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June 21-27, 2015 University of Central Missouri

About us… WHO?

This program is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. The ALA is the largest women’s organization with nearly 1 million members. They promote the ideals and principles of the founding fathers. Veteran’s Support and Children & Youth are just two more of the many programs supported by the ALA. Missouri ALA has sponsored a Girls State program since 1940.

WHAT? Missouri Girls State – Citizen participation in City, County and State government WHEN? Sunday, June 21, 2015 through Saturday, June 27, 2015 WHERE? University of Central Missouri (Ellis Dorm), Hwy 13, Warrensburg WHY?

Delegates learn how government and the democratic process work on the city, county and state level. They learn about Government, Patriotism, Leadership, Campaigning, Hands on Experience, and Friendship.

Citizenship and Americanism…

Citizens learn flag etiquette, the importance of their vote, and the history behind some of our democratic processes and methods.

A week in review… Sunday:

Registration; City Elections


Classes: Communications & Media, Legislative Class, Law, Executive Class, Business and Law Enforcement. General Assembly Elections (Senators and House of Representatives)


Senators and Representatives – sessions begin

Wednesday: County elections; Senators and Representatives travel to Jefferson City; Party Convention Thursday: State Primary Elections; State Fair; Talent show Friday:

Test in your class; State General Election; Inauguration and Reception honoring newly elected State Officials ; Festival of Lights,


Closing Ceremony at the Multi-Purpose Building. Awards are presented at the time.

You can also find us on Facebook at “2015 Missouri Girls State”

The “Packet”… The “Packet” can only be downloaded from the website. • Address and Emergency Phone Numbers • A list of items to bring • Samsung Scholarship information* (optional) • Girls Nation information* (optional) • Health Form* that must be signed by your doctor • “take at home”* • Campaign Rules and Campaign Store Price List • City Rules, signed by you and your parent/guardian • MOChip permission form* (optional) • Item for USO* * Don’t pack these items away, as they will need to be turned in during the registration process.

The schedule and manual…

The manual is the "textbook" of Missouri Girls State. Information will be referenced the entire week. Each citizen will receive a bound 3-ring holed manual book upon arrival at MGS.

The schedule is the weeks’ worth of activities! You can view a tentative copy on the website. A copy is provided to you at MGS.

How MGS is organized… MGS is made up of: • 21 Cities = approximately 35-38 girls per city. • 7 Counties = Each county has 3 cities. • State = all cities and counties combined make up MGS Due to time constraints, each delegate is assigned to a political party. • Nationalist – Blue name tag • Federalist – Red name tag

What offices are available? Delegates can run for the following offices during their week at MGS. Each office listed below has a complete description in the MGS manual. City Offices: Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, Municipal Judge, City Collector, and Councilwomen. County Offices: Presiding Commissioner, 2 Associate County Commissioners, Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, Presiding Circuit Judge, 2 Associate Circuit Judges, Clerk of the Circuit Court, County Collector, County Treasurer, County Clerk, Recorder of Deeds and Assessor. State Offices: Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, General Assembly (Senators and House of Representatives).

House and Senate

MGS travels to Jefferson City where they conduct MGS business and pass bills on the floor.

Campaigning and elections… Do not bring any campaign materials. All campaign materials will be provided at MGS in the Campaign Store (first floor of Ellis). Each girl will be issued MGS Bucks to purchase supplies. A list of the campaign rules is included in the packet. Please take a look at these before putting up any campaign material at MGS. Missouri Girls State Bucks: This is fake money that each girl will receive when she arrives at MSG. She can use this money to purchase campaign supplies, start her own business, and use for the state fair.

• * Executive • * Legislative • * Law • * Media • * Law Enforcement • * Business

Other activities…

Band and Chorus, Talent Show, State Fair Miscellaneous: There are various “nonpolitical” activities available. Some of these include: Color Guard, Newspaper Staff, Post Mistress, Broadcasting, Highway Patrol Officer, and City Activity Director.

Classes and college credit… Your class, along with your participation at MGS, may make you eligible for college credit though UCM. These are not automatic credits for attending MGS. The test scores and participation sheets (completed by each delegate) are turned over to the college and they evaluate each delegate’s record for the week. The college will notify you by email (usually in October) the results of your test and if you are eligible to apply for credit. • You have 30 days to make application for these credits. • You will pay the transcript fee to have them sent to the college of your choice. • This is not an automatic credit and it will be up to that college to accept or reject the credits. • Girls can apply for the 2-hour pass/fail credit or the three hour graded credit. UCM’s dual credit tuition rate for 2013 was $85 per credit hour. • More information is provided at MGS.

Courtesy…. We have MANY guest speakers throughout the week. Speakers and guests are to be treated with the utmost respect. Most speakers will accept questions from the citizens, based on the time available. Questions asked are to be appropriate to the subject matter presented by the speaker. Nothing embarrassing or personal is appropriate. Courtesy also means staying awake during the seminars.

Military Leaders Local politicians

Courtesy…continued… 1. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would expect to be treated – staff, delegates and guests. 2. Harassment and Bullying will not be tolerated. For purposes of this policy, they are defined as intimidation or harassment of a delegate or multiple delegates perpetuated by individuals or groups. Bullying includes, but is not limited to: physical actions, including violence, gestures, theft, or damaging property; oral or written taunts, including name-calling, put-downs, extortion, or threats; or threats of retaliation for reporting such acts. 3. UCM holds summer classes during our time on campus. Please extend all courtesies to UCM faculty, staff, and students. 4. Other camps and organizations are also on campus during our stay. Please use only the buildings designated in the schedule as we have made arrangements with the University for these buildings. Please extend courtesy to these other organizations by not inferring with their activities. 5. UCM is a SMOKE FREE campus.

What to bring… • Bring enough clean clothes to last all week. Laundry

facilities are not available. • All shorts and skirts must follow the “fingertip rule” . • At no time are halter tops, tube tops, halter dresses, backless dresses, or strapless dresses acceptable. • Daytime: Shorts or skirts, jeans, capris, and t-shirts. • Evening: dress, pant suit, skirt and blouse, or nice slacks. • Friday evening: ALL BLACK dress, suit, skirt and blouse, or slacks, for inauguration • If you are to be on the stage at ANY time: follow the dress code for evening wear • If, at any time, a counselor or staff members feels a delegate’s clothing is too revealing, or inappropriate, she may be asked to change.

What to bring…continued… • Rain Gear: remember to bring a jacket and/or umbrella. • Personal toiletry items (hand soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, hand sanitizer, etc.), towels and wash cloths, and alarm clock. • UCM provides some bedding. • Comfortable shoes. It is UCM’s policy that all persons wear shoes at all times – EVEN in the dorms. • Hangers • A backpack or bag to carry your things each day, pens, pencils, notebook, and 3–ring binder. • Do not bring valuable jewelry or electronic items. MGS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Ellis Hall…. • • • • •

All Delegates and Staff are housed in Ellis. There are staff members on each floor, in each hall. There are 5 floors (ground floor through 4th floor). NO elevators. This is a dorm and not a hotel. You WILL NOT be provided hand soap, hair dryers, complimentary shampoo and conditioner, or towels. • UCM does provide 2 flat sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, and 1 pillow case. The dorm is air-conditioned, and can be cold, so you might want to bring an extra blanket. If you want to bring your own sheets, the beds are extra-long twin sized beds (4” longer). • If in doubt, bring it from home.

Taxes and other services… Shopper: If you’ve forgotten something, or need something, the Shopper will go to Wal-Mart for you. She won’t buy food or drinks. Taxes: Delegates need to bring $3.00 in US currency. This money is used for 2 scholarships awarded at the end of the week. Banker: Deposit your money for safekeeping with the Banker when you register, or anytime during the week. MGS Shoppe: Snacks, Drinks, Clothing. • Debit, Credit, cash, checks • Open when girls are in the dorm, hours posted • In 2014, delegates felt $50 was enough for the week.

Food… Cafeteria style food is served in 3 shifts. The first meal is served on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Be sure that you eat before arriving on Sunday. Once you are registered with MGS, you can’t leave campus. Mom and Dad can go get food for you, as long as it is delivered before 12:15 p.m. (the first City Meeting begins at 12:15 p.m.). Snacks are available for purchase in the MGS Shoppe. Special Diet: If you require a special diet, or have medical problems requiring a special room assignment, please notify the director, Natalie Riley, immediately at [email protected]

Cell Phones… Cell phones are a wonderful way for delegates to stay in touch with their family during MGS. They may be brought and used only in Ellis Hall during free time. Free time is clearly marked in the schedule. They are not allowed in Ellis Dining Hall. Cell phones used outside of Ellis will be confiscated and returned to you on Saturday. This includes assemblies, class, and other events. Cell phones CAN NOT be used as a camera. If your phone is confiscated, you will be able to use it at the Director’s office during free time.

Room Keys… Room keys are available. If you lose your key, you owe $90 to UCM. The return of the room key or payment of the $90.00 lost key fee is a prerequisite for the delegate’s successful completion of Missouri Girls State.

Transportation… Delegates from St Louis area and St Louis County can ride a bus to Warrensburg. Other delegates must ride with their parents, carpool with other delegates, or drive themselves. • Parents are asked to park behind Ellis Hall (from Hwy 13, turn East on Christopher street) when dropping off and picking up the girls. Please do not park on the north side of this parking lot (the side of the parking lot closest to Christopher Street), as the buses will load and unload here. This area should be blocked off.

• We prefer the girls not drive themselves due to the tiring week and late bedtime hours. If the girls do drive themselves, they will be asked to turn over their car keys to the Missouri State Highway Patrol staff members on Sunday when they register. The keys are returned Saturday morning. The Missouri State Highway Patrol will monitor the cars daily.

MOChip Child ID Program…(optional)

• Working with the Mason’s to bring this free program to MGS • Digital photos, fingerprints, emergency contacts, dental bite impression, 2 laminated ID cards

• Delegates can turn in their paperwork at registration. We will complete this activity later in the week. • Delegates will receive their ID kit before leaving MGS • More information and the REQUIRED permission form are in the packet.

Honors… Girls Nation – July 25-Aug1, 2015 • 4-H Conference Center • Chevy Chase, Maryland

2014 MGS delegate Delaney Tevis was awarded the $20,000 National Samsung Scholarship

Outstanding Political Citizen, $500 Samsung Scholarship, $1000 Governor Scholarship, $1000 Model City

Graduation Additional Scholarships

In 2009, the MGS GN Senator – Marilyn Wang, was elected Vice-President of Girls Nation! She and Elizabeth Yu are pictured here with 82 year old Nesse Godin, a Holocaust survivor, who spoke to both Girls nation in DC.

Parent Information

Throughout the week pictures, election results, and news articles will be added to the “2015 Session” page. Emergency Calls may be made to 660543-4500. Campus Security phone numbers are in the packet and can be used for any “middle of the night” calls. Nurses are on duty 24 hours a day. Missouri State Hwy Patrol is on duty 24 hours a day. Ellis Dorm is locked down each night and all visitors are monitored by UCM staff during the day. The Warrensburg Police Department and Campus Security are also available.

Experiences to last a lifetime…


About 90 volunteer staff volunteer for MGS every year. We will have applications for Assistant Counselors at MGS!!


If mom, sister, grandmother or aunt is a MGS Alumni, she can sign up on the MGS website! They receive email updates of events and are invited to an Alumni dinner on Thursday night, prior to the talent show. They are also invited to attend the talent show with the delegates.

Our staff is made up of nearly ALL alumni!!

Missouri Girls State…

You’ve heard a lot of information today. MGS not for you? Don’t be a “no show”….make a courtesy call to your sponsor. • They have made an investment in you! • If you don’t come, or leave early, they are notified. • Some sponsors may require you to repay them. • Another girl may be able to attend in your place


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