Welcome to the Rio Grande Library

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Welcome to the Rio Grande Library

Kristin Sanchez, RG Librarian

Updated 7/2011

Library Hours • • • •

Monday-Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

7:30am-8:30pm 7:30am-2:00pm 9:00am-3:00pm 1:00pm-5:00pm

Computer areas close 30 minutes before closing.

Circulation Desk • Check out books/videos using your EPCC ID o Books-3 weeks o Videos -1 week

• Sign in to use a computer o EPCC ID needed

• Reserve items o If your instructor has something on reserve, ask for it here by class or instructor name.

Reference Desk • Ask us for help for any question you may have! • We will help you find what you need for your assignments. • Librarians available when library is open. • Sign up here to use a group study room.

Current Periodicals • This is where you will find the recent editions of magazines, journals, and newspapers. • If you need to see an older edition of one of these items, ask for it at the Circulation Desk. (ID Required)

Catalog/Database Computers • There are 3 computers next to the Reference Desk reserved for Catalog and Database searching. • If you don’t find what you are looking for, ask us for help!

Books • Reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks are found on the right side of the library. • Books and videos that are available to check out are found on the left side of the library.

Leisure Reading We have sections of paperback and fiction books you can borrow.

Computers • Sign in at the Circulation Desk to use a computer (ID required) • Computers have Word/Excel/PowerPoint and Internet access. • Scanners available. • Copies are available using a copy card. • B&W prints: 5 cents • Color prints: 25 cents

Copy Card Machine • To print from computers you must have a copy card. • To purchase a copy card, go to the Circulation Desk. • Insert a dollar bill into the machine. • Copy card comes out with 50 cents credit on it. • You can add more money to it, so don’t throw it away!

Printers • Library has 2 printing stations. • Printer 1 is located at the front of the library • Printer 2 is located at the back of the library. • The color printer is located at the back of the library as well.

Copiers • Copy machines are located at the front of the library. • Copies are 10 cents/page. • Cash or copy cards can be used to make copies.

Group Study Rooms • Available for groups of 3 or more. • Blackboard, computer, TV/DVD/VCR provided. • Sign up at the Reference Desk to use one of the rooms for 2 hours. (EPCC ID required) • Reservations are taken up to two days in advance (by phone or in person.)

Study Areas • There are many areas for you to study. • Individual study carrels are available. • Large tables are available to accommodate groups.

Other Media Available • • • •

VCR/DVD players Microfiche readers Microfilm readers Adaptive Equipment

Classroom • “Smart Classroom” with 41 computers available for library instruction and research

Conference Room • Used for meetings and teleconferences. • Equipped with DVD/VCR; Projector; Computer; White Board

Displays Enjoy our seasonal exhibits and displays

National Nurses Week

Dia de los Muertos

Contact Us • Phone  831-4019 (Reference Desk)  831-4018 (Circulation Desk)

• E-mail  [email protected]

• Chat  (Library Webpage: www.epcc.edu/library)  Click on Rio Grande library, Ask a Librarian

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