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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Computer Networks
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This is a 12 year vision to provide convenient and affordable broadband access .We are convinced that the only way to deliver mass market broadband is via the 802.11x standard (Wi-Fi). The dream of superfast internet over Wi-Fi has been actualized combating painstaking challenges. It has taken seven years to put the funds together with the help of Kedari Capital.

Oxygen aims to set up 1000 hotspots to provide access to the internet using vouchers, online payment systems and flexible, convenient access technologies . By using Wi-Fi technology, a fault tolerant and flexible infrastructure can be delivered. A central network operation centre (NOC) has been installed to enable a 24/7 monitoring of the network and to guarantee fast reaction times in case of faults by the local NOC personnel.

Oxygen Broadband was granted an internet service provider(ISP) license on the 1st day of June 2006 and it aims to be a one-stop shop in telecommunication products and services, offering to the Nigerian market a suite of products and services consisting of the following: •

broadband internet services

enterprise market services (Network as a service)

internet protocol television/digital video services

location-based advertising/services


Computer Village ,Ikeja.

Our Pilot project is a Hot Centre at “Computer Village” area of Ikeja, Lagos State . In the last 5 months of our operations there over 50,000 unique devices have connected to the network. With the Computer Village Network, Oxygen has been able to sensitize the public about its ability to provide high speed wireless internet access, given the traffic of internet users that come to the area.

Oxygen Broadband Networks is providing super-fast Wi-Fi internet access at the Computer Village, Ikeja with the following infrastructure in place:  A World Class Data Centre with capacity for over 100,000 Wi-Fi devices.  A DS-3 (45Mbps) primary internet access link via MainOne cable. This will be increased in January to an STM-1 link  An STM-1 (155Mbps) licensed frequency data backhaul link from Ikeja to Surulere from VDT Communications.  Over 60 access points over the 1km2 radius of computer

village, Ikeja.( All access points and aggregation points are powered by solar and wind turbines)  First of its kind metropolitan Wi-Fi network in Nigeria.


Oxygen Wi-Fi is going to be in all of the places you already visit every day, such as estates, stadiums, shopping malls, offices and all over Lagos. One of such is the ever vibrant Computer Village, Ikeja. And we're constantly growing the number of hotspots available to you, to make sure you have Wi-Fi whenever you need it. Oxygen will be in 20 locations by the end of January 2013.

SURF THE NET, LISTEN, WATCH AND DOWNLOAD AT OXYGEN WI-FI HOT-ZONES • Entertainment Watch, listen, play games • Keep in touch

Chat and make VoIP calls with Skype and yahoo messenger.

• Work with Oxygen Wi-Fi

Get your work mails while on the move and get more done

Content over Wi-Fi Access hundreds of and download much more premium TV programs over Oxygen Wi-Fi.


More than half of the over 5million smartphone population in Nigeria are domiciled in Lagos, meaning they will all want to get online wherever they are, including when they are in your premises. By partnering with oxygen broadband networks and offering oxygen Wi-Fi in your place of business, not only will your customers see the benefit, it will have real benefits for your business too.

Enhancing your retail environment with free Oxygen Wi-Fi can drive revenue for your business in a number of ways:  Drive greater footfall from new and existing customers  Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

 Improve customer insight through real time reporting  Deliver your digital strategy in-store  Meet customers' expectations by offering Oxygen Wi-Fi  Target your customers with valuable, tailored promotional


NEW MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES Offering Oxygen Wi-Fi in your outlets will provide you with several opportunities to deliver your digital marketing strategy in-store:  Tailored promotional messages delivered directly to your

customers via your venue landing page.  A marketing opt-in selection during our simple registration

process.  This allows you to segment your customer base and have

direct contact with them.  A platform for e-payment of bills using mobile applications

in-store.  Build a closer relationship with your customers through the

use of social media, mobile and web whilst in-store.  Facilitating your cross-channel buying capabilities, for

example, locating stock via the web or other parts of the business, fulfilling that order in-store and avoiding lost sales.

E-PAYMENT CHANNELS OVER WI-FI Save 50% of your channel transaction costs by connecting your E-payment channel over the Oxygen Wi-Fi network.  Security: MAC address pass through with world-class

security protects each transaction you make over the oxygen Wi-Fi network.  Peace of mind: Never worry about your customers

getting frustrated and leaving. Oxygen Wi-Fi provides high-speed, always-on connectivity for all your business needs both indoor and outdoor. We have your business covered.  Loyalty: Reward your customers with free Wi-Fi vouchers

at your store, enhancing their experience and improving your turnover

CUSTOMER INSIGHT -GET CLOSER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS  Oxygen Wi-Fi provides valuable customer insight to aid

better understanding and more precise targeting through our data capture mechanism.  Our helpful account management team will supply you

with regular reports allowing you to monitor usage and trends in your venues:  Length of time customers spend online  Day part information  Top locations by usage data  Which devices people are using

 Amount of data consumed indicating the primary use for

Oxygen Wi-Fi in your venue  Customized reports are also available

With access to our base of over 20,000 registered Oxygen Wi-Fi users, Oxygen Wi-Fi can help you attract even more potential customers

BESPOKE WI-FI SOLUTIONS  We create bespoke Oxygen Wi-Fi solutions which can

include PSTN, DSL and Wi-Fi - bundling all this from one supplier can save you money.


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