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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Oncology
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We Help Students Volunteer! 3830 students volunteered last year Flexible Volunteering Opportunities to fit around your Studies

Help you develop skills through Volunteering

Projects On-going Projects where you can volunteer Regularly for a month, a Term, a Year Wide Range of Projects: Conservation, Disability, Schools, Sports, Media, Animals, Youth, Homeless, Mentoring……

Student Led Projects Projects set up and Run by Students! International Volunteering, Fundraising, support other students, Start Your Own

One-Off Opportunities Events Lasting for a few Hours to a Full Day Hear About All the Events in Our Weekly e-Newsletter & on the Website

Micro Volunteering Activities you can do at Home in your Spare Time Make cards for sick Children, Help Beat Cancer, Play Charity Games Online, Make Jumpers for ex-battery Hens, Knit a hat for a premature baby…

Students’ Union Volunteer in your Students’ Union Campaigns, TV Station, Magazine, Radio Station…

Clubs & Societies in the Community Students’ Taking their Passions, Interests and Hobbies in to the local Community Sports, Clubs & Societies in local schools, youth clubs, Care Homes, Community Festivals…

National Student Volunteer Week Lots of One-Off Volunteering Events Meet Reps On Campus and Volunteer as a Team

Get Involved in Your Local Community Have Fun, enjoy and explore Local events and activities in your Local Area

Personal Development

Professional Development

• Confidence building • Meeting new People • Learning new skills • Staying active • Having fun in spare time • Opportunities to fit in around University course • Get to know Nottingham • Improve English skills • Have a positive impact on others

• Leadership skills • Experience of working in an area of interest • C.V Building • Workplace skills • Teamwork • Working in challenging environments • Awards

‘’I have truly enjoyed these one off opportunities and I’m hoping to do much more in the future’’

‘’Through these volunteering projects I have gained unforgettable volunteering experiences’’

‘’Very Rewarding’’

‘’Very reliable volunteer and positive role model, whose enthusiasm, motivation, caring nature and inspiration is second to none’’

‘’The Volunteer’s time with us is invaluable and being able to combine University life and volunteering is an inspiration’’

‘’I have gained leadership skills and team working skills and made friends I wouldn’t have gained without volunteering’’

Student Volunteer Awards Earn a Certificate and gain recognition for your Volunteering Get Nominated for an Outstanding Volunteer Award Student Led Project of the Year Award

Find Out More! Facebook : student volunteer centre Twitter: @uonsuvolunteer

Website e-Newsletter Phone Visit Us!

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