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Welcome to the University of Minnesota Department of Medicine Education’s

Global Health Course


2010 Global Health Course Faculty              

      

William Stauffer, MD, CTropMed® , MPH-Department of Medicine, Global Health Course Director Patricia Walker, MD, DTMH-Department of Medicine, Global Health Pathway Director Stephen Swanson, MD Peter Melchert, MD Bruce Alexander, PhD Stephen Dunlop, MD Sam Goblirsch, MD David Williams, MD Elizabeth Clarke, MD Sarah Kesler, MD Jose Debes, MD Brett Hendel-Paterson, MD, CTropMed® Chandy John, MD Cindy Howard, MD Tina Slusher, MD Meghan Rothenberger, MD, CTropMed® Bryan Rock, MD Michael Rhodes David Boulware, MD, CTropMed® Ann Settgast, MD, DTMH Chris Bowron, MD

Global Health Course Staff   

  

Debra Luedtke, Course Coordinator Emily Grodinsky, Course Assistant Timothy Kummer, Course Assistant Alex Fridgen, Media Site Recording Technician Connor Sadowski, Media Site Recording Technician Jacob Swogger, Academic Health Center Media Site Manager

Please contact Debbie Luedtke if you have any questions or concerns at: [email protected]

Module Schedule, Evaluation, and Quiz 

  

Each Monday morning we will hand out copies of the weekly Module Agenda. Each Monday morning we will hand out copies of the weekly Module Evaluation. Each Friday afternoon we will distribute a quiz that covers the weekly course content. Each Monday morning we will collect the quiz.

Course Lecture Access  

Course attendees may access modules/presentations via the Global Health Pathway website at: http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu Daily course content will be posted within approximately 48 hours of presentations.

DIRECTIONS:  Go to the web site: http://www.globalhealth.umn..edu  Click on the area for 2010 Global Health Course Lectures at the bottom of the page  Click the tab to view lectures stored on the UMN Media Site server  Please note that you may be required to download the Silverlight Plugin *free of charge  User Name: globalhealth2010 Password: [email protected]  Lectures are labeled by Module and day of the week  As a course participant, you will have indefinite access to the presentations

Course Resources 

Miscellaneous Course Resources: http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu/course/courseresources/home.html

Course Reading List: http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu/pathway/reading/home.html

The course does not require any text books but we do offer several suggested resources. Most reading materials are available, or can be ordered, at the UMN campus bookstore in the Coffman Memorial Union.

CME Certificates and Credit   


Global Health Course Module 1 - Module 8

235 CME Credits 

All course participants will receive a completion certificate from CME. Please make sure that you retrieve this document each week. You are responsible for logging your course participation on the CME document. You are responsible for turning in the appropriate portion of the form before you go so that you can receive CME credit. CME maintains the official course attendance roster so it is important to complete the CME documentation. You will also receive a completion certificate for each week of the course that you complete from the University of Minnesota so please make sure that you sign in each morning.

Dining Options 

Outside-In Restaurant

University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Hospital Cafeteria

Coffman Memorial Union

Local Restaurants on Washington Avenue and beyond.

Announcements and Social Events  

We invite you to post announcements on the white board. New Announcement: There will be a picnic for all course participants on Saturday, July 31. You are invited to attend the weekly Department of Medicine Conference Lecture Series. These lectures will be posted each week. *Pediatric Grand Rounds are each Wednesday. *Medicine Grand Rounds are each Thursday at Noon. *Medicine Morbidity & Morality is every Friday at Noon.

Thank you! 

We would like to thank you for joining us for this outstanding opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the health care concerns of globally mobile populations and how to deliver the best health care practices. We appreciate your attendance.

We would also like to thank our guest speakers and faculty facilitators for supporting the Global Health Course and for sharing our concept of fostering “Medical Education in the Global Village”.

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