Week 3

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Math, Algebra
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Week 3REU student -Amari Lewis P.H.D student- Aidean Sharghi June 6th 2014

Scale-invariant Representation of Light Field Images for Object Recognition EPFEDL

• Understanding previous work •

Studied the buildings on their campus-Switzerland

• Studied the methods • Tried to access their code (dataset)

Implementation of codes using matlab

Task1: study the available light field toolbox for matlab

• This toolbox was capable with the lytro light field camera, and the raw 3D images

Camera calibration, image rectification, colour correction and visualization of lfI

• See if any of the features would be useful toward the project • Lytro software- prospective shifts

Task2: code in matlab extracting the EPI of images (in a simple way)

The output epipolar plane image (EPI) for when y=0

Zoomed in, notice the horizontal lines that will be observing for object recognition

Task3: code in matlab to be able to go through the folders of the dataset and extract the EPI for each image when x is fixed (x=0), and y is fixed (y=0).

EPI when x=0 for bike1

EPI when y=0 bike1

Task4 completing dataset

• Using the lytro desktop- save the perspective shifts of the image (stack.lfp) • Lytro viewer/meltdown software- save each different view separately • Each image folder: • has its own data (excel)

• X and Y images separate for EPI extraction

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