When a Protestant group broke away from the Catholic

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Chapter 13 The Renaissance and Reformation Review Game

When a Protestant group broke away from the Catholic Church, it became know as a religious ___


The Northern Renaissance began in the thriving trading region called _____


The Government run by church leaders in Geneva in 1541 was a _______


Renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of _________ by painting well-known people of the day.


Those who believe in _______ think that God has already decided who will be saved.


With the support of the Medici family, the city-state of _________ produced many Renaissance artists & scholars.


In his book “The Prince”, _______ wrote a guide to rulers on how to gain and keep power.



Before airplanes were invented, __________ made sketches of flying machines.


da Vinci

The Scientist ___________ showed that gravity keeps planets in their orbits around the sun.



The sun is the center of the universe according to the theory of what scientist?



A printing revolution began when _________ invented a printing press using movable type.



The Swiss city-state of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under what religious leader?



The English renaissance scholar ______ stressed experimentation and observation.



Who was the former English Chancellor who was executed because he would not accept Henry VIII as head of the Church of England?


Thomas More

What Renaissance scholar believed that the best way to learn the truth was to use reason?



What Northern Renaissance artist was best known for his engravings portraying religious upheaval?



In the 1600’s, Robert Boyle’s work transformed the field of ______.


As a result of the “Peace of _______” in 1555, each German prince could decide the religion for his lands.


The Pope set up the Council of ______ to direct the reform of the Catholic Church.


What religious sect of the Reformation believed that infants should not be baptized because infants are too young to accept the Christian faith?



Renaissance scholars who differed from medieval scholars because they tended to focus more on worldly subjects where known as ________.


 The

age of great change marked by renewed interest in classical learning and the arts is called the __________


 The

calculations of astronomer Johannes _________showed that the planets move around the sun in oval orbits.


 During

the ___________ ____________ the Catholic church made changes by providing penalties for corruption among the clergy.



or Counter-Reformation

 Many

scholars agree that between 1450 and 1750 people’s beliefs in both Christianity and magic led to ______________



 What

humanist of Northern Europe wrote about his vision of an ideal society, in which people live in peace and harmony?


Thomas More

 The

main goal of the ___________ was to defend, restore, and spread the Catholic faith.


(or Society of Jesus)

 The

Last Supper and the Mona Lisa were the work of the great artist _________________


da Vinci.

 Who

assembled a library of Greek and Roman manuscripts preserving the works of Cicero, Homer, and Virgil?



 In

the scientific method, a ____________ is a possible explanation to be tested.


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