Welcome to Avon T2 Kat`s Tips & Tricks 101

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Sales
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Welcome to Avon T2 Kat’s 101 Tips & Tricks

Build a Beautiful Business Successful selling skills to increase your earnings

  

How Can I Make More $$$? Customer = Sales = Cash in YOUR Pocket! The Average order is $25.00 10 Customers x $25 = $250 Sales Make your Goal to Add 3 New Customers Each Campaign to watch your Sales GROW!

Building Your Business Basics           

SMILE – Feel CONFIDENT! Wear what you Sell – Mean what you Say Compliment – Sincerity is the Best form of Flattery! Homework – Determine Your Sales Goals Strike up a Conversation Ask Open Ending Questions Determine needs and potential customers Demonstrate with a sample or demo product Highlight the urgency of a limited time offer Offer Choices Get Contact information!

The Avon Cycle of Success       

Find Customers Find eCustomers Present Brochures/Samples and Demo Products Follow up with Customer/eCustomers Submit Orders, Receive/Pick up Products Deliver Products/Collect Money, Obtain Referrals Pay Avon and Pay YOURSELF!

Earn From Personal Sales

How to get Customers? It’s as simple as asking: “When did you last see an Avon Brochure? 

  

Meet new customers anytime, anywhere Friends, Family, Church members, Baby sitter, Cleaners, Donut shop, Nail salon, Drive-Thru, Coffee house, etc EVERYONE is a potential customer OR recruit! Refer to the Who do you know list – located in your appointment book. Get with group of other reps and meet at a local McD’s or similar type restaurant and bring books and samples. Fortune is in the Follow-Up (in person or on the phone) Always get contact information when handing out books and samples.

The Power of 3 can Dramatically increase Your $ales 

The Power of 3 is simple and effective: Talk about Avon every day with 3 new people, and ask them for the name of 3 more people who would interested in Avon. Harness the Power of 3 every day to:  

Increase your Customer Base Increase your earning for potential Avon Representatives on your Avon Sales Leadership Team Increase your personal confidence by expanding your network

Fortune Is In The Follow-up  

When possible – Obtain contact info Get emails to develop a database to do campaign updates to your customers Send the updates approximately 48 hours before your order is due to allow for last minute orders.

5 Easy Steps to Selling Success     

Approach your customer/start a conversation Determine your customers needs Present & sell the benefits Answer questions and overcome objections Close the sale

Remember that you are always building your business: at the close of a sale, ask for referrals: “Do you know someone who would like to see an Avon Brochure or learn about the Avon Earning Opportunity?

Selling Tips 

  

 

Don’t be stingy with your catalogs or samples. These are your best advertisement and they are Tax Deductible! Put your name on EVERYTHING! Try Cross- Category or Bundle Selling Cheap Incentives: Shop in the outlet books for items under $1.00 to give as incentive (lip balms, mini lotions, mini bubble bath, etc. Cheap Advertising: Car Decals or Magnets Sales & Training Meeting are GREAT Resources for new ideas

We Have Product for EVERY Customer Don’t let objection stop your sales   

  

Skin care Makeup Fragrance Fashion Mark. Tiny Tillia

Children Lifestyle Bath & Body Foot Care Hair Care

Statistics   

Only 11% of the U.S. Women are currently Avon customers 65% of U.S. Women 18-64 are open to buying Avon Less than 1/3 of U.S. Women are using Avon to fulfill at least some of their color cosmetics, facial skin care or fragrance needs

Powerful Sales Tools   

Be Familiar with Each Brochure Become an eRepresentative Invest in more brochures Take advantage of the What’s New and the mark Trend Insider

Benefits of Growing Your Sales       

Based on Annual Sales C8-C7 President’s Club - $10,100 + in sales Honor Society $20,200 + in sales Rose Circle $38,000 + in sales McConnell Club $68,000 + in sales More Levels and More Benefits Read more on your PRP on youravon.com

Know your Company Know your Products     

Free 24/7 Classes located under Beauty of Knowledge Choose the tab designed especially for NEW REPS Take ALL of the skincare classes for more potential Reps who know the info are more successful If you don’t know the answer – reach out to the website, your upline, your DM MANY SOURCES!


The yourAVON.com ordering pages are designed to remind you when your order is due and to help you enter, view, and submit orders with greater ease. Plan with Campaign Prompts. When you go to the My Orders page, you can tell at a glance the Campaign number and the date by which you need to submit your order. You also can view the regular order you are currently building as well as any Ship Separate Orders you’ve entered.

To start a new order, select the Customer and Campaign, and then click GO. As a default, we set the order as ‘Regular’ and your current campaign to save you a couple of steps.

Enter up to 1,000 items! The Item Entry Form has everything you need to build an order is no more than a click away. Usually you’ll enter product numbers and quantities in the space at the top of the form. The campaign automatically defaults to your campaign of order. To be successful naturally you’ll need to Order your Business tools, Brochures, Demos, or Sales Tools! Every thing you’ll need for your Business has an ‘order’ prefix and everything you need for your Customers has a ‘shop’ prefix. Click any of the links in the left column to find and select the item you want and it will be added to your order.

At any point as you enter items, you can click Update Order and the items will move to the Saved Items area.

Search for and add items in one step. You can search for a product on any page by using the product search link at the top of the page. From the product search window you can select multiple items and start or add to an order. From within an order you can use the ‘magnifying glass’ on the order form.

Order brochures. The Order Brochures link in the left column is what you click to add brochure packs to your order. Having a Brochure is important when selling to your Customers so they can view the products first hand. Enter the number of brochure packs you want, and then click Update Order to add them to your order. Keep in mind, Brochures are setup for packs of 10 – inputting 10 will get you 100!

View orders. After you enter and save your orders, you can view them by clicking View Order Cart and then use the links to make changes to an order or check product availability. The Order Cart will display all the Customer Orders you’ve entered. To review or add to a Customers Order simply click the Customers name, click the order ID and review or add additional items. Be sure to click Update Order if you add any items. In this example, the Representative has her Regular order for this Campaign, and each Customer Order that she wants to include with her Regular order. In addition, if the Representative had started to build their orders for the next Campaign, they would also appear on this screen. If there are some orders that can’t wait until the Regular order, select the orders and click continue and select Ship Separate on the order submission page.

The Product Availability screen allows you to verify that all the products you ordered are available.

Select your orders for submission and verify delivery. To get to the final steps of ordering, you will need to select the orders that you would like to submit and then click Continue. When you click to submit an order, Avon compares two product databases to provide an estimated subtotal that you can use to plan your estimated earnings. The estimate doesn’t reflect taxes. To see the details, navigate to View Subtotal. There may be offers that are no covered during this comparison, so always be sure to check your invoice for Final Pricing. You also select the order type – whether the order(s) you selected should be sent with your regular shipment or sent separately – enter the number of Customers, and click SUBMIT ORDER TO AVON when you’re ready to submit the order. NOTE: Your order has not been successfully submitted until you receive the Order Confirmation page!

Confirm your order and track its progress. The order confirmation page gives you the order confirmation number and Details of when we expect to ship your order. From here you can pay for and track your order as well as contact Avon.

Ordering Demo Products on yourAVON.com           

 

Demonstration products are used to promote your business by offering discounted, full-size, new or reintroduced products. Demos are introduced in the What’s New flyer and the new products that Avon is offering in future Campaigns. To order demo products, follow these steps: 1. Click my orders. 2. Select a Campaign from the dropdown menu in the Create Order column. 3. Click Go. 4. From your order form, click the Shop Demos link in the left navigation. 5. Click the What’s New cover to view and order.

6. Use the navigation buttons at the top of the screen to go to the next page or the previous page. You may also click a link to go directly to a page. 7. When you see an item you’d like to add to your order, click its image. 8. Select the product from the drop-down menu, if necessary, and enter the quantity desired in the box provided. 9. Click Add to Order. 10. Click Return to Shopping to go back to the brochure to continue shopping. 11. After ordering all the demo products you’d like to order, click Return to Order Form to go back to your order form. The full Customer Price is displayed while placing your order for demonstration products. When your order is processed, the price will be adjusted to reflect the appropriate demo discount based on your order size.

Important Things To Remember:   

   

You can order from your current campaign book + two prior Each book is good for 6 weeks, don’t put expiration dates on your books You get early copies of your books don’t pass them out too soon or someone will want something they cant get for awhile. Pay your balance before you submit your next order Only order 1 time every 2 weeks for Free If you order out of cycle or more than 1x every 2 weeks you waste your profits. If you have no orders, at least order 1 pack of books so that you are not missing out on a selling opportunity.

Two types of E-Sales    

 

Rep Delivery or Direct Delivery Rep delivery is the same as them calling you on the phone. Only the y order through your website The order will show up in your order cart. Submit this order at the same time as your regular order. Customers cannot back-order from your website Unless they use the “order using item number” link Customers cannot order undergarments from your website Direct Delivery Order & paid online – shopped direct from Avon. You do NOTHING, except earn profit! 20% Earning on Direct Delivery Sales

E-Rep Fees   

It cost $7.50 per campaign to be an Erep 1st – 6 campaigns are free If a minimum of 1 person orders from you each camp then the fee is waived and a credit will appear on your account – this can be either a Rep Delivery OR Direct Delivery. Additional commission can be earned if you have multiple Direct Delivery Orders

Important Names, Numbers & Websites             

 

Kat Roach Unit Leader 770.882.4333 [email protected] Melody Stehle 800.422.6118 [email protected] Leadership Desk 800.443.2831 Fundraiser Desk 800.894.5496 Internet Issues 888.514.2866 Product Information 800.445.2866 Quick Pay Issues 877.784.5729 Beauty Advisor Desk 888.340.2866 Credit Card Payment Desk 888.710.2866 Lost Order Hotline 888.540.2866 Customer Service 513.551.2866 Consumer Contact Center 800.445.2866 Kat’s Team Info http://kroach.avonrepresentative.com/my_downline.html

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