by collaborating with sign-language interpreters in 2012. In 2013, the festival took another step by setting up a giant screen connected to the main stage, primarily to make the sign-language interpretation more clearly visible. In the lead-up to the 2014 festival, a dialogue about visual interpretation has begun, aimed at optimising the festival and making it as accessible and welcoming for all as possible. Kulturföreningen Mullberget organises the festival together with Kultur Skellefteå and other stakeholders. WHEN: The dates for the 2014 Trästockfestivalen festival have not yet been finalised, but it will most likely be held 17-19 July. Keep your eyes and ears open: www.trastockfestivalen.se WHERE: Nordanå, Skellefteå 10 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

| 11

HISTORIC MARKET In september, västerbotten museum will turn back the clock to around 1870. merchants and ladies in period costume, wares and activities will spirit visitors back to the time of the historic marketplace at Gammlia. Among the goods for sale at the old market are butter, leather, meat, dried fish, coarse woollen cloth, yarn and cows. Several craftsmen are already hard at work making clothing and other items in styles typical of the time. As a visitor, you will also be treated to storytelling, music from the period and historical foods in an 1870s setting. In conjunction with the market day, the story of Adak-Ulla will be retold. This is the story of an extraordinary woman who took up living in Asplunda, Adak, and who, from the mid-19th century on, drove wagons loaded with goods all the way to marketplaces in Sweden and Norway. The story has been adapted from Britta Stenberg’s book Adak-Ulla. Narrator and scriptwriter: Marianne Folkedotter.

Butter, leather, meat, dried fish… Travel back in time and discover what it was like to visit a market 150 years ago. The picture depicts a market in Skellefteå in 1828.

WHEN: 20-12 September WHERE: The Open Air Museum Gammlia, Västerbotten Museum, Umeå

Mirage Halfway between Bjurholm and Vännäs, out on a marsh, stands Kent Karlsson’s church and reflects the surrounding landscape. Like other churches it stands there, imposing for some, ignored by others. But this church is not like the rest; here, architecture has been transformed into sharpedged sculpture and the church has become a mirage clothed in cracked glass.

Tjakttjagiessie Early Autumn 29 Augusti – 9 Oktober

MUSIC AND STORYTELLING ALONG konstvägen sju älvar Konstvägen Sju Älvar is a 350-kilometre-long art exhibit running from Borgafjäll in southern Lapland’s mountains in the west to the seaside town of Holmsund in the east. A trip along Konstvägen not only lets you enjoy 13 different works of art, it also provides you with a fantastic taste of nature’s beauty and a chance to visit many historic sites along the way. Over the course of five Saturdays in August and September 2014, Konstvägen Sju Älvar will also become the venue for a travelling music and storytelling event that will throw the spotlight on local authors, storytellers and musicians in each of the county’s municipalities. Storyteller, musician and actor Greger Ottosson will act as MC. Music and storytelling along Konstvägen Sju Älvar is a collaborative event run by the relevant municipalities and the River Stories project. WHEN and WHERE: Dorotea, 23 August; Åsele, 30 August; Bjurholm, 6 September; Vännäs, 13 September; and Umeå, 20 September.

12 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

Nordmaling Baroque and Beyond Nordic Baroque Music Festival was a festival and week of courses held in Nordmaling during the late 1980s and 1990s, primarily based on baroque music. The festival was last held in 2001, since which time local baroque music enthusiasts have wanted to organise another event in the same spirit. We will now fulfil this wish by organising the festival Nordmaling Baroque and Beyond in 2014, with baroque and renaissance music and with new music. The programme will include Acqua Alta (a concert performed on instruments from the period and with a focus on the climate), to which Daniel Stighäll, Serikon, Erik Westberg’s vocal ensemble and meteorologist Per Holmgren will contribute; Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons with Gilles Apape & the Nordic Chamber Orchestra; Umeå-based Uman Singers; and NorrlandsOperan’s own brass ensemble. Nordmaling Baroque and Beyond is a collaborative project run by Nordmaling Municipality, the foundation Carl Wikströms Stiftelse and the River Stories project. WHEN: 30 August-7 September WHERE: Nordmaling, Olofsfors Ironworks, Rundvik

The Nordic Baroque Music Festival was last held in Nordmaling in 2001. Now, with Umeå as the European Capital of Culture, it’s time to revive the magic. This photograph from Venice illustrates the performance Acqua Alta (“high tide”).


LITERARY VÄSTERBOTTEN This project’s main target group is established and up-and-coming writers in Västerbotten County, or, put another way, published and as-yet-unpublished authors. Its aim is to “develop Västerbotten’s literary infrastructure so that it becomes easier to both become and remain a writer in Västerbotten, and thereby strengthen literature as an art form,” a goal which, if realised, will lead to an increased number of active writers in Västerbotten and a greater number of published literary works. Such an achievement would benefit the literary art form and its professional practitioners, who often live quite meagre existences. We perceive a great need for this occupational group to receive support from a highly robust literary infrastructure; an infrastructure that currently exists in part in the region, but that needs to be significantly developed if the literary tradition in Västerbotten – the tradition of storytelling, writing and composing people – is to be preserved into the future. Det litterära Västerbotten is a three-year project run by Västerbotten County Library and funded by the Swedish Arts Council and Region Västerbotten. The project began in May 2013.

The sculpture Poem för en imaginär älv, by Sigurdur Gudmundsson,

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

| 13

It feels like your body disappears and only your senses remain. A bewitching melody stimulates your ears. Sune Jonsson’s melancholy and sympathetic photography awakens your eyes. Lastly, the feeling is converted into words and a magical completeness fills the room. Because that’s what magic is. Västerbotten’s magic.

Local newspaper Norran Västerbotten – Verbalised, Set to Music, Visualised

VÄSTERBOTTEN – VERBALISED, SET TO MUSIC, VISUALISED In the storytelling event Västerbotten – ordsatt, tonsatt, framkallat (Västerbotten – Verbalised, Set to Music, Visualised) narrator Marianne Folkedotter and musicians Johan Norberg and Jonas Knutsson have verbalised and set to music their memories and experiences of life as natives of Västerbotten County. The story and music of the performance are surrounded by Sune Jonsson’s wonderful photographs. Together, they invite us on a journey through time and space in which we have the opportunity to meet ourselves, regardless of where in the world we have our own roots. The performance is a joint production by Västerbottensteatern and Västerbotten Museum. SCRIPT: Marianne Folkedotter DIRECTOR: Peter Engkvist PERFORMERS: Marianne Folkedotter, Jonas Knutsson and Johan Norberg WHEN: October-November 2014 WHERE: A total of eight performances will be held during the season.

Umeå Jazz festival

10 Oktober – 20 November

Tjakttja autumn Blanche & Marie Blanche and Marie is a new opera written by Mats Larsson Gothe and Maria Sundqvist, specially commissioned by NorrlandsOperan for Umeå’s year as European Capital of Culture. The work is based on P.O. Enquist’s novel The Story of Blanche and Marie, published in 2004 and nominated for Sweden’s August Prize in the category Best Fiction Book of the Year.
Using four striking characters living in Paris at the turn of the 20th century, Enquist weaves a tale about possible and impossible love. At the centre of the story stand Blanche Wittman, once the world’s most famous mental patient, and Marie Curie, who, although a two-time Nobel Laureate, was rebuffed on the grounds of her forbidden love. WHEN: Première, 10 October. Subsequent performances, 12-25 October. WHERE: NorrlandsOperan, Umeå

14 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

When the autumn of 2014 comes around it will once again be time for a new version of the Umeå Jazz Festival, this time the 47th edition. According to the long-running tradition, the City of Birches, as Umeå is known, will be invaded by jazz-lovers and artists from near and far, by legendary world-class musicians, rising stars and “well-kept-secret” local artists. The festival will be held 22-26 October and will include concerts, seminars, children’s concerts and workshops. Umeå Jazz Festival offers a broad range of sounds, but also provocative and artistic improvised music. The festival’s vision is to create a venue that encourages artistic innovation and an attractive meeting place rich with experiences. WHEN: 22-26 October WHERE: NorrlandsOperan, Umeå Folkets Hus and other venues in Umeå

OTHER EVENTS Design NU While renovations are being carried out at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the museum remains closed, parts of its collections will tour the country. The Design NU exhibition will give visitors some perspective on our own era through design objects created in the last decade. The exhibition run at Västerbotten Museum during autumn 2014.


Sune Jonsson CENTRE FOR DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY Västerbotten Museum has a long tradition of documentary photography. Photographer and author Sune Jonsson (1930-2009) became affiliated with the museum and, over approximately 40 years, he developed a unique investigative work method that brought him acclaim and many awards, including the Hasselblad Award in 1993. His life’s work has been held as part of the museum’s collection since 2002. Umeå’s year as the European Capital of Culture will begin with a retrospective exhibition of Sune Jonsson’s work, held in parallel with contemporary documentation detailing conditions in Västerbotten County’s interior today, by photographer and journalist Tom Juslin. The Max Ström publishing house publishes an extensive monograph on Sune Jonsson’s photography. His photographs will be shown in Riga in May, at the same time as internationally renowned Latvian photographer Inta Ruka will exhibit her latest project, Dainas liv (Daina’s Life), about the life and family of Daina, who lives in eastern Latvia. Researcher in photography Niclas Östlind discusses photography in his research and exhibition project Tidens långsamhet och livets flykt (Performing History). The photographic group VODA will also exhibit its joint project. In addition, events, a photographic symposium, the presentation of an award for photography and more will also be held.

World of Glass Terje Isungset and Arve Henriksen give a concert on innovative glass instruments crafted by artists in Tallinn and Umeå. The concert will be held in collaboration with Umeå Jazz Festival, Glödheta glassworks and the River Stories project. When: 25 October Where: NorrlandsOperan, Umeå

Röster för Rättigheter – Swedish Forum for Human Rights 2014 The Swedish Forum for Human Rights will be held in Umeå 13-15 November 2014, with the theme “Röster för rättigheter” (Voices for Rights). As part of Umeå’s Capital of Culture celebrations, this year’s programme will take a closer look at human rights and culture; both the right to culture and culture as a tool for strengthening and promoting human rights. The main event on the Forum for Human Rights’ programme is a three-day conference to be held in November, although a range of exciting events will be held in and around Umeå in the lead-up to the conference. The forum’s aim is two-fold: to organise a large number of networking events, workshops and activities that encourage contribution to and participation in the main event, and to organise a number of educational and evening events that are interesting and rewarding in their own right. Would you and your organisation like to be involved in the Forum for Human Rights 2014? Contact Ingvar Rönnbäck or Trine Munkvold Lindset at the local/regional office in Umeå: [email protected] or trine. [email protected]

Märta Olofsson, Aronsjö, 1961. Contact: Project Manager, Britta Lundgren: [email protected], +46 (0)70-209 70 26. More information: www.vbm.se Sponsors: Umeå 2014, Umeå Municipality, Region Västerbotten, the Swedish Arts Council, Västerbotten Museum, Västerbottens-Kuriren, the society Sune Jonsson-sällskapet.

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

| 15

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. The storytelling musical about the Hollywood star from Bjurholm, Warner Oland, will première at Sagateteatern theatre in Umeå on 21 November.


Early winter

Warner Oland

21 November – 29 Januari

DANS I NOVEMBERMÖRKRET – A MONTH-LONG DANCE FESTIVAL IN SKELLEFTEÅ Each year local municipal cultural organisation Kultur Skellefteå organises the dance festival Dans i novembermörkret (Dance in the November Darkness), with a focus on stage dance. The festival is organised in collaboration with non-profit organisations and the public sector. The festival’s programme offers dance performances in different genres and styles. Visitors to Dans i novembermörkret can see dance exhibitions by both professional dance companies and talented amateurs from the municipality’s vibrant dance community. The event, which first began with a torch dance and performance by local dance and ballet association Skellefteås Dans & Balettförening (and which gave the festival its name) has since become a tradition. Many well-known choreographers and dance companies have taken part in the festival over the years, such as Örjan Andersson Dance, Kenneth Kvarnström & Co, Jo Strömgren, NorrDans and Charlotte Engelkes. The 2014 festival will be the 14th festival in a row and, as in previous years, it will offer a host of exciting and inspirational events, from dance performances and come-and-try classes to discussions and workshops held by professional choreographers. WHEN: Throughout November. For more information, visit www.skelleftea.se/kultur. WHERE: Nordanå, Skellefteå

16 | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

A storytelling musical by Hans-Ola Stenlund about the boy from Bjurholm who became a Hollywood movie star. Alongside Greta Garbo, Verner Ölund from Bjurholm was the biggest Swedish movie star in Hollywood during the 1930s. Ölund emigrated to America with his family as a 13-year-old in 1892. He began acting at an early age and introduced the likes of author August Strindberg to the American public. As early as the 1910s, during the film industry’s pioneering age on America’s east coast, Ölund was involved in a large number of silent films, working under the name of Warner Oland. He is best known for his 16 films about the Chinese super sleuth Charlie Chan. The last of these opened in Sweden in 1938, the same year that Ölund returned to his old homeland for the first time since leaving for America. Filled with the joy of homecoming, he walked the marshes of Bjurholm barefoot during midsummer. But dark clouds soon obscured the sunshine in Ölund’s heart. Throughout his life, Ölund had been torn between his desire to take to the stage as a serious actor and his work within the film industry. The life of a film star is one of luxury, to be sure; he was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars of the day. At the same time, it was a cut-throat industry that implacably rolled on to the next money-making success, leaving its former darlings behind with no remorse. Hans-Ola Stenlund’s play is an up-close-and-personal portrait of the unique life of an actor. This story of the boy from Bjurholm who became a Hollywood star has all of the ingredients needed to prove that, at times, truth is stranger than fiction. Script: Hans-Ola Stenlund. Director: Matthew Zajac. WHEN: Première: 21 November, 7 PM. Additional performance, 22 November. Touring Västerbotten County during autumn 2014 & spring 2015, starting in Bjurholm on 25 November. WHERE: Première at Sagateatern theatre, Umeå.


Cultural Tourism in the Storytellers’ Town A development project is currently ongoing in Skellefteå that aims to develop tourist products based on storytelling. Stories bring our history to life, both those that are born today and those that are as old as the hills. Stories say something about our identity. The identity and culture of a place are becoming increasingly important in making it attractive to visitors. This project aims to promote Skellefteå’s cultural offering as a way to attract more visitors to Skellefteå and surrounding areas. Work is ongoing to make it possible to offer literary day trips that trace the lives of the region’s premier authors as well as a packaging of historical tales that excite the senses and a conference with international elements, to be held in conjunction with the Storytelling Festival in the Storytellers’ Town, among many other things. Visit www.skelleftea.se/kultur or www.berattarfestivalen.se and learn more about northern storytelling in 2014.

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

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västerbotten Västerbotten. 2014 Here We Come! has been produced by representatives from Region Västerbotten, Västerbotten County Library, NorrlandsOperan, Västerbotten Museum, Västerbottensteatern, Kultur Skellefteå and others. Editor: Anders Karlsson, Coordinator for the EU project Västerbotten – berättarnas län, Region Västerbotten: [email protected] Design: Ulrika Lönnberg. Layout: Leena Hortell, Ord & Co. Translation: Accent Språkservice. Printing: Daily Print, Umeå, July 2013. Photo: Page 2 Carl-Johan Utsi. Page 3 Mikael Rutberg, Sune Jonsson, Karl-Heinz Hernried, Nordiska museet. Page 4 Lars Thulin. Page 5 Patrick Degerman From the Research Archives, Umeå University, Lars Öberg, Lars Stenman/Johnér. Page 6 Petter Engman, Patrick Degerman. Page 7 Tove Backman, Duncan Kemp. Page 8 Andreas Nilsson. Page 9Petter Engman, Andreas Nilsson, Johan Gunséus. Page 10 Ludwig Eriksson, Berit Djuse/Johnér. Page 11 EvaLinda Grensman, Sven Halling/Johnér. Page 12 Anders Karlsson, Bo Nilsson. Page 13 Guillem Lopez, Cato Lein. Page 14 Ur Umeå Jazzfestivals arkiv. Page 15 Patrick Degerman, Ur Umeå Jazzfestivals arkiv, Märta och kossan: Sune Jonsson. Page 16 TR, Skellefteå. Page 17 Ur bildarkivet, Warner Oland Acadamy, Thorn Ullberg. Page 18 Erik Palm, Henke Olofsson, Jonas Lundqvist, Duncan Kemp. 18Illustions: | VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014 Page 8 Tomas Colbengtson.

VÄSTERBOTTEN – på väg mot 2014

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