Walker-Tessner Model for AN and DP

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Computer Graphics
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Stressors Exposure to media = risk factor, not a direct cause Becker and Colleagues (2002) Fijian traditional culture on eating, western TV. Sanders and Bazzalgate (1993) Barbie Dolls Pike and Roden (1991) Mothers of girls with AN, diet

Neuromaturational Factors Neurotransmitter (Serotonin) Craving for carbohydrates = low levels Eating large quantities= higher levels that sets up a mood that reinforces eating. Carraso (2000) Smith et al (1990)

Mazzeo and Bulik GXE correlations, environment / genetic pre-disposition INTERACTION 1. Passive, Active, Evocative GXE

Pamela Keel (2005) 5HTT receptor genes, estrogen receptor genes and 2 dopamine receptor genes Mazzeo and Bulik GXE correlations, environment / genetic predisposition

Personality traits Southgate and colleagues (2008) OCD like personalities

Slade and Brodie (1994) Overestimation of body size Cognitive styles (negative thinking pattern) Polivy and Herman (19850 The role of cognitive disinhibition, cognitive thoughts inhibits eating. Bruch (1962) Body- image distortion hypothesis



Genetic Pre-Disposition

Cognitive Vulnerability Keel (2005) 1. Attentional biases towards food and body 2. Cognitive styles distort reality

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