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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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Welcome and Congratulation

Dear students The academic year at University has already started and I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all! Education can be linked to a great canvas and this year I would like you to throw as much paint as you can on the canvas of your education.

You, the students, will have to take action to further your education. Help yourselves! Make the most of the fantastic educational opportunities that you have. Throw as much paint as you can on the canvas of your education this year!

If you can do that, then one day, you will be in a position to respond to the please of others who may need your help! You will need to help your family. You will need to help the environment. You will need to make sense of the world when sense and reason go missing.


Let’s continue to work together to help each other to be our best for the world!!!! Your English teacher,


LITERATURE Cotton, Falvey, Kent : Market Leader, pre intermediate, Longman, 2002

Map of the Practice File Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

: : : : : : : :

Careers Selling online Companies Great Ideas Stress Entertaining Marketing Planning

Unit Unit Unit Unit

9 : Managing people 10 : Conflict 11 : New business 12 : Products

Introduction Key words to : economy, marketing, banking, management, advertising

economy The system of production,distribution and consumption ( the use of goods ) of a PRODUCT The way a country uses its money, goods, services Subclass is MARKET ECONOMY : an economy where the CONSUMER and the PRODUCER negotiate prices and determine the value of items

Another subdivisions are FREE MARKET ECONOMY and OPEN ECONOMY Free market economy-no restrictions in buying or selling goods Open economy-a situation in which foreign trade, payments, movements of labour and capital are unrestricted

Global economy- economies of the world : computer chip can be designed in China, produced in Japan, etc.

marketing Finding out what customers need It includes : market research, advertising, distributing and selling Important tool for successful marketing is a MARKETING PLAN ( there are GOALS to be reached )

banking A business of keeping money for savings, dealing with accounts, exchanging money, issuing loans.... Home banking ( by phone ) Online banking

management The business of leading and directing an organization It is a strategic planning of a business and it is the job of every member of an organization

advertising It’s the paid promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas by a sponsor Advertising is usually done by newspaper, radio, direct mail, e-mail, tv

career You want to apply for the job in the advertisement. What skills do you need for the job? Think about your career / how do you see it / do you have a career plan / what should you do to get ahead in your career?

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