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WHEN CROWBAR CAME  BY  CHERYL M. HAMILTON  GRADE 6  From  The Tarantula in My Purse and 172 Other Wild Pets

SUMMARY  When Crowbar Came  The Craig family often took in wild animals in need of

help. Many of these animals became pets. One pet was a crow the Craigs named Crowbar. Crowbar ate with them at the table, walked with the kids to the bus stop, and even picked up coins from the schoolyard and deposited them in the gutter of the bank building. After a few years, however, Crowbar migrated with other crows and was never seen again.


 Fact and Opinion

 Statements of fact can be proved true or false. Facts

can be proved by reading, observing, or asking an expert.  Statements of opinion are judgments or beliefs. Opinions cannot be proved true or false.  Sometimes statements express both a fact and an opinion.

WORDS TO KNOW  aggressive  detect  dubiously

 frustration  imprinted  materialize

 migration  secretive  tolerated

aggressive  taking the first step in an attack

detect  discover or find out

dubiously  uncertainly; filled with doubt

frustration  a feeling of helplessness or anger caused by failure

imprinted  learned as a baby animal to identify and follow a


materialize  appear or suddenly to be seen

migration  the act of going from one region to another with the

change in seasons

secretive  having the habit of secrecy; not frank or open

tolerated allowed or permitted

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