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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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The magazine for the new generation of West Australian business people

Presented by: The West Australian

West Business Insider All eyes are now on Western Australia the engine room of Australia. Like Western Australia itself, the WA business community is undergoing rapid change. Never before has WA been home to so many well travelled, high earning, big spending professionals. The focus of Australian business has shifted and the response to the first edition of West Business Insider is a sound endorsement that the market is ready for a premium WA based business publication. With a quarterly circulation of over 135,000 copies in The West Australian, West Business Insider delivers a highly targeted audience of WA business professionals and a significant aspirational reader base.

In his recent State of the States report, COMMSEC chief economist Craig James described the Australian economy as “Western Australia first… daylight second.”

“Western Australia first…daylight second.” Craig James, Chief Economist COMMSEC1 •

Western Australia is Australia’s strongest economy, with the best performing retail and employment market in Australia.1

In the 12 months to October 2012, WA accounted for 90% of new job creation in Australia. 2

Western Australia’s GSP grew by a record 6.7% in 2011-12 outpacing the rest of Australia and is forecast to rise 4.8% in 2012-2013. 3

Total investment in WA grew by almost $18 billion in the September quarter. • Total planned or existing investment stands at $281 billion.4

And, WA business is still the most confident in the country!


West Business Insider, published with The West Australian, provides the perfect platform for advertisers to reach the most sought-after consumers in Australia’s most dynamic state !

Sources: 1 Commsec State of the States report October 2012. 2 CCIWA: 12 months to October 2012. WA 58,500/Aust: 65,700.3 WACCI /ABS 5220.0 4 Deloitte Access Economics Investment Monitor Nov 2012. 5 NAB Monthly Business Survey October 2012

Editorial profile •

Positioning: A chronicle of contemporary business life in Western Australia - the new Australian business power base.

Content: Business 70% / Lifestyle 30%.

News and analysis on what is shaping our economy.

Exclusive interviews and profiles on the most influential business people.

The deals and personalities driving the Western Australian economy.

Western Australia’s role in the Australian and South-East Asian economies.

Management issues.

In-depth features and vibrant sections.

Lifestyle and leisure: including travel, fashion, health, sport, prestige motoring, food and wine.

Our credentials •

The West Australian delivers an unrivalled print audience across the most lucrative WA consumer markets - affluent, educated, professionals/managers and business decision-makers with significant assets.

Business is a key driver of readership for The West Australian.

Along with news and sport, business is the most read section of The West Australian among WA professionals/managers.

Seven West Media is committed to delivering authoritative business coverage via The West Australian, thewest.com.au/business and regular business features and supplements.

Our business events program and Leadership Matters business functions further complement this coverage and demonstrate our support for the WA business community.

WestBusiness Insider takes our commitment to the next level, delivering new opportunities for advertisers to reach a highly engaged, influential and lucrative market.

Sources:Morgan Tracking Study 12 months to 30 June 2012. Morgan Readership Survey 12 months to 30 September 2012

Delivering a high-value audience with The West Australian •

They live in Australia’s strongest and fastest growing economy.

Earn well above the national average income.

Their disposable household income is 14% above the national average.

Low unemployment and enviable economic strength are underpinning their retail spending, which is outpacing other states.

And their numbers are growing at the fastest rate in the nation • They’re West Australians and every week 1.1 million of them engage with The West Australian &/or thewest.com.au.

With a quarterly circulation of over 135,000 copies in The West Australian, WestBusiness Insider will deliver a highly targeted audience of WA business professionals and a significant aspirational reader base. Morgan Readership Survey 12 months to 30 September 2012 Commsec State of the States October 2012. ABS 6302.0 / 6523.0

The premium business magazine for the West Australian market •

Next edition: Thursday 14 March 2013

Published 5 times annually

32 pages

135,000 copies inserted in the metro and home delivery edition of The West Australian on Thursday

Target audience: WA’s most sought-after consumers •

Affluent professionals employed in the business and mining sectors

Targeting a 70/30 male female readership ratio

Printed self cover on 80 gsm high-grade white satin stock

Stitched and trimmed

Marketing and promotion WestBusiness Insider will be robustly marketed to ensure maximum awareness of the magazine. Ongoing advertising: •

The West Australian – press ads and editorial pointers

thewest.com.au, editorial promotion and EDM campaign

The West Australian facebook and other social media

Point of sale throughout all metro retailers

Channel 7 vignettes and editorial radio spots requested

Ads in associated publications requested e.g. Minestyle, Mining Chronicle, Oil and Gas Bulletin.

Promotional opportunities being planned: •

Today Tonight preview will be requested

Radio interviews with ABC local and national programs will be sought in the week prior to publication.

Continuing requesting trade promotion e.g. Campaign Brief, AdNews, Mumbrella.

Further promotion through business and industry organisations, our own Leadership Matters and business events database and corporate partners with special member offers. Nb: Marketing activity is not guaranteed.

West Business Insider “At the Australian Institute of Management WA, we believe our advertising in Insider is helping to raise our profile with the WA business community. We look forward to continuing to build our brand and showcase our services to WA business decision makers. At last a magazine that is tailored to our member and client base!” Emeritus Professor Gary Martin Chief Executive Officer Australian Institute of Management WA

Advertising opportunities Preferred advertising sizes: • Inside Front Cover Spread (facing pages 2+3) • Inside Front Cover (page 4 opposite contents page) • Centre Page Facing Pages Spread • Full Page • Half page (V or H) • Inside Back Cover • Back Cover Multiple edition discounts available: • x3 editions: 5% | x4 editions: 10% | x5 editions: 15% • All rates include colour and are GST exclusive.

Page specifications: • Bleed: • Trim: • Image:

310mmH x 280mmW 300mmH x 270mmW 286mmH x 256mmW

$21,250 $10,500 $17,800 $8,900 $4,600 $10,500 $13,100

Publication dates, deadlines, contacts WestBusiness Insider will be published five times in 2013. Publication dates 2013: •

Thursday 14 March, 2013 Thursday 13 June, 2013 Thursday 15 August 2013 Thursday 10 October, 2013 Thursday 28 November, 2013

Publication Deadlines: •

Bookings and copy: 20 days prior to publication

Complete material: 15 days prior to publication

For further information and bookings contact: WA: Liz Poustie P: 08 9482 3254 | E: [email protected]

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