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January 7, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Audiology
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Welcome to the AG Bell Convention THE SWAN AND DOLPHIN RESORT ORLANDO, FL JUNE 27, 2014

Convention Overview  Education Program  Children’s Program  Networking and Socializing  Research Symposium  The AG Bell app  Exhibit Hall and Knowledge Center  Registration Desk and CEU Desk

Education Program  No additional fee or registration is required  48 concurrent sessions, 90 minutes in length  Six learning tracks during most time slots  Up to 24 instructional hours/CEUs are available  Poster Session  Tips on selecting sessions  Participate. Learn. Ask questions.

Opening General Session  Welcome

 AG Bell awards  President’s address  Keynote presentation

from Rosalind Wiseman  Saturday, 8:00 a.m. (Swan Ballroom)

Continuing Education Units  Forms and information in the program book  Questions? Visit the CEU desk near registration  All sessions are approved by the AG Bell Academy,

AAA and ASHA  Certificates of Learning also available  All completed forms must be submitted by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 29

Which Sessions Should I Attend?  Panel sessions with families, teens or adults with hearing

loss are a great opportunity to hear from others who “have been in your shoes.”  Sessions to help children develop language, listening and reading skills are appropriate for anyone  Adults with hearing loss report great value in sessions about communication technologies; advocacy strategies; how to impact their communities; and effective communication.  The Learning Labs sessions are presented by our manufacturing and program partners to describe their products in services in more depth than within the Exhibit Hall.

Children’s Program  Check in/Check out ON TIME  Only registered parents/guardians may pick-up  Parents are not encouraged to “drop by”  Please - No random pick-ups

(you may arrange for alternate pick-up times when you check in that a.m.)  Don’t forget to take them back!!!

Networking and Socializing  Membership/Knowledge Center in the exhibit hall  Opening reception  Dena Goldstein Mixer  Social events  Hospitality Room  Meals  Hallway conversations-They have buttons!

 Poolside  Exploring Orlando

More Socializing  Look for people wearing buttons that identify who they are

and their willingness to answer questions (for example: “I’m a Parent”) Get your own buttons at registration so you can make it known that you want to Meet, Greet and Share!  Visit the Hospitality Room across from the registration desk – make arrangements to meet new and old friends or colleagues in a quiet setting.  Organize your own meet-up on #AGBell2014  Don’t miss the Opening Reception when the Exhibit Hall opens on Friday evening, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. – all registrants and your children are welcome!* * Other scheduled social events require a ticket or RSVP. See your program book or app for descriptions.

Social Events Bring the Kids (family friendly)

Not for the kids

Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall (Friday night)

Happy Hour (Saturday evening)

Breakfast With Friends (Sunday morning)

Dena Goldstein Mixer (Friday afternoon - for teens and adults) LOFT Reunion Lunch (Saturday afternoon) Club Volta (Saturday night)

QR codes! Apps! Tweeting!

 Download the AG Bell event app!  Push notifications to keep you informed  Session information, schedules, maps, news, resources

 Session handouts-available online and via the app  Push notifications through the app will keep you up-

to-date with convention happenings.  Follow us on Twitter #AGBell2014  Please complete your session evaluations via the app.

Meals  Coffee is served Sat. and Sun. mornings.  Lunch on your own –various hotel restaurants.

Research Symposium  Sunday morning, 8 – 11:30  Cutting edge research by leaders in the field of

auditory brain development, including topics related to music appreciation and language development for individuals who use hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.  Designed for the “non-scientist”  Unique opportunity to hear world-renowned researchers  Modified number of learning tracks offered as alternatives

Exhibit Hall  Over 70 Exhibitors from technology, educational  

 

centers, learning materials, etc. AG Bell membership center LSL Knowledge Center Poster Session Raffle

Scheduling your day (please turn to the grid in the center of your program book)

 Write yourself notes on the grid, or make your own

schedule in the app  Pace yourself – work in teams if possible.  Ask for help from AG Bell staff and Convention Patrons.  Always wear your badge (don’t lose precious time replacing it at the registration desk!)  Remember – you can’t do it all!

Some closing items  You must wear your badge to gain admittance to    

ANY convention event. AG Bell staff members are here to help – please ask us! Don’t forget to complete your session evaluations through the app. Please – no filming or photography in any sessions. Save the Date: 2016 Convention in Denver, CO. (June 30 – July 3)


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